My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


4. I remember

*Cary P.O.V*

I walk her back to the living room and see someone else. She looks familiar but who? "Harry who is she?" I whisper to Harry "I don't know." Harry shrugs I look at Susan and she is talking to her "Susan do know her?" I ask with a confused face "Oh yes she is my friend can she help me with all the nanny stuff?..Harry?" She ask with a 'pretty please' on her face "Uh..sure" Harry said confused I look at the her friend. Where have I seen her? Maybe Harry knows "Harry doesn't she look familiar?" I whispered 
and he turns to me with a confused face "What!? How do you know-" Harry stops. Harry walks up to 
her "Do I know you from somewhere?" He asked "Well of course silly from the night clu-" Harry 
stops her "I remember now." he said disturbed voice. Did I just hear that? Harry went to a night club? I remember now! I thought to myself
                                                 *Flash back*
I wake up to get something to eat for a midnight snack but when Harry comes home. I planed to scare him by hiding in the closet in our living room. "Harry," a voice said as it sounded like a female. "I am tried can we go to your room." The girl said. I peek from the door and see her finger press on his chest and lowed to his belt. "uh...sure?" Harry stuttered and pushed her to go upstairs.

I get out of the closet what the hell did I just see?! I thought to myself

                                                *flash back ends*

"What the hell Harry!? Was she going to say night club?!" I yell at Harry "How you know her!" he yells back. I start to think "I know because you took here then to your room Harry whats that all about?" I yelled now everyone is looking at use argue."What did you think happened?" Harry yell at me "I don't know-" Harry interrupts me "Exactly so shut up, okay!!" he yells with anger "She was in your room for god shake! anything could happened!" I yell at him, big mistake to say. Before I knew it, he slapped me in front of everyone. I lifted my head up. "You promised you'll never hurt me again! You liar! I will never till I die, forgive you!" I yelled and went up stairs and slammed the door crying in my bed this is the second time he slapped me.
                                                    *Harry P.O.V*
I look at my hand and knowing I slapped her and saw her face. My hand marked on her face. When I put my head up Susan came up to and slapped me "How dare you! Do that to a little girl! Harry she is your sister not some random girl! be ashamed! I wonder what will Anna think of this?" She said and walk to her room and she let her in. "why...why did you slapped her? Have you ever seen her happy? till you have to slap her. It's been a while she since I seen her smile.." Liam said and left..everyone is mad at me for doing something dumb of me. Everyone said mean comments and left. I was alone. I sat in the couch and start to cry because I did made a promise, to stop and I broke it. She will never forgive me she said it herself.


                                      *Cary P.O.V* 
I've been going to the music room a lot just to play the piano, violin, and the guitar. Then today I went to the music room again but today I picked the guitar. Okay what to sing? I thought to myself. Maybe I'll sing "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn. I started to Play my guitar then stop just to lock the door then I sit Back down and play my guitar then sing. After a hour of me singing I put guitar down and and unlock the door and open it and see everyone here. Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Susan but not Harry everyone started to clap. "Thank you." I said and smile "Sing again for us! Please" Louis bagged "We'll even sing with you!" Louis said looking back at the boys "um..sure I guess," I said but then I started to think that was a bad idea. "Wait no!" I said and ran to my room with my guitar. Then I when to my laptop and start to Video Chat my Friend Kayla "Hey! Whats up" She said with a big smile "Want me to sing you a song?" I smiled back I fell more Happy to sing to her. She makes me see that life is not only a nightmare but that it's makes you stronger.
I sing once again and smile "That's great you should come over some time today so we can sing together if you want?" She asked "that will be great let me go ask Susan" I said and jumped out of my bed and ran to Susan "Susan! Can I go to Kayla's house! Please" I bagged "Okay go ask Harry" She said with a grin "um can you ask him" I took one look at him and look at Susan "No. If you want to go so bad go ask him." She said crossing her arm "Fine." I sighed I walked up to him "Um Harry would you let me go to Kayla's house?" I asked quietly "what?! um sure.." He said that made it so awkward "thanks." I said with no feeling but inside I am happy as hell. I put my guitar in it's case and text her that I am coming over. I put the guitar around my shoulders and walked out the door. I walked and walked. I see her house and ran for it then stop before something happened's to my guitar. I knocked on her door and she answers. "come in!" She said as we run to her room and get my guitar out I start to play and she starts to sing then I start to sing then we played a different song over and over again. We start to laugh at each other and play around. We ate snacks then it was getting dark. "Hey I have to go home it's ten." I said "Aw okay I'll walk you." She said putting her arm around my shoulder "you sure?" I ask not to sure about this because what if something happened's? right? "Yeah!" She smiled "It's okay. I'll call Harry to pick me up." I said worried "w okay" She said I get her house phone and dial his phone number "Harry can you pick me me up.....yea.....okay" and hanged up. After 10 minutes of talking Harry comes "I leaving bye can I come over tomorrow?" I asked "yea sure come at 5 so we have more time to play" She said "Okay" I reported back I hugged her and left with Harry. It was awkward because he didn't talk. No one said nothing

As we get home I go to my room and put my stuff down and put my Pj on and climbed up to bed and fell asleep. Today was a awesome day! I thought to myself and close my eyes.


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