Louis is infactuated with a girl that he met online. He writes songs about this girl she seems perfect. If only he could meet her. Sara on the other hand is deffinatly not a directioner. She does not know that on the other side of the computer sits Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Sara is a 23 year old women who works a crummy job with crummy people. Sara hates One Direction almost as much as she hates he awful co-worker Becky, who would do anything for 1D.
This book may contain some mature content and it is strongly recomended for readers 15+, also in no way does anything the fictional character 'Sara' may say is not true about our boys. I am a huge Directioner! Also I support Elounor. Anything the fictional Louis may say is also fake.


7. Give Me Back My Key

This is "You Need To Cut Your Hair" By Ed Sheeran just if you were wondering.....


Louis' P.O.V.

I could not stop thinking about the beautiful bracelet. Where did my sister get such a beautiful gold bracelet. In an instant i put it on. My mom staring also in awe.

I felt like for a brief moment every bad thing stopped. Obviously it was very brief. As my mom was talking I didn't bother listening. 

"Babe you okay?" She kept asking.

"Yeah I'm just thinking." She looked and gave me those eyes I have only seen twice in my entire life. The eyes of fear and curiousness. I told her I would visit tomorrow and almost to quickly I walked out of that petite white house on a tall hill. 

As I drove away I was swerving left and right. I couldn't get my eyes off that bracelet.  The reflection the little engraving in which it said  'Stay Strong.' Where had she gotten this lovely gold bracelet? That was on my mind of the rest of the day. The rest of my car ride was silent. No Music. No windows down. No breathing. just the reflection of my new favorite bracelet. As I went home I couldn't help but think of where my young sister had gotten it. I thought about every question and I slowly stripped down to get in the shower.  Since I was starving I ended my peaceful shower and sat on the barstool to my island, and looked through menus I got in the mail.

I was in a craving mood for Thai. I went through menu after menu digging though my drawer in a craving mood for thai. Towards the bottom of the drawer I found the menu for the place across the street. I could probably make it without being mobbed or tackled. I picked up my home phone and dialed the numbers that read on the card.

Ordering wasn't hard but I checked Twitter for a bit before heading out to pick up my delious food. I put on a beanie and sunglasses and covered up my inked arms so I could be unrecognizable, and clicked the lock to my door, and pulled the handle. While still on my phone I ran into someone in the hallway of my flat. 'Great.' I thought to myself, the last thing I wanted to happen was to be stalked by some crazed fan. I look up and to my surprise its someone who I deffinatly didn't want to see.

"Uhm, Hi Louis." She chirped. I wanted nothing to do with Eleanor ever.

"What do you want, do you want to break my heart, again?" I wanted to make her feel completely and utterly terrible.

"No I came to get you back make things right!" Eleanor replied to my rhetorical question. What a bitch! She leaves me in the middle of the cold damp street after I pour my heart out to her and say something I have never said to anyone before and now she wants me fucking back? I think not.

"excuse me, you left me! I was vulnerable and I had to get better on my own, you know how hammered I was when you left. I didn't even remember my name. Now you fucking think you can waltz back into my life. By the fucking ass way who the hell is Brad, some new stud you bang? You know what you are you are a low self asteamed bitch who always has to have someone in her life to make her feel better! I bet you were cheating on me with that 'Brad' guy! Now your hear thinking we can be friends or more but you know what? I'm not fucking stupid!" I shouted. Loud.

"Please! Listen to me! Brad is my new boyfriend only because when I called you, you ignored my calls!"

"I actually had a reason to ignore you fucking calls, you know why!" I continued to yell.

"Why!" Eleanor screamed. Bad move.

"You left me, ran out! I never heard for you for three weeks! Who in hell does that? Did I even make you happy. Now you have a man-whore rebound guy you just jumped to. You know what you can for get about me, and everything we ever had, or didn't have! Don't make me change my mind! I turned and as I was about to walk away I stopped and I said something I might have regretted. "And I hope 'Brad' realizes what a bitch you are!" I got that out of my system and she just stood there. I felt like I was just walking away from an explosion.

I never looked back. I wasn't proud of what I said but I knew I needed to get it out of my system. I pushed the elevator button and I decided to call Harry. One ring later Harry answered and before he could talk I said something.

"Guess who I just ran into?" I questioned him knowing he would never guess.

"Grimmy? Is he even in Doncaster?" Harry answered.

"Try again."

"Did you get mobbed?"

"Nope Let me give you a hint, This girl broke my heart by leaving my in the middle of an empty road right when I told her I loved her, we were together for a while, and you set us up." I gave him more than a 'hint.'

"Eleanor! What happened did you do something stupid?" Harry knew I did something stupid I don't even know why he asked.

"Well I guess you could say that I stood up for myself, and I'll probably be on the cover of a magazine if she told anyone." I said. I could just feel the reaction on Harry's face. His eyebrows squinted and nose flaring.

"You did what! I can't believe you Tommo! You can't just go around saying 'Fuck off' to anyone you don't li-" before Harry could finish I hung up and continued to walk to pick up my food which I have been craving since I arrived back home. I crossed the crowded street in sunglasses and a beanie looking like I was going to rob the place. I walked in and payed for my food, grabbed the cheap plastic bag and left, leaving a tip.

                                                                                               *  *  *

I struggled with my keys, and finally unlocked my door. I threw my shoes, along with my hat and walked into the kitchen where I soon began to set up my scented dinner. It intoxicated my nose as I opened the cheap container.  I heard a crash in my living room. As I ducked under my island counter, and I slowly crawled my way to the light switch for my living room. I stood up quickly and flicked the switch.

"What the hell!" I yelled through my apartment. "Get out of my house you slut!" I yelled again.

"I'm not leaving hun." Eleanor said Hatred increased in me as she stepped closer. She was right next to me and got closer. She whispered in my ear something I didn't want to hear. "Remember all the fun times we had in this flat? On the couch and the counter oh and lets not forget the door."

"Go away Eleanor you're dating Brad, I don't like you anymore." She reached down and put her hand on my crotch moaning as she did so. "Stop!" I yelled a little louder. All she did-well undid- was my zipper.

"I didn't think you heard me." I started, "I said simply Get Out!"

"Oh baby its much harder then that." She moaned loudly. turning me on  but not enough to give me a boner. I didn't want to push her or harm her in anyway. All I could do was backup until I was cornered on the door.

"You need to stop before I call the police!" I could yell too right? She was on her knees and that was enough to make my boxers tight. Oh how I missed Eleanor. She was the best I've ever had, considering she was only my second, Just her and Hannah. I let out a loud moan and was getting prepared for the worst mistake in my life.







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