This is a one shot . Don't really have a summary for it .(:


1. Darkness

Tristan’s POV




“Hold the elevator, please.” I shouted as I stumbled my way down the corridor. I didn’t look up, I was to focused on holding my laptop bag over my right shoulder, carrier bag over my left and my Blackberry in my hand while watching my step as I ran. When I nearly reached the end of the corridor I glanced up slightly to see a bare muscular arm with a long tattoo trailing from the wrist up past the biceps disappearing under a white tee holding his arm over the doors keeping them opening. Definitely a male. “Thank yo- Dammit.” I yelled when my phone fell to the floor. Jesus Christ, could this day suck any more? This guy is probably very annoyed that I’m taking so long. I quickly bent down, grabbed my phone and awkwardly ran again until got inside the elevator. I huffed out a breath turning to the button panel. “Thank you.” I said politely without looking at the guy while I pressed the button for the lobby. “No problem.” He replied to me as the elevator doors closed. I huffed again and pushed my brown bangs behind my ears and lifted my phone to check the time. The screen was black and when I pressed the buttons it stayed black. I furrowed my eyes in confusion, I turned the phone over and grunted. The battery was gone, it must have fallen out when it fell in the corridor and I because I was in a rush to catch the elevator I didn‘t check my phone when I picked it up. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I muttered while angrily pressing the button for the eight floor so I could retrieve the battery. Nice one Jesus, make Tristan’s phone battery fall out it might anger her more. Ha ha ha hilarious. Not. I shook my head away from my thoughts and impatiently tapped my foot off the floor. Just as I was about to sigh in annoyance the elevator jolted to a stop and the lights knocked off. I couldn’t help it, I yelped.








Justin’s POV





I grinned in amusement as I watched the long brown haired female angrily press the button to the eight floor. I watched her grunt when she checked her phone realising the battery wasn’t in the back. It must have fell out when she dropped her phone. She never looked at me and I didn’t see her face but I’m guessing she would have been flustered. Her grunting and mutters of cuss words proved she was having a bad bay. I trailed my eyes over outfit, black skinnies, red heels, red shirt and a black blazer. Not your normal lady-in-the-office work clothing but it worked. My eyes lingered a little longer on her behind. Man, she hand a nice ass. I almost reached out to touch it and mentally slapped myself, that would probably be sexual harassment. I pushed my hands into my own jeans just in case they developed a mind of there own. She torn my mind from my ass watching moment with hissing and muttering things to herself which made me smile. Only for she probably would have bit my head off, I would have suggested she go out without so many bags as they slowed her down as she ran to catch the elevator. I mean seriously, how many bags do woman need? If it doesn’t fit in my pockets, its left at home. I bit back a chuckle when she almost growled pressing the button for the fifth time. It was a hot sound but funny as well. All things funny left my mind when the elevator halted and the lights went out. I gasped and put my head in my hands and counted back from twenty. My brain flared with my therapist’s voice soothing and calming me. I didn’t get past ten when I heard laughing. I lifted my head from my hands and opened my eyes, they might as well have stayed shut because I couldn’t see a damn thing.







The laughter still filled my ears and then a loud snort followed by louder laughter. I smiled, obviously it was the girl in the elevator with me. I didn’t know why she was laughing but it alone made me feel better and restored my breathing pace to normal. “What’s so funny?” I asked the girl through the darkness. She made some weird breathing noise to calm herself before she spoke. “The fact that this happening right now. It’s the perfect way to end my crap day.” She answered then snickered again. I understood, even though she was laughing I’m pretty sure she wanted to punch something but instead laughter seem like the safer bet. “Still with me over there stranger?” She said a few minutes later. “Uh, yeah, I’m here… sorry just not enjoying this at all.” I said then awkwardly coughed. She snickered. “You’re not the only one buddy.” She replied. I smiled at her tone then jumped when I heard banging. “Hello. Can you anyone hear me? We’re trapped in the elevator.” The girl’s voice yelled. I placed my hand over my heart. She frightened the crap out of me. “Give me a warning the next time you do that, nearly had a heart attack over here.” I said in a amused tone so she didn’t think I was annoyed. “Oh hell… my bad, sorry.” She replied and I smiled. “It’s fine.” I said. I heard her snicker to herself again and I grinned as I slumped back, sliding down the wall until my ass hit the floor. Might as well sit down, looks like we’re going to be stuck here for awhile.








