My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


13. Harry's Sister?

  *Cary P.O.V*

"Well, not every siblings look the same." I said a little angry. Harry must have notice and stared at me with bit of a angry face. "What? It's true." I said to Harry "Well not in that tone." He whispered in my ear. I look down and look back up and see Abby on her phone. I take out my phone and began to text Harry.

Me: Is she always on her phone?

Harry: Yeah 

Me: Well Harry, I'll say that's a bit rude. What you're going to about it?

Harry: Nothing, Now stop texting me. 

I stop texting Harry. The waiter came and asked what we wanted to eat. "Can I have a burger?" I smiled. He gave me a confuse face "We don't have that on the menu." I frowned "Well that sucks." "Also this place isn't for kids." He looked at me with a face 'get out' "Well then.." I said as I took Harry's keys to the car but Harry got it right off my hand "Were your going?" Harry said angry "I'm leaving because his ugly face is telling me to get out." I stand up "You are not going anywhere!" "Well tell his ugly face that!" I snap. Harry sighed "Sorry for my sister attitude." Harry rubbed the side of his forehead. "She, is your sister?" The waiter said in shock. "I'm so sorry Mr.Styles but I didn't know you had a sister." I took a deep breath. I tried of people not knowing who I am! It's annoying sometimes. "Give me your car keys!" I said angrily "No. You are going to sit here till the end!" Harry was now like my father. I couldn't wait any longer. I got the car keys from his pocket and ran to where he parked his car. I unlocked it and got on the back sit. I wanted to cry but didn't.

 I called my best, best friend. No not Elena or Haley. They were Liam and Louis! I got out my phone and dial Liam. I put the phone up to my ear and waited for him to answer. It ringed but he didn't answer. It made me sad what if I called Louis? I thought. I then dial Louis. The phone ringed and ringed. "He not going to pick up." I said sadly "Hello?" A female voice answered "Hello?" I responded "Yes, Hi." She sounded very nice and it gave me confidence  to talk to her "Is Louis there with you?" I asked shyly "Yes, who is this?" She asked "Hm.." I thought for a minute "Tell him it's Little one." I smiled. Little one is my nickname that Louis gave me when I was nine. "Okay." She said and left. You could hear them talking in the background  "Ello?" Louis said "Louis?" I asked "Yes?" I wanted to cry but I hold them in "Did you like to know that people knew you every where you go?" I said. The bad thing of holding in your tears was the you talk like your going to cry "Cary, are you crying?" He asked in the concern way. "No." I hold my tear as best I could "Cary." He said like I was in trouble. I didn't want make him feel bad so I hanged up. I took a big breath and dial Liam phone number. It ringed and then he answered "Cary?" "Yes?" "Why did you call?" "I wanted to um, ask you a question." I voice was a little shaky "What about?" He sounded concern also "Did you like it when people knew you every where you go?" "Why?" "Just answer the question." I said. He was quite for a second "Well I did. You know my fans make me happy." He answered "Do you still liked it now?" I questioned "Yes." "Okay. that's it." I hanged up again. I then went to deep thought If Liam likes it. Would I like it to? Or would I hate and get annoyed fast? What if I hate and wish to have my old life back, were I could do anything without people bothering me. 

                                                 *Harry's POV* 
We got our food but I couldn't stop thinking about Cary. I wanted to check if she was okay. "Babe I need to check on Cary." I got up "She is fine. She just need time to herself." She said as she placed her hand on top of mine. "Okay." I sighed and sat back down. We started to talk and eat, when I got a phone call. "Babe I need to take this, sorry." She nodded and went back to eating her food. I pressed answer and went outside "Louis? Why are calling me? I thought you knew I was on my date!" I quietly yelled "Sorry mate! How is Cary?" He asked "Uh. I don't know. She is in my car. Why? What happened?!" I started to panic "She fine mate." He then hanged up. I walked back to the restaurant. I sat back down "Sorry." She looked up and smiled. She placed her hand on top of mine again "It's fine." Her smile was the most beautiful thing about her. I smiled back. 

