Even if i could.....

Camy has always thought that love was easy and that she would fall straight into it. But she soon learns that its not that easy when she runs into a boy. And trouble appears at the worst time when her best friend Harry butts in.


20. Niall's suspicions

       Niall's P.O.V.

AHHH!!! I did not get ANY sleep last night. Harry and Camy were having well you know. I walked out of my room just as Harry and Camy walked out of theirs.

"Hey Nial- woah dude you don't look so good." Harry said to me.

"NO DUR!!! Your guys were being soooo loud."

"Sorry." Camy said. She actually looked sorry.

"Its okay. What's for breakfast?" I asked.

"I am going to make bacon and egg breakfast burritos." Camy said.

"Sounds good." I said and walked into the bathroom.

       Camy's P.O.V.

Ugh! I don't feel good. The smell of this bacon is making me nauseous. I felt arms around me and i flinched because it reminded me of what happened with Bradley. "Sorry babe." Harry said.

"Its fine. Do you mind cooking the rest of this bacon?" I asked.


"Thanks." I said and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet thinking about the wedding, Its coming up but we haven't done much in preparing for it. I then got up from the toilet and vomited into it. Geez this wedding thing is stressing me too much.

       Niall's P.O.V.

Did i just hear Camy vomiting in the bathroom? Maybe i should check on her. I walked over and knocked on the door, "Camy, are you okay?"

"Ya i'm fine. Just a bit stressed." Headaches come from stress not vomiting.

"Let me in, please." I said as Camy opened the door.


"Can i talk to you?" I asked.

"In the bathroom?" She gave me a questioning look.

"Why not?"

"Okay..." She said and i walked in, "What did you wanna talk about?"

"You know only headaches come from stress."

"So..... I must be a bit sick then."

"Okay." I said and left. 

      Camy's P.O.V.

Hmmm i'm confused about what just happened. Does Niall think there is something going on? He's smart, i think i should listen to him. Right before anything else came to my mind, I leaned over to the toilet and vomited again. Maybe Niall's right, maybe there is something going on......

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