Louis is infactuated with a girl that he met online. He writes songs about this girl she seems perfect. If only he could meet her. Sara on the other hand is deffinatly not a directioner. She does not know that on the other side of the computer sits Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Sara is a 23 year old women who works a crummy job with crummy people. Sara hates One Direction almost as much as she hates he awful co-worker Becky, who would do anything for 1D.
This book may contain some mature content and it is strongly recomended for readers 15+, also in no way does anything the fictional character 'Sara' may say is not true about our boys. I am a huge Directioner! Also I support Elounor. Anything the fictional Louis may say is also fake.


4. I wanna be Drunk when I wake up

Sara's P.O.V.

I drove my little old Mazda 626 back to my crummy flat an hour away from my crummy work at one in the morning. I was uber tired. As I walked in through the door I slowly slipped into my night gown and got some much needed rest.

"Hi I'm Sara I used to make money, and be the hottest girl at work! I also had thousands of dollars!"

"Hi I'm Becky I work with Sara but since I'm prettier and more childish I can make more money then her and take everything away from her!  Haha Goodbye Sara!"

I woke up from probably on of the worst dreams of my life. I quitting my job. Today.

I slowly got out of my bed and walked over to the kitchen. What shall I have for breakfast? Vodka sounds great and maybe for lunch I can top that off with many scotch and soda's. I have a feeling tomorrow I might be a bit hung over, but as long as I quit my job. Maybe after I quit, I'd make a good bartender!

I could barley dial the numbers to what was the worst phone call of my life. Being drunk didn't help.

"You and me are gon' fight,' I paused to hiccup "Today! I never liked you bitch!" I hiccuped again. "How do you feel about work I hate it and I quit!" My words slurred.

"Um. Sara is that you?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Who the fuck else would it be? Ass face!" At that point I had no clue what I was saying.

"Ummm I'm coming over you need help!"

"Why would I need your help?" I was still not aware of who I was talking to.

"Your drunk?" The mans voice asked.

"No," I said hiccuping in the phone.

"I'm coming over there right now, somethings up." The phone hung up. Damn What The Fuck Just Happened?

I was still wearing my nightgown and I never showed up for work. Hopefully I'll get fired.

I heard a knock on the door. I opend almost tripping over my feet to answer the door, there stood my ex. Brad. 

"You fuck face what are you doing here?" I asked Brad.

"I helping you out, you need it a lot!" Brad replied sounding upset with me and my drunken ways.

I was playing with his hair as he picked my up off my feet and carried me to my room. I was thrown down on the bed in a harsh way. Brad was mad. I laughed in my head in that 'Brad was mad' ryhmed, When I'm drunk I laugh I laugh si hard I fell off the bed laughing.

"What's so funny?" Brad asked.

"You!" I cracked up some more. The The strong man picked me up and put me back in bed. I was turned on by the way he was so strong. I pulled his collar to his shirt and passionately kissed him. He never stopped me either.

"Wait!" I mumbled and smiled as we kissed.


"I need to do something!" I walked out of the room, and you guessed it. I did something stupid. I grabbed my keys to my old nasty car, and drove away leaving Brad stuck in my house.

As I drove and drove the hour drive to my work, my head was tilting downwards. Fuck, I was so tired.

The last thing I remember was being carried in Brads arms back to my house. I hope I don't get on the news.


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