Ayylaa is 19 and has a beautiful baby girl named Corey Drew Grant. She lives on her own now and has a great job working for her dad. Corey is only 9 months old but she's growing fast. Ayylaa starts looking for someone to be with, after all Corey needs a dad too. One day Ayy takes Corey out to the mall with her and bumps into a young man. Is it love at first sight? Or does he need to walk past her again? Read.


1. Average

Sunlight trickled through the curtains as morning arrived. I lay on my bed with Corey right next to me. She was still fast asleep. I turned my head to the left. I reached my arm over and pushed the home button on my black iPhone 5. It's 10 am and I'm wide awake. I smiled at my background which was of Corey sleeping. I don't work today since it's Sunday. I always have Sundays off so I can spent them with Corey. My beautiful baby girl. She's getting so big already. I wasn't planning on having a baby until I was married but that plan back fired. I'm not saying I regret having Corey, because I don't. I'm very glad I had the privilege to bring this beautiful baby into the world. She's smart, funny, adorable, sweet and she's only 9 months old. Her birthday is March 18th. Which is seven days after mine. I had her 7 days after I turned 19. My beautiful, beautiful baby girl. Speaking of which, just woke up.

"Morning baby girl," I cooed as Corey let out a yawn and stretched. I tickled her and she giggled. She's just as ticklish as I am.

"Ahhhh!" Corey squealed and giggled even more.

I sat up and changed quickly so I could get Corey a bottle. I took off my shorts and replaced them with sweat pants. Corey's eyes followed my every move with a very intense gaze. I smiled at her only to have her burst into a fit of giggles. I birthed a dork. A very beautiful baby dork.

"Come here princess," I smiled scooping my baby up in my arms.

I took my phone off the charger and put it in my pants pocket. Corey put her hand on my chest as we walked down the stairs. I reached the kitchen and placed Corey in her jumped seat. It's pretty much a bouncy swing that goes in the doorway. She loves them. We have about four in total. One in the kitchen, one in my room, one in the living room and the other one in the game room. I strolled over to the fridge and grabbed Coco's bottle. I put it in the microwave to heat it up a bit and yes, yes I just called her Coco. I'm the only one that does. My parents call her Rorey and my brothers call her Rawr, I do too somethimes. Yeah, Rawr is a little weird but it's cute and she loves it. 


"Coco, wanna go to the mall with momma or do you wanna go to gamma's?" I baby talked my little girl. Corey scrunched her eye brows together. 

"I anna o iff umma," Corey replied.

"Alright baby you can come with momma," I smiled. I pulled Coco out of her jumper seat and we headed upstairs. I have no idea how I understand her sometimes.

"Mum is gonna change really quickly then I'll get you ready, alright baby?" I asked looking down at Corey.

She looked up at me and nodded. I smiled when she kissed my shoulder. I placed Rawr on my bed and walked over to my closet. I grabbed a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and put them on. I looked through my hoodies and grabbed a light grey pull over. I slid that over my head and walked to where Corey sat, playing with her favourite teddy bear. 

"Coco, what do you wanna wear?" I asked. She looked at me and pointed to my hoodie. I laughed.

"You wanna wear your hoodie too?" I questioned her. She nodded and grabbed at my sweat pants that were laying on the bed. 

"Alright hoodie and sweat pants it is," I said. I grabbed Corey's navy blue hoodie that says 'I'm cute and your argument is invalid' and her dark grey sweat pants from her dresser. I dressed Corey who giggled when I was trying to change her diaper. This is always so difficult to do.

"Corey, stay still!"

"No! Corey!"

"Jesus child!" I grumbled as I finally got her changed and dressed. I grabbed her and walked into my bathroom placing Corey in the jumper that was in the doorway. 

I released my hair from the messy bun I had it in and it tumbled down. I shook my head from side to side trying to get my hair to loosen up a bit. I ran my brush through it and after a good 3 minutes my hair was normal. It reached a little past my boobs when it's pulled to the front. I ran back into the main part of my room and grabbed a beanie from my many. It was black like my jeans so it sorta matched. Honestly, I don't really care if it matched or not. I laughed to myself. 

*Half hour later*

The song 'Heaven's Gonna Wait' by Hedly had just ended as we pulled up to the mall. I parked my grey ford runner and turned it off, pulling the keys out of the ignition. I have so much work done to my truck and I'm proud to say, I did almost all of it with a little help from my father. He owned a shop and I worked for him. Let me tell you one thing, when it comes to working for my dad, being 'Daddy's Little Princess' doesn't make him go any easier on you. My dad, Russel pushes me the hardest when it comes to working. I may get the highest pay and most of the bonuses, but that's because I earn them all. I sighed and got out of my truck. I walked around the front of the truck and to the very back. I pulled out Corey's stroller and opened it up. I brought it over to her door. 

"Hey baby," I smiled as I opened the door.

Corey let out a squeal when she saw my face. I laughed while she smiled. I unbuckled this beautiful child from her car seat. Her big blue eyes lit up when I held her in my arms. I reached into the truck to get her diaper bag. I placed it in the bottom part of Coco's stroller. I closed her door then opened the passenger door. I placed Corey on the seat, then grabbed my purse off the console. My keys were on my seat still, I threw them into my purse along with my phone and everything else. I got back onto the ground and plucked Corey from the seat placing her in the stroller. I locked up my truck and turned back to Corey. I buckled her into the stroller so she didn't slide out. I proceeded into the mall and made my way over to the 'Children's Place'. My favourite place to shop for Corey. 

*Hour later*

We were making our way to 'West 49'. It was a favourite store of mine. I need a new pair of supras badly. I pushed Corey over to the shoes and started to look at a few pairs. I heard Corey let out a giggled and I turned to her while almost colliding with a very attractive man.

"Shit! Sorry!" I apologized.

"No worries, is that your sister?" he asked politely.

"No, no. She's my daughter," I smiled and let out a laugh. I unbuckled Corey from the stroller and held her in my arms.

"Really? How old are you if you don't mind me asking," the man asked looking genuinely puzzled. I smiled.

"I'm 19," I replied. A look of shock crossed his face.

"I'm gonna be 20 in about a month," the man smiled.

"Nice, nice. I'm Ayylaa by the way and this is Corey," I told him.

"I'm Zayn and we should have coffee sometime," Zayn smiled.  I swear I could have fainted right then and there.

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