Tristan’s POV





“What are you doing?” I asked the guy when I heard odd noise. He coughed. “Nothing, I’m just sitting down, we’re going to be here for a while. Might as well get comfortable.” He replied. I nodded. “Yeah, good idea.” I said as I lifted my bags from my shoulder and put them down to my left in the darkness. I slowly eased myself down until my ass hit the floor. I sighed louder and hear a chuckle. “Feel better?” The guy asked. “Much, my feet are killing me in these heels.” I answered while absentmindedly rotating my feet around in circles soothing some of the aches. “Why where them if they hurt you?” The guy asked me moments later. I chuckled. “My dad used to ask my mom that all the time.” I paused. “I will give you the same reply she give him. They look good, cost a hell of a lot of money and make us shorties look taller.” This earned a laughed from the guy. “Yeah, I noticed your height. What are you 5 foot?” He asked. I scoffed. “5.2 actually.” I corrected. “Wow, I sure was way off.” He teased. I chuckled at that.“I’m Justin.” He then added.“Tristian." I paused. "I would shake your hand but I can't see my own one in front of my face.” I chuckled. He groaned. “You okay?” I asked. He sighed.







“Not really, I’m very claustrophobic and afraid of the dark.” He paused. “This is basically my worst nightmare.” He added in a whispered. I went silently. Wow did a guy with a killer tattoo down his arm just admit his was afraid of the dark? Poor guy. “How can I help you?.” I asked. Then bit my lip thing of ways to keep him calm. “I could offer to sing to distract you but that might make your ears bleed.” I offered. He laughed out loud and I smiled. “I might take you up on that but for now just keep talking, your voice is actually relaxing me.” He said. I was glad it was dark because I blushed very hard, I could practically feel the heat spread over my face. “Okay, I’ll just keep talking, got cha‘. “ I nodded my head. “The problem might be getting me to shut up so this plan is likely to be a success.” I said and he laughed again. Two out loud laughs! I’m on fire. My dad used to only laugh at me others and my mom but I think they do that to make me feel good. “So, Tristan? I'veever heard that name on a girl before.” He said starting conversation. I grinned. “Yeah, not many people have, my parents like being different I guess.” I shrugged even though he couldn’t see. “I like it, it’s different.” He said and I smiled blushing a little again. “So Justin? I hear that name on many guys, kind of common don’t ya’ think?” I asked and he chuckled. “Yeah, too common I guess.” He replied. I shifted in my position getting comfortable. “You okay over there?” He asked. “Yup.” I said popping the p. “Just getting comfy before my butt falls asleep.” I said. He snickered. “Well, that’s good.” He said. I flushed. “I guess, a sleepily butt is never good. Makes you walk like a penguin I think.” I randomly said. He chuckled my I shook my head embarrassed for actually saying that out loud. God, how lame can I be?












Justin’s POV





How dorky can she be? I chuckled at the thought. I liked her personality she was funny and I don’t think she was even trying to be. Them sentences just seem to fall naturally from her mouth which meant she wouldn’t definitely be cool to hang out with or in my case be trapped in an elevator with. I wasn’t lying when I said her voice relaxed me, it did and her sense of humour definitely get my head clear of focusing on the situation we’re in. “So… twenty questions?” I asked. “Dude, I was just about to suggest that. Freaky.” She replied loudly making me snicker again. “Okay, I’ll go first. How old are you?” I asked. She shifted again. “Nineteen, you?” She asked. Hmmm, bit young to be working at a lawyers firm. “Same, do you work here?” I asked. She snorted. “No, my mom does. I was dropping off her lunch on my way home.” She said.“Oh right, I was thinking you where to young to work here.” I chuckled and so did she. “I probably know the answer to this but do you work here?” She asked. I smiled. “No, I was signing forms accept the terms of my grandfather will.” I said. She made a little noise sounding like a whimper. “I’m sorry, about you grandfather.” She said a few moments later. I smiled at her kindness. “Thank you.” I said. “The old guy left me everything, his ranch in the country, the land, horses, cattle… everything.” I added. She gasped. “Wow, you must have been close for him to leave you everything.” She said. I smiled at that to, my pa and I where very close. Miss the old guy a lot. “Yeah, we were. He passed three months ago, I only got the call this morning about his will. I kind of figured it might be left to me or my old man.” I shrugged. She stayed silent for a moment and I figured I probably laid some deep conversation on her, freaking her out and we only just met. Moron. “Well, I think its great. You can be a real life cowboy now.” She said. I laughed not expecting her to say that at all. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.” I replied. “That would be so awesome, living in the country I mean. I’ve lived in the city my entire life and I don’t like it, I think if I had the money I would move out there… be a cowgirl you could say.” She chuckled at her own words. I smiled. “I’m a country boy myself.” I said with pride. “I can tell. I can hear the drawl in your voice… Texas maybe? You have a hint of something else in your accent too that I can‘t put my finger on.” She said. I nodded then forgot she couldn’t she me. “Yeah, my grandfather was from Texas, I’m from Canada. We moved in with my grandfather when I was six, lived there until I was fifteen then came out here to Atlanta with my parents and little brother. My dad own's a music label.” I shrugged.







