Summer Love

One Direction stay In LA for the summer and find more then what they ecspected


1. Chapter 1

   Come on a lot of people shop here." "No." Paige was pulling on my arm trying to get me to go into Clair's. Pagie is my best friend since I was little she is 19 just like me. "You used to love this place." "When I was 10." "Come on!" She finally pulled me in. There was just one wall filled with a bunch of boys called 1D one direction. "Who the fuck is one direction?" "OH MY GOD the worlds greatest boy band ever the concert I'm going to with back stage passes and your coming to." "Oh..." I looked at one of the necklaces. "This guys pretty cute." She walked over to me. "That's Louis Tomlinson." I put the necklace down and looked around.   Paige's Pov When Dani walked away I grabbed the necklace and decided to buy it for her. "Are you done yet?" Said Dani. "Umm yeah I need some thing to wear now so we should go to forever 21 I want to look perfect for tonight." "Why it's not like there going to see you." "Never say that!" "Let's just go."    Danis Pov  That night "Are you done yet." "How's this one look?" "Who gives a fuck you tried on like 20 outfits what happen to the one you bought?" "Oh I'm stupid I forgot about that." She walked back into her closet. "So what are you going to wear?" "What I'm wearing." I was wearing a sweat shirt shorts and my glasses with my hair in a messy bun. She came out and looked at me. "Umm no." "What?" "Your my friend and I'll be hanging out with you there at least act like you care." "Why?" "Because come I just at least do your hair." "But my hair looks good with what I'm wearing." "Then change!" I got up from her couch and did my hair and changed my clothes. I had my hair straightened and I was now where black leggings, a purple tank top and a dark purple vest on top. I put in contacts and put a bright chap stick on. "Happy." I said. "Vary." We got all our stuff together and got into her car. "I can't believe it we are going to be smack dab in the middle of the front row how did you get these tickets." "I already told you at my job they were going to give them away on the radio but they decided to give them to me." "Working on a radio show must be awesome aren't you interviewing them tomorrow with Luke?" "Yeah." "Your so lucky and oh I almost forgot." She dug around in her purse and pulled out a neckless. "I got this for you." It was the neckless from Clair's with the cute boy. "I'm not wearing that ever but thanks." "Will you at least where it tonight?" She gave me puppy eyes. "Uhhhh fine." I put the neckless over my neck. "He looks cute on you if you know what I mean.." "You need help." We got to the theater and there was already a bunch of screaming little girls. I got out of the car and closed the door and didn't notice my bag broke. "Dani why did you bring that bag it's so old you going to lose some thing." "Oh come on its fine its not like its going to break again." I bent down and started to pick the things up that fell right Luke walked over, I got up and gave him a hug. "So this is your crazy stalker friend who loves one direction." Said Luke. "You told him I was a stalker." "Not in those words." "Well I'm Paige and thank you so much for these tickets and back stage passes." "Oh no problem Danis been doing good and deserved a gift." "That wasn't the best gift." They both looked at me. "But thanks it means a lot to her." We walked inside and it was hard to find our seats with all the people. The concert started and I couldn't hear a thing they did more funny things the actual singing. There was fans screaming every where my ears felt like they were bleeding. Near the end of the concert they decided to pick random people to go on stage with them. "You back there, you 3, you, you 2 and you 2. He pointed at me and Paige. Paige went up there but I stayed down on the ground. "Come on." He held his hand out I have no idea who he was but he had dark brown eyes and longish brown hair. "No thanks." "Stage fright?" "No I'm just happy on the ground." "Oh come on." He started a chant witch made the whole crowd chant. "Will you now?" "Chanting doesn't make a difference." I squeezed though the crowd and made my way to the back stage. They were finished and Paige came back stage. "You should have came up there what's wrong with you." "Nothing I just didn't want to." "Even if some one didn't like them they would still go up there." "I don't care." "Hey nice neckless." Said some guys as he walked over to us, I took the neckless off. He was the guy on the neckless. "Your Louis!" Said Pagie. "Yes and you two are?" "I'm Pagie." "I'm Dani." "Your on the radio station for LA right?" "Yeah and I'll be interviewing you tomorrow." "Well that should be fun." We talked a little with the other boys but mostly Pagie did and we left. When I got home I realize that my bag ripped again and my song book was gone. I looked at my clock, it was 2am but I called Pagie. ~hello? ~oh my god Pagie my song book it's gone! ~i told you  ~ we have to go find it. ~maybe tomorrow I need sleep. She hung up her phone and I fell asleep.  Next day. "Good afternoon LA today we have a special guest coming or should I say 5 special guest, yes one direction will be here soon but first Dani why so tired?" Said Luke. I yawned. "I just had a long night." "Speaking of last night how was that concert for all of you who went text in some questions you have for the boys because here they come welcome one direction." Luke got up and left. "Well welcome boys." I said. They all said hi. "So how do you like LA." "I love it." Said Niall. "What did you think of the crowd last night." "Well we did offer some people to come on stage but one girl didn't want to." Said Liam as he winked at me. "She probably was shy." I winked back at him. "Well any ways what did the rest of you think. "Great crowd." Said Niall. "I had lots of fun." Said Zayn "Crazy people." Said Harry. "It was amazing." Said Louis. "I think it was vary fun until I lost some thing." "What was it?" Asked Niall. "I lost a book of mine." "You know I found a journal outside in front of the building wit the name Dani inside either you have a stalker or its yours." We laughed. "It's probably mine but hey I heard you have a friend name Kevin who happens to be a bird." "Yeah but he's a pigeon and he liked that neckless you were wearing." "That was some thing my friend got for me and she wanted me to wear it." "Why did she buy it for you?" Said Niall. "I thought I was supposed to ask you questions?" "Oh come why?" Said Liam. "Because I thought it was cute." "Yeah me to." Said Louis. "Well any ways tomorrow is the first day of summer so what are you planning on doing?" "Well we are actually going to be in LA all summer working on some things." Said Zayn. "Tell me Harry planning on finding any summer loves?" I remember the song I heard of there's. "I don't know maybe." "Well do you remember a girl named Pagie from last night?" "Umm yes I do." "Well I can't believe I'm asking this but she wants your number." "I'd be happy to give it to her." "Ok well that's all the time we have so enjoy there  song live while we're young. I turned the song on and took my head phones off. Harry handed me a pice of paper. "Tell Pagie to call when every ill be here all summer." "Thanks for coming guys." They all gave me a hug. "By the way if you want I could stop by tomorrow at your place and return that book of yours." "Why not." I wrote my address down and gave it to him. "Bye the way I love the songs you wrote so deep." "You read it!" "I read all of them." he hugged me and left and I was just in shock.  Next day. 

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