Ayylaa is 19 and has a beautiful baby girl named Corey Drew Grant. She lives on her own now and has a great job working for her dad. Corey is only 9 months old but she's growing fast. Ayylaa starts looking for someone to be with, after all Corey needs a dad too. One day Ayy takes Corey out to the mall with her and bumps into a young man. Is it love at first sight? Or does he need to walk past her again? Read.


9. Mixed Emotions And Sad Goodbyes

I put my plate in the sink and rinsed it off. Corey was still sleeping when I had gotten up so I left her there till before I leave or if she wakes up. I was making my way up the stairs when my phone started going off. I took it out of my sweat pants pocket and answered it.

Me~ "Hey Daddieo! What's crackin?"

Dad~ "You mum is sick,"

Me~ "Shit. How sick? Like she's gonna die sick? Or just like a cold kind of sick?" 

Dad~ "She.. Um.. Ayy, I hate to say it but she's dying sick.." 

Me~ "Okay. Well is there anything you need me to do?" 

Dad~ "Yeah, I need you to run the shop for the next few days, and you're gonna have to find someone to watch Corey till she's better,"

Me~ "Okay, I can do that. But D-dad, what if.. U-umm... What if mum d-doesn't get.. G-get better?"

Dad~ "She WILL get better. Do NOT say that she won't!" I flinched at his words.

Me~ "Well lets hope for the best and expect the worst! But dad I have to go open shop and find someone to watch Corey. I'll call later to check up on you guys. Love you faja!" 

I hung up the phone and woke up Corey. I cradled her in my arms, stuffed my phone into my sweats pocket and went to feed my baby her bottle. 


I sat in my dad's office with Corey on my lap. None of the girls could watch Corey cause they all also had to work. I lay back in my chair and ran my hands through my hair. I found myself lost in thoughts about Harry. How he fed Corey and held her. He looked at her like she was his own. WAIT! That's it! I'll call Harry and get him to watch Corey. I grabbed my phone out of my work jeans and gave him a call. 


Harry's P.O.V

I stretched and rolled over preparing to go back to sleep when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and saw Ayylaa was calling. Didn't she have to work? I answered.

Me~ "Hey gorgeous!"

Ayylaa~ "Hey handsome! I need a huge favor!"

Me~ "At 9 in the morning?!"

Ayy~ "Yes at nine is the morning! Don't tell me your lazy ass was still in bed!" I laughed a little louder than I should have cause I heard her let out a growl. 

Me~ "Well it's my day off so I decided I was gonna sleep in,"

Ayy~ "Well now you're gonna watch Corey for me," Damn. She's demanding, and it's hot! Hehe.

Me~ "Doesn't your mum usually watch her?" I heard her sniffle. Something is wrong. 

Me~ "Ayy, where are you?" 

Ayy~ "I'm at the shop. I'd be working but I can't work while Corey is here. She'll get hurt,"

Me~ "I'll be at the shop shortly. Then you're gonna tell me what's going on," 

Ayy~ "Alright. Thank you so much Harry! See you in a bit," I hung up the phone and got up to get dressed. I slipped on a clean pair of grey sweat pants and a green hoodie on. I grabbed my phone off the bed where I left it. Plus my wallet and keys. I shoved my wallet and keys into my hoodie pocket and my phone into my right pocket in my sweats. I walked out of my room and down the stairs. All the other boys were in the living room and they gave me a funny look when I walked by. 

"I'm gonna be watching Corey for Ayylaa. I'll probably just go back to her place so don't wait for me at all," I explained.

"Doesn't her mom usually watch Rawry for her?" Liam asked. I sighed.

"That's what I asked her but she never answered. I'm gonna see if I can get her dad to let her take the next few days off. Cause if you haven't noticed she hasn't been looking very.. Healthy lately," I told them. 

"Oh. Well call us later and tell us what's going on!" Zayn called as I left out the door. 

Ayylaa's P.O.V

It was about 15 minutes later when I heard a knock on the office door. I lifted Corey onto my hip and walked over to the door. I pulled it open to see Harry, wearing sweat pants and a hoodie. He still looks cute even when he's not wearing tight ass jeans and revealing shirts. I smiled and hugged him tight. He pulled away but only slightly so that he could look me in the eyes. 

"So why isn't Rawry at your mums?" Harry questioned me. 

"Because my mum is sick," I mumbled hiding my face in his chest. 

"What do you mean sick?" he asked . I looked up at him and looked him straight in the eyes. 

"She's sick and she might die. My mum might die Harry!" I screeched in his chest. I was bawling my eyes out now.

"Shhh. Babe! It's okay! She'll make it!" Harry soothed rubbing my back. I took a deep breath.

"I have to get to work now," I mumbled. I lifted up Corey and handed her to Harry. I walked over to the desk and grabbed her bag. I shuffled back over to Harry and handed him the bag. 

"Can I see your phone for a second?" Harry asked while grabbing it from my jean pocket. 

"You already have it so yeah?" I said kind confused. I saw him texting someone. Seconds later my dad's ringtone went off. Wtf. Is he texting my dad? Or is my dad just texting me. Mindfucked. I sat back down in the office chair. I guess I was really tired cause I drifted into sleep.



I yawned and stretched out. I felt my arm touch bushy hair. I turned over to see Harry and to see that I was laying at home in my bed. Wait wasn't I at work? I lay there looking at Harry, but thinking about Zayn. I got up, walked over to Corey's crib and looked down and my sleeping little girl. I need to shower really badly. I walked over to my nightstand and grabbed my phone. Before I went to shower leaned down and kissed Harry's cheek. I'm really grateful that he could be here to watch Corey. Ugh this is gonna be a hard choice.

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