My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


10. fight

*Cary P.O.V*

 Elena helps me up but Beth pushed her down and I fell back down. Beth get on top of me and hits me in the face making bleed from my nose. I push her off and start to hit her back and pulling her hair down. Beth punch me in the jaw. Just for that I got mad. I push her making her fall on her back and got on top of her and start to beat on her face and only her face. We roll and she was on top of me. She pulled my head and pound it on the concrete. "Hey!" I heard someone yell. Beth got off me and ran. I was on the floor. I look to my left and see Elena on the side walk floor knocked out. I look to my right I see Niall, Harry, and Liam running toward me. I was dizzy and everything was blurry. Harry was next to me "Cary?! Are you okay?!" Harry asked worried "Cary?" His voice echoed around my head. I gave a little smirk and knock out.

    I wake up in my bed and tired to stand up but my body was sore from all the beating so instead I get my laptop and go on Twitter. The news spread fast. I see people talking about how I suck at fighting or I shouldn't have hit her in the face harder or I hit like a baby. I get mad and I get up slowing. I groan and walked slowly. Step by step. I go down stairs and everyone looks at me "My head hurts." I muttered  "Yeah the doctor said you have to stay in bed." Harry asked, I sighed "But that's boring." I said as I walking step by step down stairs. Then I sit next to Niall. Niall look down at me and asked me "You still have blood." Niall said poking a spot under his nose. I go to the bathroom and look at the mirrorOh god! I look ugly! I thought. I see dry blood under my nose and got water and cleaned it. I walked down stairs and Susan came home as Niall's eye widen and smiled. I poke his arm "what?" I rise my left eyebrow and giving him the face 'you like her' then his face turns red. He looks away and stare at Susan again. Susan hugged me "Ow! Susan!" I said and pulled away "Oh sorry." Susan said. I go upstairs to my room and she got me food and water and help me with everything which made me feel happy.

  The next day I felt better. I slowly walked down stairs and see Harry and his friend , Sofia, they were talking in the living room about how they didn't see each other for a long time (she just came back form New York)

"Hey!" I said walking to Sofia and hugging her

"Oh my god, hey!" Sofia said " I brought something for you." She said getting something from her bag and pulling out a stuff toy rabbit with a pink bow on the neck.

"Is that for me?!" I said smiling and jumping


"thank you!"

"your welcome" she smiled

 Harry, Sofia, and I had fun talking and laughing! The best part when Sofia told me that she just moved to our neighborhood. She said she need  help unpacking so I can come to her house to help anytime ,but I have to let her know.  When Sofia left Harry wanted to talk to me in the kitchen so I walk over there.

" You called me over here because?...." I said raising one eyebrow 

"I have good news for you!" Harry said smiling showing his dimples

"Okay?.... Shoot." I said not to excited but smiled 

"You're going to Sofia school! " Harry said

"Sofia has a school?!" I said surprised and confuse that Sofia never told me that she owned a school.

"No," Harry chuckled "Sofia works at a school not to far from here, she can pick you up and drop you off here!"

"oh! okay," I smiled and went to hug Harry "Thank you for telling me." I said in a low voice

"why wouldn't I?I kinda have to tell you." Harry chuckled "You're the best brother." I whispered "And you're the prettiest and cutest little sister" Harry said hugging me a little tighter  

I went upstairs to my room and read a book even though it was late. I fell asleep at 12:51 pm at night. The best sleep I never had though.

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