Even if i could.....

Camy has always thought that love was easy and that she would fall straight into it. But she soon learns that its not that easy when she runs into a boy. And trouble appears at the worst time when her best friend Harry butts in.


13. I miss you

    Harry's P.O.V.

*1 week later*

"I CAN'T TAKE THIS TORTURE ANYMORE!!!" I yelled, alarming everyone around me.

"What can't you take anymore?" Liam asked.

"I miss Camy. I can't bare to think what he's doing to her! Dominic told me that i had to protect her but i didn't. It's all my fault." I buried my face in my hands. Tears stung my eyes.

"Its not your fault, man." Zayn said.

"YES IT IS!!!" I shouted, "I can't just stand here and wait for her to die. I'm gonna go find her."

"Not by yourself." Niall said.

"Yea. We'll come with you!" Louis said.

"Okay but we have to go now." I said and went outside. And suddenly i saw Louis running after me with pants in his hands.

"You might need these." Louis said and i looked down and realized i was in my underwear.

"Thanks Lou." I said and slipped them on, "Lets go." We drove for miles looking for the place.

"How do you know what it looks like?" Niall asked.

"Camy described it."


    Camy's P.O.V.

Its dark in here, i'm hungry, i miss Harry, and i just wanna go home! Either he kills me or i die of starvation. I'm honestly scared. I won't let it show though.

"Hello Camy."

"What do you want this time?" I said with attitude.

"Oh you wanna play that game again." He said and slapped me.


"Not fun is it?"

"Oh its really fun." I said sarcastically and i smirked at him.

"Your a bitch."

"Thanks. Hey i have a question?"

"Make it quick."

"When we met at the club, were you planning on this? Or are you just really stupid?"

"Fuck you."

"Feisty ass hole aren't we?" I said.

"Bitch i have all control over you right now."

"Oh really?" I said.

"More than you know."

"What do you have against me?"

"Everything." He said and sliced my cheek with a knife.

"Ow! Seriously?"

"Yes." He said and he left. Great! Now i'm going to bleed to death. That's nice.


Author's Note: Hey guys! Sorry its been so long since i've updated but more to come. Another will be on today or tomorrow. Like, comment, and favorite. Love you guys! UNICORN POWER!!!!!!!!!!!




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