When Liam finds the girl of his dreams, she stops him dead in his tracks. She's perfect. Long blonde hair, brown eyes, a pretty smile. There's only one thing stopping him from getting to know her better; she doesn't talk. When her mother and younger sister passed away, Ashton fell into a deep depression that she never quite got out of. She didn't want to talk to anyone about what happened; especially not the therapists her grandparents signed her up for. So, she didn't. She vowed not to talk about the accident ever again. Can Liam find a way to bring out the voice that was buried with Ashton's mom and sister?


3. 3.

     Saturday. Two horribly long days of waiting finally passed. I was more excited about the date than I led Liam to believe. 

     ding dong.

     I could see Liam through the glass in the front door while I was bouncing down the stairs. He smiled as I opened the door, that smile that made my heart melt. 

     (You know, that smile.)

     "Hi, er-you look..wow" Liam complimented. He had trouble getting the words out, causing him to blush a little. "I'm sorry..you're just so pretty." He sighed. The butterflies in my stomach went crazy. I smile. Liam's mouth opened and his eyebrows raised. "Oh, I just remembered I brought you these," he said, revealing to me a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. I squeal in surprise and throw my arms around Liam. He wraps his free arm around my lower back. That one touch felt like needles and sparks all in one. "Oh, Ashton. The flowers." I release him hoping I didn't crush the pretty flowers. Liam laughs. "So, shall we go?" he offers. I nod, but hold up a finger, meaning "one moment." I carefully grab the flowers from his hands and head inside. I quickly fill up a vase with water and set the flowers in it.

      I run back out to Liam, slamming the door behind me. He slips his arm around my waist, and it ignites a fire in my heart. I don't think it's getting put out anytime soon. As he walks me down the steps to his car, he rambles, but all I can do is think about the way he says my name.

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