The Secret

Miley, Justin, Jack, Ryan and Chaz are back. The last you heard from them Miley got kidnapped by an anonymous person. What happens when Justin needs help? Will he put his differences aside and ask his cousin for help? Or will he just go by himself and risk getting killed? Would he risk everything even when his secrets are being threatened to be spilled?


5. Pain

"Jason be careful." I heard my brother whisper. I opened my eyes slowly. Jason was carrying me somewhere again. "Go open the door Jack." He ordered my brother. Jack quickly went ahead of us and opened the door. Once Jason stepped foot into the house I felt the warmth. Jason laid me down on the couch. "Jack go get the first aid kit." He told him. Jack walked out the door. Minutes later he came back with some ointment, a medical tool, a small container and a bandage. He handed it to Jason. Jason then looked at me for a sec. "This is gonna hurt. A lot. But just try to handle it." He shrugged. He untied his shirt from around my leg and I instantly felt the breeze hitting the wound. Jason took off the cap and poured some ointment on his hands. He looked at me once more before he applied it to the wound. "This is gonna numb it while I remove the bullet." He told me. I didn't answer him. He then got the medical tool and started opening my cut. I wanted to scream so bad but nothing came out. It's like I wasn't even breathing. "Miley!" Jack screamed out before I blacked out. 

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