Me and Abby were talking about the good time we had "What about the time when we were in the movies and you dropped your popcorn on the poor man!" She laughed "Yea! I felt really bad but he was really mad!" We laughed together. I stopped laughing and took a sip of my water. I looked at the window next to us and saw Louis? "Louis?" I said to myself "What?" Abby said "Oh nothing." I smiled. I took one more look and it was Louis for sure! He was getting out of his car. A other person came out the car and it was Liam? "What are there doing here?" I said to myself again. "What did you say?" Abby said like I was talking to her "Is it just me or that looks like Louis and Liam." I said still looking at the window "Um. I can't see. There to far way." She got closer to the window. "Maybe it's not." I said and started to drink my water. After I got a phone call and Abby didn't look happy. "I'm sorry it's Louis." I felt bad I got up and to make her feel better I kissed her cheek "I'm sorry." I said once more. She grab my neck and kissed me "It's okay." She whispered. We both smiled. I went outside and took the call "Is it just me or I just saw you." I said "No, it's just you." "Why are you calling me on my date again?" "Quick question. Were is your car park?" "Um, Somewhere near a book store. Why?" I said  "Thanks mate!" He hanged up again. I couldn't wait any longer. I ran to my car. I got to my car to see Louis outside my car and Liam hugging Cary and talking to her in the same time "Whats going on?"  "Nothing. She is fine." "Louis! She is my sister." I half yelled "She is fine Harry! She just needs someone to talk to. Now go you have a date." He pointed to the direction of the restaurant "I could talk to her." I suggested "I think that was to late." I turn to look at Liam who was still hugging her. "Liam did that job." He patted my back "You should go. You have a date." I nodded and walked back and I kept looking back. Every time I look back Louis would wave.

                                                         * 5 minutes before*
                                                                               *Cary POV*

I started to cry but then stop. I'm strong and Strong people don't cry! I though to myself. I laid down on the back sit of the car. I stared at the car ceilings. After me trying to go to sleep I heard a tap. I got up to see Liam and Louis tapping the window. "Are you going to unlock the door or you're going make us wait in the cold?" Louis said with a smile "Oh yea!" I looked around trying to find the car keys. I go the keys from under the sits. I unlocked the door and Liam opened the door. He sat next to me. "Why are you doing here!" Liam said "Um the waiter told me that the restaurant wasn't meant for kids."  I said "Cary?" Liam said looking at me "Yes?" I looked at the car floor "Why did you ask me that question on the phone?" Liam said in a low voice "What question?" Louis said mashing his face in the car window. "Louis!" Liam yelled "What?" "I'm trying to have a serious talk here!" Liam looked at me again waiting for a answer "Um.." I started "I um was just think how it will be like if I told everyone I was Harry's sister." I gave a fake smile "Why did you sound like your were going to cry?" I stopped to think "I wasn't going to cry." I lied "Cary?" I gave a long sigh "I just felt a lone and wanted to talk to someone! Okay." I said getting a annoyed "Cary. I don't understand why you would give up on being yourself." I didn't understand "What do you mean?" I said confused "I mean that, If you told everyone you were Harry's little sister you be receiving hate from people who don't like us and we don't want that to happened and you'll have to be really careful what you do, one little mistake and the news will spread fast. It's better and safer if no one knows." He said "Okay." I said sadly. He hugged me "I'm just telling you what might happened if you told them. It's also your decision. You can chose to keep it a secrect or tell the news." He said very nicely. I blanked out "Can you take me home? I don't want to say here an other hour." I frown "Sure!" We both got off of the car "Tell Harry were taking you home." Liam said. We all walked to the restaurant
                                                                            *Harry's POV*

I got back to the restaurant and though the restaurant window I saw Abby laughing in our table with a other guy. I was angry. I storm in and stand in Front of that guy. They both stop laughing. "Where were you Harry?" Abby said sadly "I was-" I was cut off by that other guy "Yea! Were where you Styles!"  He got up of the table "I was checking my little sister!" I got closer to his face "Really? You don't have a "little sister" Styles!" "I do!" I yelled "No you don't Styles." He smirked "Yes he does." I turn and see Cary walking towards him "No your not. You just a other fan. Even if you were, you look nothing like him!" He walked towards her and bent down. I got in front of him "You better watch what you say to her!" I grimed my teeth "Look. There is many ways to be created, and when you are born you could have more gens from your mum or ether have more gens from your dad or both," Cary put my hand on her wast. "By the way. I'm Cary. Cary Styles." She smiled as the guy walked away. I gave Cary a high five and carried her "Aye!" Cary said as I was still caring her "I love you!" She hugged me.

                                                                          "I love you too."


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