The Secret

Miley, Justin, Jack, Ryan and Chaz are back. The last you heard from them Miley got kidnapped by an anonymous person. What happens when Justin needs help? Will he put his differences aside and ask his cousin for help? Or will he just go by himself and risk getting killed? Would he risk everything even when his secrets are being threatened to be spilled?


2. Catching Up

-Miley's Pov-

So this be the second time you hear from me. And probably the last. They treat me like complete shit here. They use me for sex and they beat me when they're angry. I'm like their sex toy and punching bag. Basically they use me the same way my father used me. Just more abusive and aggressive. "Miley get your fucking ass over here!" Mateo yelled. Is it bad if I'd tell you I'm used to it by now? I know what's coming to me. It's not that I like it. "Miley!" What can I do when I'm being held captive here? I walked over to Mateo slowly because my bruises and cuts still burned. "God your fucking death! Get on your fucking knees." 3 1/2 months with the same shit. Every single day. I slowly fell on my knees. He dropped his pants and his boxers and exposed his little friend. "Suck it!" He yelled. I looked up into those big brown eyes filled with hatred. Nothing else surrounding it. Times like these I wish Justin was here. I miss him so much. But then again I don't. He never came looking for me. It's been 3 1/2 months! Think he'd come by now? No! He doesn't care about me. I obeyed Mateos orders and done what he has asked of me. And many orders after that one. "Ugh you were better today then the other day. You're such a good sex slave." He smirked and walked away. I laid on the ground and closed my eyes for a sec. I'm giving up on the little hope of Justin finding me. He doesn't care. I'd expect my brother to come but he never did either. Nobody gives a shit. I'm a worthless whore that deserves to die. Funny how Jaden was right when he told me that the 3rd week I was here. I heard a loud crash and guns being fired. The cops probably. I just laid there. Moises ran in and grabbed my arm and pulled me up. He quickly turned me around and tied a strong rope around my wrist. I wanted to scream in pain from how tight he was doing it but stayed quiet. I know better. He blind folded me and put tape over my mouth and around my head twice. I felt someone pick me up and throw me over there shoulders. They walked for a close distance till I felt myself being thrown. I landed on a bed? "Stay here and don't make a noise bitch." I heard Moises strict voice and then a loud crash. I heard footsteps running. I just decided to close my eyes and drift away. 

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