My Big brother Harry

A little girl named Cary who was found in the streets by Harry Styles mom and took her home. Her mom gave her up for adaption before she died by her dad.


11. Cary I'm your...

                                                                                 *Cary  P.O.V*
I never thought of myself being in the school that I will see Sofia everyday, maybe I don't need a friend in school because I have Sofia. Sofia is a school psychologist. Harry said am starting again in Monday. (By the way it's Wednesday) I went to my room and called Sofia because she just rented a house not to far where I live. I was going to ask her if I can help her unpack from her new house. So I dialed her number.

"Hello?" Sofia answered 

"Hey! Sofia can I help you unpack?" I said walking around my room waiting for an answer

"yea! sure but did you asked Harry for permission?" 

"Okay...I'll ask him right now hold on." I put my phone down and ran down stairs to the living room then realizing why didn't I bring my phone... "Harry! Can I help Sofia unpack?" I asked exited. Harry thought about it for a while and finally said yes and how it was alright. I smile and ran to my room and pick up my phone and put it to my ear.

"hello? are you still in the phone?" I asked "yeah am here. Did Harry said yes?" "yeah! I be there in 10 minutes" I said smiling like crazy  I when to my closet and got out a 
sweater because it was cold.

 As I get to her house I see a blue house with a old bench and a rusted door. I walk up to the steps that made a squeaky noise if you step on it. I made it to the front of the door and knock on the rusted old wooded door. It took Sofia awhile to answer. She opens the door as it creeks when she opens it. She welcomes me to her new home. I walk in the house and look around the house. I see boxes all around the house. "lets get started" Sofia said smiling. "okay" I said and smiled back. I get the boxes and get them by there names. I got the living room. I gathered all the boxes that says "living room" I put them in a corner and started to arrange them . I get the boxes that says "kitchen" and put them in the kitchen. I the boxes that says bathroom and put them in the bathrooms but since there was two bathroom I put half of the boxes to the other bathroom. Sofia got the boxes that were heavy of course "are you sure that's not to heavy?" Sofia said worried "there not heavy don't worry" I said carrying a two other box to the corner of the living room. I went and got the coffee table that was left outside and carried it to the middle of the living room. I went back to the corner of the room and got out a wooden box that had photos and put it in the middle of the coffee table. I keep arranging the living and then moved to the kitchen.

 Hours past and it was getting dark and Harry will be worried so Sofia walk me to my house. However, I did a pretty good goddamn job arranging that living room, even though it was hard to carry some stuff to the living room and kitchen so I had to ask Sofia help me a couple of time. We had fun! We drank pink lemonade with slices of apples. I had a great time. 

   Sofia and I walk in the my house laughing but stopped when we saw everyone sitting in the living room. Then I notice a woman about 20 year old is sitting next to Susan. Niall looks at me with a smile on his face and seems happy for for reason. "Cary...Sofia sit down with us" Harry said like we were in trouble or something. I walk slowly as everyone stares at me "okay?" I said making my way to the couch. I take a empty space between Liam and Zayn . I realize am in front of the woman as I see tear stream from on eye to the other. "Cary..."  Harry said with a long pause as he looks down at his shoes "Tell her already!" Louis yells "okay, okay!" Harry said tiring to clam him down  "Cary Remember when you told me you had a sister but she left before you where born" everyone was quite as they stare at me like I was a freak. I swallow hard "yeah" I said as my voice crack and feeling my eyes sting from not letting my tears fall. "well I-" Harry was cut off by me "Harry I don't want to take about it!" I get mad and stand up but Liam grab my arm and "stay..." " I don't want to talk about my past" I whisper already crying as I pulled my arm away from Liam. I start to walk away from the living room "Wait!" The woman yelled as I make my way to the stairs. I turn back and see that see is standing up "Cary.." She trailed off "Cary am your....."

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