When Liam finds the girl of his dreams, she stops him dead in his tracks. She's perfect. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, a pretty smile. There's only one thing stopping him from getting to know her better; she doesn't talk. When her mother and younger sister passed away, Ashton fell into a deep depression that she never quite got out of. She didn't want to talk to anyone about what happened; especially not the therapists her grandparents signed her up for. So, she didn't. She vowed not to talk about the accident ever again. Can Liam find a way to bring out the voice that was buried with Ashton's mom and sister?


9. 9.

     "Do you mind if we go meet some of my friends later?" Liam asks out of the blue. I shrug. "So, you don't want to?" I shake my head no. I mean that I do want to. "You do?" I nod vigorously. He chuckles to himself. "Alright, Ash. Where should we meet them?" I shrug again and he sighs. "Fine, we'll go to a club." I flash him a thumbs up and he kisses my cheek. I haven't been to a club in a while. It should be fun. I hear a buzz and Liam leans over to grab his phone from the coffee table. "Ah, that's Harry now." I rest my cheek on his shoulder as he shows me the text: 'Hey, lad. Got it figured out yet?' 

     "I think you'll like the boys," Liam says softly, tapping out a reply. He hits send and tosses his phone back onto the table. He leans back into the couch, slipping his arm around me. "It's already 7, so do you want to get ready?" I glance at my phone, and see that Liam's right. It's 7:24. I nod yes, and disappear into my room with Liam not far behind. He strolls to my closet and pulls it open, fishing around for a top. "Aha!" he exclaims, the noise muffled by clothes. He holds out a hanger with my favorite tank top triumphantly. I smile and take it from him. "See? I'm good at this," he adds with a smirk. I laugh and swat his arm. 

     I walk to the bathroom and flip on the lightswitch. I close the door with my foot while peeling off my shirt. I pull on the new one and a pair of black denim shorts I grabbed while Liam picked out the top. White and black match, and I think I look pretty good. I spin around in the mirror, seeing if it looks okay from every angle. I toss my hair around and decide it looks fine as is. Slightly messy, but in an 'oh, she did that on purpose and it looks cute,' way. I unzip my makeup bag and take out everything I want to put on. It takes me about 10 minutes to get everything just the way I want to. I open the door and switch off the light. Liam is sitting on the couch, back at his games. But now he's shirtless. He glances in my direction and does a double take, his mouth slightly open. 

     "You look so pretty," he mutters. I blush and catch my eyes drifting to his torso. He does too, because he looks down at himself and reaches for a shirt. "Sorry, sorry," he mumbles and pulls the tight fitting fabric over his head. I smile. "Shall we go?" he asks, standing up to turn everything off. I nod and he walks to me, slipping a hand into mine. He pulls me up the stairs, out the door and to his car. It's about 7:50 now and Liam told Harry we'd meet them at the club by 8:15. As we back out of my driveway, he puts on some Coldplay and turns the volume up to 13. He sings along and I get lost in his voice. It's so soft but so sharp. He's really good. He catches me staring and lowers his voice. I laugh and look away. 

     Liam parks down the street a short walk away form the building. As we walk towards it, he intertwines a hand with mine. We walk in a comfortable silence until we reach the entrance. He whispers to the man letting people in and the man nods, unclipping a velvet rope from a post. He waves his hand over the now open space and we duck inside. 

     Once we get in, I feel the music thumping in every part of me. It was loud outside, but it was even louder inside.  "So we're meeting Harry, Louis and Zayn. Niall and Andy couldn't make it," Liam says loudly. I nod, even though I'm still clueless. "I'll introduce you, and they'll make you feel welcome. I promise it," he assures, looking down at me and offering a small smile.

     He squeezes my hand and I squeeze back.

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