My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


12. What are you saying?

 *Cary P.O.V*

 "Cary I'm your sister" Everyone was quite.  I just stood as she opened her arms for a hug but I wasn't going to give her one. "No.." I quietly said. She gave me a tight hug. I push her away "No!" I yelled crying "Where were you when mom died!" I cried I ran to Harry and hugged him. "Tell her to go Harry" I whispered. Harry nodded "Cary need some time.." Harry said nicely "I understand" She slowly walked away but stop when she got to our door "Dad kicked me out after mom had you because dad thought you'll be a better daughter then I was." She opened the door and left. The door closed and there was a silence. Harry picked me up and placed me on my bed were I slowly fell asleep.

                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~Two months later~~~~~~~~~~

Last month was my birthday and I turned third-teen. Harry gave me a stuff cat. I have third-teen stuff cat. One for each birthday. Niall gave me a jar full of cookies (It's in my room If I get hungry). Zayn gave a pretty necklace with my name on it. Liam payed for my favorite cake, balloons of each color of the rainbow, and my gift. I had a fun birthday...but Susan didn't come but her "friend" did. Do you remember Reba? Yea well she just sat there and smoke her cigarette and flit with Harry. Of course someone had to kick her out. She is smoking in our house! My "sister" did came. She told me everything, About my mom and my dad. My dad is dead. Who knew that a Doctor gives you a some sort of shot that kills you. Did you know my real mom had a dying wish? Her dying wish was to tell me she always loved me. 

My sister name was Ashley. She is 23 and lives with her boyfriend in a house. She said that there in love and thinking of getting married! 

"Cary?" Ashley call my name softly "yea?" I said eating a cookie from my room. "Since my boyfriend and I are getting married...." She stop to think "We were thinking if you want to be the flower girl?" I stood up "Me?! Flower girl?!" I yelled "Oh my god! Yes!" I jumped and went into deep thought. Oh my god! I'm finally going to be a flower girl! I can't wait to throw the flower petals on the floor!  "I knew it so I got your dress already!" She pulled out a pretty dress that I don't wear often. I mean I'm not a kind of person who would wear that kind of dresses, but it was a pretty dress "You like it?" She gave me a worried look "I love It" I smiled and hugged her. 


I woke up in the couch and my neck ached. I had a sharp pain every time I turn my head. My neck finally cracked. "Ow!" I grab my neck in pain. I stand up and looked around and saw no one was here? I ran up stairs and saw Harry on the phone. "Okay I'll be there." Harry looked tried "Harry?" I asked pilling out of the side of his room door. "Yes?" He was really tried "Were you're going?" I sat next to him in his bed. "Lunch with a girl." He sighed "A girl? Can I come?" I smiled hopping he would say yes. He look at me and sighed again "Sure." He got up left the room and went to the living room. I ran after him "Harry whats wrong? Do you want me to come?" I was worried "yea..I'm just..tried" Harry said. "If you're tried then just go take a nap then.." I put my hand on my hip "Oh yea.." He got up a fell on the couch, fast asleep.

Harry is still asleep. It's been five hours. I should wake him up I thought "Harry." I whispered. I taped his head "Harry." I whispered again. He didn't wake up "That's it.." I said to myself "HARRY!" I yelled and pushed him off the couch. Harry groaned in pain "What was that for!?" Harry yelled at me "You wouldn't wake up.." I stood there "Oh crap! what time it's is!" Harry got up "11:35" "Get dressed" Harry yelled, pointed to my room. I ran to went to change. To be honest I change fast, it takes me a second to change. I went down stairs and saw Harry in his blazers. He pulled my hand and took me to the parking lots and to his car. 

We got to the restaurant and saw a woman or a lady with a nice dress waiting "Is that her?" I asked Harry "Yea.." He opened the door of the restaurant "Be nice" He whispered, I nodded. The lady looked up from her phone and smile "Is this your sister?" She sounded nice "Yea.." He smiled "Hi, I'm Cary!" I smiled shaking her hand "Hi Cary, I'm Abby " Abby had brown curled hair and was about Harry's height but a bit shorter. She had Hazel eyes that matched her hair color. "You don't look like Harry." She gave a confuse face. I sighed 

                              What are you saying? I thought


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