When Liam finds the girl of his dreams, she stops him dead in his tracks. She's perfect. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, a pretty smile. There's only one thing stopping him from getting to know her better; she doesn't talk. When her mother and younger sister passed away, Ashton fell into a deep depression that she never quite got out of. She didn't want to talk to anyone about what happened; especially not the therapists her grandparents signed her up for. So, she didn't. She vowed not to talk about the accident ever again. Can Liam find a way to bring out the voice that was buried with Ashton's mom and sister?


6. 6.

     I head off to Liam's house in my car. The plan is to watch Toy Story 2 and 3. This time I brought carry-out from a Chinese place. While I drive I blare some music and sneak bites of my food. When I get to Liam's I park on the street across from his house. I walk up to his doorstep and ring the doorbell. He answers almost immediately and pulls me into a hug. Only when the food bag hits his back does he realize I have it. 

     "What'd you bring?" Liam asks. I point to the logo on the bag, written in Chinese. "Ooh, my favorite," he says, slipping his arm around my shoulder and walking me into his house. I kick off my shoes and throw my sweater on top of them. I set the bag of food on the counter and seat myself on his couch. I pull a blanket from the chair to where I'm sitting. I make myself cozy and wait for Liam. He peeks his head around the corner from his kitchen. 

     "I guess I get all this yummy food for myself.." he says mischievously. I shake my head no. "Well I at least get the best stuff because you're just sitting there on the couch, lazy." I roll my eyes and push myself up and off the couch just as Liam's head disappears back into the kitchen. I fix myself a plate, as does he, and I beat him to the couch again. I get comfy and pat the couch where I want him to sit. Once he does I cover him with the blanket that's already over my legs. Liam presses play and settles back into the couch, stuffing a fork full of food into his mouth. 

     "Did I ever tell you I really like this movie?" he asks between chews, turning his head to look at me. I nod yes with a smile. "You do too, right?" I nod again. "Not as much as me though," he teases. I roll my eyes and turn my attention back to the screen. We watch for a while before I finish my plate. I set it on the coffee table next to my feet. I put my forehead on Liam's shoulder and he pats my head. He moves away. I hear a few 'clinks' and assume he put his plate on top of mine. He returns and I put my head back on his shoulder. He puts his arm around me and starts playing with my hair. After he does that for a while, he kisses the top of my head. 

     "Your hair smells really good," he whispers loudly. I laugh and look up at him. He smiles at me and adjusts himself so he can touch his forehead to mine. "I like your laugh. A lot," he says. He rubs his nose against mine lightly, just so that it tickles. I break eye and skin contact and grab the fabric from his shirt right above his stomach and look back up to find Liam smiling at me. I cock my head and wonder what he's doing. "I think I like you," he says dazedly. He begins to ramble. "I know we just met like not even a week ago, but I really love cuddling with you and you're really nice and so pretty and I like hugging you a lot and I feel something whenever you kiss my cheek and I understand if you don't feel that way I mean I'm used to it but I-" I interrupt him by pressing my lips to his.

     It takes him a minute, but he places his hands on my cheeks and kisses back. Liam pulls back but keeps his forehead pressed to mine. "Wow," he whispers. Wow was right. I've kissed plenty of people before. I am 17, this isn't my first rodeo. But this felt different. I agree by kissing him again. He drops his hands from my face and looks at me for a while. "You're really something, Ash." I smile. I point at the TV, meaning we should probably watch our movie, seeing that we've missed a bit of it. "Oh, I kind of forgot about that," Liam admits, his cheeks turning a shade of pink. 

     We have a fun rest of the night and finish up both of our movies, with only a few more kisses throughout. As I stand up to leave, Liam grabs my waist and pulls it to his. "Now that we've finished our movies, what are we to do next time?" I shrug, teasing him, and look down at my feet. He puts his hand under my chin and gently lifts it until I make eye contact with him. I couldn't resist, so I leaned in to kiss him, multiple times. I feel him smile in between each one. "I really love kissing you," he says under his breath once I pull back. I blush and try to hold back a smile. "Couldn't you just stay the night here tonight, please?" he asks with puppy dog eyes. Grandma isn't home for another week, I might as well. I pretend to think about it for a while before Liam starts to whine. I nod and kiss him. 

     "Yay!" he squeals, and I can't help but giggle at his childish side. I can only enjoy it for about 2.5 seconds before his masculine side comes out and he's lifting me up with no apparent struggle. He carries me to his bedroom and playfully throws me on the bed, tickling me. He finally stops, and I'm relieved. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. He walks over to his dresser and opens a drawer, pulls out pajama pants, and opens another drawer. He throws an oversized white band tee at me, and walks out of his room. "Put it on," he yells from the hallway. I debate for a second before peeling off my shirt and slipping into his. It smells like him and it's really comfy. I climb under his covers and sink into his bed, a smile glued to my face.

     Liam reenters the room and I hear him flick the lightswitch off. He crawls into his bed next to me and settles down. "I'm back," he says playfully. I turn onto my right side to face him and he winks. I giggle and kiss him. I reach out to play with his shirt but instead my hand touches skin. "Oh yeah, I hope you don't mind. I sleep without a shirt on." I shrug it off and act cool, when really all I want to do is look at how fit he probably is. "You can too, if you want," he mumbles while snuggling up to me and closing his eyes. I laugh while adjusting myself so that my head is on his chest and my arm is wrapped around his waist.

      "Goodnight beautiful," Liam whispers.

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