My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


5. The risk

                                                *Cary P.O.V*
I walk to Kayla's house again to sing other song we haven't done. I knock on her door and her mom answers "oh Cary she is upstairs" She said in a sick voice then coughed. I walk upstairs and knock on her room "come in" Kayla said and I walk in I put my guitar down and unzip the case and start to play

"I-I don't want to sing anymore.." Kayla said with her face in her pillow
"why not? It's fun! remember yesterday."
"I know but my mum got even more sick."  
"oh..I'll give you the money to buy the medicine."
"really?! Thank you so much!" as Kayla hugs me as we called it "Bear Hug"
"oh" I said surprised and I giggled "You're welcome." 
"wait can I go to your house?" Kayla asked  
"But I just got here! want to go right now?" I asked
"yea." Kayla smiled 
"okay." I smiled back
As we walk back to my house I open the door and see no one in the living room? I go to every room and no one is here. I get my phone out and called Harry.

"Harry where is everyone?" I asked
"oh we went to get food." Harry said as I can here laughing in the background
" the way Kayla is here" 
"Okay we'll get extra food..but I need to ask you something..." Harry trailed off "I need you to forgive me please?" Harry said finally 
" hit me. It's like saying you shot someone in the hand then you're just like "oops sorry" like that's going to fix everything." 
"I know it was dumb of me." 
"No Harry, it was retarded of you." I said and hang up 

I go upstairs and but the radio on and hear One Direction "Oh god why!" I said out loud "Hey their songs are good!" Kayla said "Are you in love with one of them?" I joked "" Kayla said shyly "who?!" I jumped "No one okay I'm joking!" Kayla gets mad "Yeah sure!" I joked again
9 minutes later they come home Harry is the first one to come in the door he puts the bags down and goes to his room and come out of my room and walk in the living room everyone looks at me "What did you say to him over the phone?" Niall asked

"well..what happened first?" 

"He was mad and didn't want to talk." Louis said "Then started to tear up a little." 
"All I said was that I wan't going to forgive him that's all."
"I bet you said more then that" Niall and I started to argue 

"Well I did...I said that if you shot someone and then said oops sorry he/she is not going to forgive you that easily." I started to rise my voice 
"well he feels bad" Susan said 
"Susan! This is the second time he slapped me it's not the first" I yelled everyone looked at me as I start to tear up I go to my room and tell Kayla that she can't stay here so I lead her to the door and she leaves and go back to my room...then I hear a knock on the door "Cary?" It's Harry I get scared and go to my balcony and jump off and hurt my ankle and see that Liam gets out of his car and he saw me "Cary?" He asked

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