The Secret

Miley, Justin, Jack, Ryan and Chaz are back. The last you heard from them Miley got kidnapped by an anonymous person. What happens when Justin needs help? Will he put his differences aside and ask his cousin for help? Or will he just go by himself and risk getting killed? Would he risk everything even when his secrets are being threatened to be spilled?


1. 3 Months

-Justin's Pov- 

"Bro you need to calm down." Ryan coaxed me. I still didn't listen. I pulled at the ends of my hair walking back and forth in the living room. "Don't fucking tell me to calm the fuck down when it's been 3 fucking months since I last seen Miley! You don't know Jaden!" I bursted out. "Bro we'll get her. Don't worry. I'm gonna go call Alex and Ralph maybe they can help." He rubbed my back. I groaned. They can't come. "Yo Justin. I found some shit about Jaden!" Jack yelled out from the kitchen. Yeah her brother knows. hello i can't keep it from him. Plus he's used to this shit. I've never told anybody but I kinda started a gang when I was 16 . Jaden, Jack Ryan and Alex were in it. Just one day we kicked Jaden off the gang because he kept starting fights. Then Jack got out because his sister started wondering where he would run off too. I sprinted over there. "What's new?" I asked. "He may be over by you know Dominguez last warehouse? Well yeah he's around there somewhere." He was showing me on a computer screen. "That's where you tracked the call?" I asked. He nodded. "Either Jaden is stupid or he has something planned." He said. I groaned. " I can't be going through this shit right now." I threw my hands in the air. "Alex and Ralph are on there way over here." Ryan walked into the kitchen. "I'm gonna go smoke a blunt! Be right back." I yelled out as I walked out the kitchen to head to the back yard. If only I didn't scream at Miley to get out if my car. I slowly inhaled and exhaled. I sighed. Once I finished my blunt I through the butt away. "Justin. Alex and Ralph are on their way." Ryan yelled out. I nodded. I took my pack of smoke out my pocket and took out a smoke. I need it. I lit it and placed it between my lips. I took a drag. What's gonna happen next. I took another drag. "Yo Justin! Alex and Ralph are here!" I heard Ryan call out from inside. I groaned and took another drag and through it to the ground and stepped on it. I walked back inside the house and into the living room.  Alex and Ralph were sitting on the couch. "Alex. Ralph." I acknowledged them. "Justin." They both said in union. "Ok so who are we messing with?" Ralph asked. I sighed. "Jaden and the msfts." I replied. "Do you know where they might be located?" I nodded. "They're by the Dominguez warehouse." He nodded. "How do you know that?" Alex asked. "We tracked down the phone call." I told him. "That easy? They must have something planned. We know how the smiths work. Mateo and Moises don't fuck around. We need someone who's messed with them before." He said. My stomach hurt just by the sound of where this conversation was heading. "Ralph. Call Jason." Alex turned to Ralph. "No. No no no no no. Hell fucking no." I shook my head. "Justin. We need him." Jack said. "But all Jason does is fuck shit it up." I snapped. "Alex go call him and tell him you're gonna go pick him up. He's doing a small job around here." Ralph ordered Alex. He nodded and walked out the room. Jason and I go way back. He not only looks like me but he's my cousin. My family don't like talking about him or mentioning him because he's a criminal and he makes bombs. What's there to be proud of? I'm not such a goody two shoes either but I don't go around killing innocent people like Jason. He's always getting on my nerves. He thinks he controls me just because he was born on February 1, 1994. Yeah exactly 1 month before I was born. I got off the couch and walked out the living room. "Alex." I called out. I looked out the window to the front yard and he was gone. Crap. It's to late. McCann's coming. 
~ ~ ~

"Yo! Guess who's back!" I heard an obnoxious voice yell out. My stomach churned. I walked out from the room I was recently in and walked into the living room. Alex and that thing were currently talking. I coughed to get their attention. Alex hit Jason on the ribs so he would turn around. "Hey what was-. Justin?" He asked as he turned around. I nodded. "Jason." I acknowledged him. "You're still mad?" He asked and shook his head. "How can I forgive you? You threatened to kill Jassy and my mom." I hissed. "Come on Justy. Can't you take a joke?" He smirked. I locked my jaw. "Don't fucking start." I spat. "Okay! Jason. Justin. Quit it. We're here to get your girl back remember?" Ralph barged in. I nodded. "Woah. Little Justin has a girl?" He had his devious smile on. "Don't you dare think about it Jason. I know what goes on in your fucked up head of yours." His smirk just grew bigger. "Ugh. Lets go to the warehouse. This is gonna be a long drive." Ryan shook his head.

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