Louis is infactuated with a girl that he met online. He writes songs about this girl she seems perfect. If only he could meet her. Sara on the other hand is deffinatly not a directioner. She does not know that on the other side of the computer sits Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Sara is a 23 year old women who works a crummy job with crummy people. Sara hates One Direction almost as much as she hates he awful co-worker Becky, who would do anything for 1D.
This book may contain some mature content and it is strongly recomended for readers 15+, also in no way does anything the fictional character 'Sara' may say is not true about our boys. I am a huge Directioner! Also I support Elounor. Anything the fictional Louis may say is also fake.


6. Becky

Sara's P.O.V.


I tossed and turned but I didn't dare to wake up.

"Where the hell are you going" Brad yelled from the bedroom.

"Fuck off!" I yelled while flipping him off. I walked out the door and grabbed my car keys. Brad was in my house when I closed the door and I knew he would get out and do something. I waited for an elevator and impatiently kept pressing the button. Brad ran out after me. He grabed my waist and pulled me in tight.

"Where do you think your going?" Brad asked with Lust in his eyes. They were darker than usual. The elevator opened behind me and while kissing we slowly made our way into the elevator. Brad stopped it from going down.

"Now why the fuck would you do that?" I asked him sounding like I was pissed.

"I want you... all of you" Brad kissed me and wouldn't stop. Would you consider this rape? I tried hard to stop the kiss.

"You have a wife you pervert!" I yelled unstopping the elevator. He just stood there with his eyes focused on me. The doors slowly slid open and I started running to my car.

As I drove and drove the hour drive to my work, my head was tilting downwards. Fuck, I was so tired.

I swerved off to the side of the road. nothing major happened. No cars got hurt other then mine. Brad carried me off to his car in which he was following me.

"Did I at least get to quit my job?" I asked hoping for a reasonable answer.

"Uhm." Said the voice it was a girl talking. "Yes, Yes you did." I smiled and relaxed. My eyes were closed.

"Who are you?" I asked.  The voice sounded familiar. 

"I'm Becky. Do you remember me?" Becky asked. Fuck why the hell would a skanky ass slut want to help me? I sat up in my bed and realized I wasn't at my house. I was at a house covered in One Direction posters. Instantly I knew I was at Becky's stupid flat.

"I need to go home!" I got up ignoring the pain I felt in my head.

"You can't you have to stay with my until your head is better!" Becky grabed my hand and set my back down. I wanted to stop her but I just layed back down and fell into a deep sleep. I had no dreams and my eyes were black.

I tilted my head up, I guess I was feeling a bit better. I sniffed throu my stuffy nose and smelt something amazing! I slowly got out of Beckys bed and walked out of her hideous room full of the five boys I despise. My head was throbbing. I tried thinking but whenever I did my brain would pound out of my forehead.

"Good morning sunshine" Yelled a cheery voice through the kitchen. I didn't responed I just ignored and kept walking towards the annoying voice. "Food's ready babe!"  Becky continued. I sludged down in the chair and scarfed down my scrambled eggs and toast.

I broke the sclience by asking "I'm pretty sure I'm going home in a bit." Becky nodded and replied by say how she would give me a ride because my car is uber broken.

I had no change in clothes but I didn't need any, I would just wear the same thing I wore yesterday. I brushed my hair with Beckys hair brush and I put on some of her make up withour her permission because I didn't feel like hearing her awful voice.

"Let's go." I walked out leaving the door open for her to catch up. As Becky casually skipped out of her flat like a complete and utter child she hummed a 'One Direction' song to herself.

"Can you stop that?" I asked

"Stop what?"

This is going to be bad. It gets worse when I got in her car she blasted the band I never wanted to hear. Fuck my long stupid unfortunate life.


Hey my beautiful per-fect Directioners. Sorry I haven't updated in like forever!!!♥♥ I will start getting this story to the point I just am that kind of person that could talk about like one thing for hours. This chapter is somewhat short UBER sorry about that. But hint: Next chapter is going to be AMAZAYN!!!♥♥

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