My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


2. Chapter 1:Oh no

                           { Cary POV }

I wake up to loud laughing and huffed. I got out of bed and open my room door, the bright light hits my face as I walk down the stairs and the lads here and look at me and I make them stop smiling and talking "Shh! I am trying to go to sleep!" I said in a grumpy voice, still in my pj "It's 10:48pm?" Harry said with a confuse face  "Oh," I said as I look at the time "Well lazy people need to sleep!" I said walking back upstairs. "Okay?" Harry said awkwardly. I jumped on my bed and covered myself with my blanket and made myself comfy. I couldn't go back to sleep so I get change into my skinny jeans and get a plane white shirt and put my hair in a pony tail and get my phone and walk out my room door going down stairs again. I check my phone and some how I have a message. I stop at the middle of the stairs. I read it and drop my phone. I snap out of my though and I pick it up my phone again. Everyone looks at me "Is everything okay?" Niall ask

 I run to my room and get my jacket and run out the door and running down the street I look back Harry is running after me I run faster and but Harry caught up to me and stops me we both breath heavily "What happened? Why did you run away?" I began to cry I couldn't say it. "Anna!" I cried "She is in the hospital!" I said as I was breathing heavily "What happened!" Harry yelled at me worriedly "she got in a car crash on the way over here she is badly hurt Harry!" I cried look at the ground as I look up Harry is began to tear up and hug him and cry with him. Anna...don't leave us..please. I though. Harry and I walk to the hospital and the Doctor told us she is not going to make it because she was badly hurt. We walk home and me or Harry said nothing to each other. Everyone is look at us with a worried face. Harry had red eyes from crying so much, he also walked up stairs and goes to his room and then everyone looks at me for the answers.

"What happened?" Louis ask I walk up to Louis and hug him before I answer his question
"Anna had a car crash and the doctor said she might not make i-it" I burst out crying as he comforts me and everyone else. As I told them everything the doctor said I walk up to my room and go by my desk and see the photos me and Anna took, the tears came drown faster and faster then I started to cry, laying on my bed then throwing pillows around and crying louder and louder. Then I get a call from the house phone 
Niall had ready answered and he looked at me with "What happened" I asked "She's almost gone. The doctor could keep her alive anymore." He said as he bent down to hug me. I was sad but mad at the same time. I pushed away from the hug and fall to the ground and throwing stuff to the ground Louis tried to help by hugging me, it helped a little but as I look at that photos and flash backs going to my head of us and how Anna was there for me the whole time I close my eyes and thought this was all a dream..a nightmare I realized I was still in hugging Louis "take me..take me to see have to!" I whisper "of course" he whispers back I get in the car and the others to. As we get there the Doctor saw me and took me to see Anna. I hold her hand and she was cold "Anna.You have to be strong..please...for me..for harry..." tears came down then I hear beep got longer. "Anna?! No! Don't leave me! Please!" I started to cry and fell to the floor.

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