My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


8. School

*Cary P.O.V*

I get up at 6 in the morning  and get dress into the dress I brought  and walking down stairs and there is no one down stairs? 

Is everyone still sleeping?

I go to Harry's room and he is asleep I go over his bed and poke him. "Harry.." I whisper and he rolled over facing me. He opens his eyes and smiled "good morning" He said still in his bed. I kiss him in the forehead "I walking but first I'll eat something" I said "okay..have fun and be a good student" He smiled at me and closed his eyes. I walked to the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of cereal and ate it fast. When I was done Susan came in the door and smile at me 
"ready?" She kindly said 

" I going to walk to school though?" I ask 

"do you want to?" Susan asked

"hm" I trailed off "not really" I said  

we got to the car and I saw my school. My tummy started to hurt and my palms was getting sweaty 
I open the car door and walked to the font of the school door and walk in the middle of a garden then a girl comes up to me "are you Harry Styles sister?" She asked "uh yea " I said with smile  "oh well I hate One direction!" my smile fell to a frown "oh then good to know" I walked away

what an asshole ....     I thought 

" Look, I don't like One Direction but my sister does and I want you to sign it for her..." She said to me in a Jersey accent and handing me a picture on Harry. He looks weird though made me kinda giggle. I reach to get the picture and took it . I looked at it and I started to laugh. " What is so funny?" she asked like I was making fun of her or her sister. I think she took it the wrong way "My brother looks funny" I said still gigging "oh.." I said kinda in a man voice. Damn she weird but then again I'm weird to, right?. I went to the office to get my slip of where is my classes. I get it from a nice lady I heard the bell and went to my classes.

  My first period was boring! I mean I like the subjects but it was boring! It's the way he , Mr. Walter, talked that made it so boring. He talk like he was going to die any second. The subject was History sitting in the front was a bad idea. He spit every five freaking seconds, I hated it. Second period was okay. It was health. The teacher ,Ms. Stewart, was funny. She made fun of ever thing we were learning but if you talk while he is talking, thing is about to go down. She does't like it and gets all mad about it. Third period was P.E. I was tired! Running a mile in the first day. I was second place, not bad. Four period was English. My teacher ,Mrs. Robert, is always in her laptop. She is a bad teacher. She doesn't even teach good. Fifth period was music and it was kinda fun but I hated that I had to play in front of everyone. Sixth period! I hate math! I hate math very much. The teacher , Ms.Yang, she is hard. If you don't do your homework she calls your mother or father or maybe both! But for me she will call Harry. She was okay but was mean if you don't get it the math.

  Seventh grade kinda okay. I just have to get use to it. After school I was walking home. I brought a two friend I just meant. There a fan of One Direction but they are the only ones who didn't scream at my ear. I meant them in second period there cool. I got my keys from my backpack and opening my house door. I welcomed them to my house. My house was not to big or not to small. My friend , Elena, and my other friend , Haley, went to my room to get started on our homework. We got out our books out but we didn't do homework we just talked random stuff because I bring them up. The house was empty in till Louis came home. "Harry!" He yelled "Niall!" He yelled again. "Is that Louis?" Elena asked pointing her pencil to the door. "Yeah" I smile "you want to meet him?" I asked  "sure" Elena and Haley said in the same time. We walked down stairs while Louis was in the kitchen. "Louis you're going to cook!" I yelled running to see what was he doing. "What?" I said confuse while munching on baby carrots. I grab two from his small bowl. "hey!" Louis said moving the carrots away from me "Louis meet my new friends" I smile "where?" Louis said looking around "Oh.." Louis said as he cleans his hand and greet them by shacking there hand. Louis, Haley, Elena, and I talked for a while. I heard the door open and see Harry and Sofia walking in Laughing. "Harry!" I yelled running toward him and hugging him "I had fun and I made two new friends!" I said "wow Cary you sound very happy" Harry said hugging me back "oh and there here" I whispered "Hey!" Harry said and walked upstairs and went to his room.

 The day is over and I had fun today met new friends and new schools and the best part of today was when Haley and Elena told me I was a good friend!

  I hope you like this chapter! Don't forget to leave a Heart! c: You guys are the best!!

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