Ayylaa is 19 and has a beautiful baby girl named Corey Drew Grant. She lives on her own now and has a great job working for her dad. Corey is only 9 months old but she's growing fast. Ayylaa starts looking for someone to be with, after all Corey needs a dad too. One day Ayy takes Corey out to the mall with her and bumps into a young man. Is it love at first sight? Or does he need to walk past her again? Read.


11. Final Choices

"Before I say anything, you both have to agree to being friends with me and each other still," I demanded. They made eye contact and nodded. My hands were getting sweaty and my head felt like it was going hot. Not anger but frustration. My stomach was turning into knots and my breathing had became heavier. I looked from Zayn to Harry and back. 

"Well?" Harry pushed. He's so impatient. 

"Harry, I like you and all. But I only like you as a friend. We're close and I trust you with my life so please stay in it," I said to him. He looked down at his feet, looked up and smiled. He didn't looked upset at all thank god. I looked over at Zayn who was smiling widely. I made my way over to Harry and gave him a huge hug. I felt him hug me back then shortly after pulled away. I looked up when I saw Niall hurry in. 

"Corey said her first word!" he screeched. 

"What!? What'd she say!?" I yelped in surprise. I ran into the living room to see Corey in her jumper laughing. She saw me and her face lit up. I hurried over to her.

"Hi baby!" I smiled picking her up.

"Mummy!" she squealed in delight. My jaw dropped. She said mummy! I smothered her face in kisses. 

I heard various "awes" and a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Zayn. I turned myself around so I was facing him. Zayn leaned down and kissed me on my forehead. I smiled. I'm so looking forward to spending my life with these five amazing boys and my beautiful baby girl.




Well it's over! I had fun writing it and I'm sure you enjoyed reading it. I'm debating on making a sequel, but I might not. Tell me what you think! Stay beautiful my little Shaibearsssss! <3 


Much love, Corey Shai

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