Ayylaa is 19 and has a beautiful baby girl named Corey Drew Grant. She lives on her own now and has a great job working for her dad. Corey is only 9 months old but she's growing fast. Ayylaa starts looking for someone to be with, after all Corey needs a dad too. One day Ayy takes Corey out to the mall with her and bumps into a young man. Is it love at first sight? Or does he need to walk past her again? Read.


2. The Boys

I unlocked the front door so that Zayn could bring Corey in and put her in her bed for a nap. When we were still at the mall, I offered that he come over for a bit.

"Just put her in my room on my bed in the middle," I whispered. Zayn nodded so he wouldn't wake Corey up. A few minutes later Zayn came back down.

"She woke up when I laid her down. But I got her back to sleep," Zayn smiled.

"Really? You're the only one she does that for other than me," I laughed.

"I feel special now," he smirked.

"You must be! Oh and hey lets go sit in the living room," I suggested and closed the front door. I walked him over to the couch and we sat there just talking. We talked about everything. I mean that. I found out he's famous, his 4 best friends want to meet me, he got an award for best live voice and he loves kids.

Zayn's P.O.V

Ayylaa laughed when I told her about the time that Niall hit Louis in the face with a cake, then he ate it off Louis's face.


"Your friends seem like a lot of fun to be around," she laughed and I smiled.

"They're amazing. You should meet them sometime," I suggested.

"Well it's only 2 pm. Invite them over if you'd like," Ayy said. Just then Corey started to cry.

"Go get her while I call the guys,"  I told her. She nodded and headed upstairs to her crying little girl. I pulled out my phone to call the guys.

"Hey Zaynpoo what's up?"

"Just at Ayylaa's place,"

"Oh that girl you were telling us about?"

"Yeah. She wants to meet you guys,"

"Really? When?"


"Well where does she live?"

"Just track my phone cause I don't know the address,"

"Alright! We'll see you shortly!"

"Alright bye" I said to Liam who hung up right after. I walked up the stairs to hear Ayy singing to Corey. I never knew she could sing. I know the song she's singing! It's 'Heaven's Gonna Wait' by Hedly. A favourite of mine.

"Zayn, I know your standing there. Come in," Ayylaa laughed. I walked into the room blushing.

"How'd you know I was there?" I asked.

"You breath too loud," she giggled. I laughed and sat down next to her on the bed.

"The boys are on their way over," I said while trying not to get lost in her eyes.

"Alright. Corey isn't gonna fall back asleep so I guess the boys get to meet her too." Ayylaa smiled. She started humming one of our songs. I picked up the beat and started singing it. She smiled and joined me in singing 'Over Again'. We sang the whole thing when the doorbell rang.

"I'll go get it," Ayylaa said.

"I'll come too," I added. She picked up Corey and headed for the front door. She pulled it open and the boys all stood there smiling.

Ayylaa's P.O.V

The boys all stood there smiling while Corey hid her face in my hair.

"Hi guys. I'm Ayylaa. But call me Ayy. This is Corey. Come in then you can introduce yourselves," I said laughing as Corey pushed herself farther into my neck. I stepped to the side so that the boys could come in. The one with curly hair hadn't taken his eyes off of me from the moment I opened the door. I rolled my eyes.

"Okay into the living room we go and please ignore the mess," I laughed.

"Your place is clean compared to ours," the one is stripes with the nice ass smirked.

"What's that?" the blonde boy asked pointing to my wall of posters. I had a wall of posters of famous people. Every single one was signed.

"It's a bunch of posters that I've had signed," I told them. Zayn already knew that of course.

"Why is there a huge place with out a poster?" the one with curly hair asked. I walked over to Corey's jumper and placed her into it. She squealed in delight which caused the boys to turn there head over to us.

"I haven't put one there because I don't like any other bands," I laughed. They all stood in front of the wall and stared at it for I swear what felt like 3 hours.

"I don't see one of us!" stripey boy screamed. I got really confused for a second then remember Zayn telling me that they were in a band.

"Well then I guess I need to get a poster of you guys and have you sign it," I snickered.

"Alright well now is the time to introduce the boys," Zayn smiled.

"That's Louis in the stripes, Harry with curly hair, Niall is the blonde and Liam is the sexy one," Zayn introduced them.

"There's only one problem," I said looking a little upset. Inside I was laughing, but they didn't need to know that.

"What?" they all said together.

"LOUIS HAS A NICER ASS THAN I DO!" I screamed. The looked at each other and well burst out laughing. Once Louis stopped laughing he strutted over to me in the most diva like way possible.

"Don't you forget it!" Louis spoke in a girly voice. I laughed again this time harder.

"Guys we should go clubbing tonight! Ayy you should come! You can just take your sister back to your parents," Harry smiled. I shook my head and laughed.

"She's not my sister Harry," I told him.

"What?" Liam asked. I pointed to the couch for them all to sit. I made my way to Corey and pulled her out of her jumper. She squealed and started to giggle. I stood in front of the boys once more.

"Corey isn't my sister. She's my daughter," I informed them. Harry looked like he was gonna faint.

"How old are you young lady?!" Liam snapped. Only making me laugh.

"Chill Li, I'm 19," I argued.

"You still shouldn't have a child at this age! How do you afford all this?!" Liam fired questions.

"I work Liam. I work for my dad and when I work Corey stays with my mum," I laughed. Louis shot me a look.

"You think this is funny?!" Liam growled.

"Yes Liam. I do think this is funny!" I continued to laugh. That only irritated Liam more.

"Liam, why does it matter if she has a child or not?" Zayn asked. Liam simmered down.

"Anyways, we can all stay here and drink. I'm pretty sure I know a few beautiful ladies who would join us. I'll take Corey to my parents but I'm not going out," I suggested. They all looked at each other.

"I'm gonna go drop Corey off at my parents and when I get back tell me the plan," I said and left them to decide. I gathered Corey's things, grabbed my phone and walked out the front door.

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