My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


7. He is in love

                                                *Cary P.o.v*
                             ~2 months later~

   I found out what to do with the money and the letter. I gave half of my money to donations for cancer and the the letter well I put it in the box. The one that Harry had the key to and the one that my mum gave to me. (not my real mum) Summer break is over in two days so Susan and I are going to buy clothes with the money I just found. Well...I can't. Harry wants me to save it so I do and it's not going well because there is so many thing I want to buy with my own money but in the same time I want to buy it with the money I earn to so maybe (if Harry let's me) I can sell cupcakes handmade and I'll sell it for one dollar.  

I get to my closet and change and put my Iphone in my butt pocket then open my white cabinet  and pulled out my ear buds and walk down stairs where Susan is waiting for me "ready?" Susan asked with a smile "yeah" I smiled back and took out my phone and listen to my music and walked to the car and sit in the font with Susan then Niall knocks in the window. I rolled down the car window.

 I asked removing my ear buds

"sorry I didn't tell you I am coming to get me some new shoes." Niall said 

"Oh okay" I said getting up and putting my ear buds again and moved to the back sit and Susan began to drive I looked at the window and see all the girls running after the car. "uh Niall..." I said pointing to a crowed of screaming girls. As we get to the mall A security made a path way to the door as we get in. I run to get me some clothes and paid with Susan money that took me an hour to find but she didn't leave me she walked with me. Then I see...Niall and Susan flirting? 

Not in font of me please I though             

I walk to Niall and pulled his arm pulling him away from Susan.

"someone has a crush on Susan" I sang moving my head side way 

"Who?" Niall said making his eye brown move 

"you!" I yelled playfully 

"Shhh" Niall said pushing me farther from Susan 

"No!..maybe." he mumble

"someone is in love!" I poke is arm

"you didn't come here for shoes didn't you?" I asked

"yeah! I just couldn't find the right shoes here. " he lied looking at the floor

We then I walked to Susan "lets go?" I ask her "wait Niall are aren't you going to get your shoes?" Susan Asked "no..uh there not here...wrong store." Niall stuttered "oh okay?" She said with a confuse face and we walked to the car. 

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