I have no idea why I was relaying all this information to her but I felt comfortable talking to her even though I couldn’t see her. Her voice really was soothing. “Wow, that’s pretty awesome. I like that you have a little brother, I wish I wasn’t an only child. How old is he? Your brother I mean.” She asked. I frowned and drew my knees up to my chest. “Jaxon,” I paused sucking in a breath,“would have being fifteen this year. He died in a car accident three years ago along with my mom.” I stayed silent then hoping she would say something even though I’m sure she would have felt awkward having that laid on her. “My god, Justin.” She gasped. “I’m terribly sorry, I have such a big mouth.” She said scowling to herself. “No don’t worry about it, you didn’t know.” I assured her. She however stayed very silent. “Really Tristan, it’s okay.” I said again. She said silent for another moment that’s when I heard a little whimper. “Please, don’t be upset.” I said sadness in my voice. “I’m sorry, I’m not crying I promise I just feel for you. Your little brother, your mom and your grandfather. That is so unfair.” I she letting out another little noise. I agreed with her, God did take nearly all my family away from me. I still have my father though, I’m thankful for that everyday. “I really want to hug you right now.” She said and I let my knees drop in surprise. She wanted to hug me? I’m game. “Well, you can if you want.” I said with a little teasing to my tone to lighten the mood. I hear her shifting again then I felt a hand on my leg and I tensed.





“I’m not trying to feel you up I promise, I just can’t see you.” She said hastily. Feel away, baby. I wanted to say that but I decided that would have been a little too creepy. She patted her way lightly up my leg to my thigh and I couldn’t help it my dick hardened and I mentally scolded my damn male hormones. Jesus, if she brush off it right now she would retreat back to her part of the elevator so quick. I groaned at my thought but then stopped, she probably thought I did that because she was touching me. Okay, I kind of was but she doesn’t need to know that. Her hand left my thighs and patted onto my stomach, my chest then my shoulders then seconds later she was pressed against me. Her harms went around my neck. Before her head hung over my shoulder as she hugged me I twisted my Yankee hat that was on my head backwards to it wouldn‘t hit off her head.. After I did that she settled into the hug and I lifted my arms and put the around her waist lightly and awkwardly patted the spot. When I took a breath in I smelled her hair. My dick twitched when her scent filled my nostrils, her hair smelled like sweet flowers and I loved it. I love the smell of all girls hairs, they’re always so fruity and yummy. “Sorry about your losses.” She whispered. I didn’t said anything I just nodded and gave her a little squeeze in appreciation. When she retreated back to her side of the elevator when the hug was over I frowned. I liked the feel of her in my arms and the smell of her hair in my nose. I found myself thinking of how I could get another hug off her.





Justin Drew Bieber, leave the girl alone. 





My mom’s voice entered my head and I grinned. She would say that to me whenever I hugged a girl for to long, girls seemed to be lured to me growing up, they still are but I usually hold back from hugging many now. Truth be told I miss my mom’s teasing voice when I held on for to long or if I let my hand wander to the girl‘s butt. It was like hearing her loud and clear in my head just then when I wanted to hug Tristan again. I took that as a sign she as watching over me… right at this very moment.Mom if your listening, I love you and miss you like crazy but leave me alone, this is not the time to check in on me… and bring Jaxon with you I know he is snooping. I smiled knowing she would have a witty reply. “Sorry if I freaked you out.” Tristan’s voiced dragged me from my thoughts. I shook my head. “You didn’t.” I replied. “You sure? You haven’t spoken in over ten minutes.” She said quietly. Ten minutes, really? “Sorry I was just thinking.” I paused. “Back to twenty questions?” I suggested. I heard her exhale a breath. “Yeah, that sounds good, I think it was my turn.” She paused waiting for my go ahead and when I didn’t answer she said. “Okay, I know about your family - thanks for sharing by the way - so lets get to the basics. What’s your favourite colour?” She asked and I chuckled. “Purple. What’s your’s?” I asked. She shifted. “I’m torn between blue and red. “She said. “Red looks nice on you.” I said before I could stop myself. I bit my lip hoping she didn’t think me a creep for noticing what she was wearing. “Thank you.” She said quietly. I smiled lightly, I had a feeling she was blushing and if she’s blushing it a sign she liked the compliant.










Tristan's POV






He noticed my outfit!! He must have looked my up and down when I had my back to him when I first got into the elevator. I don’t know why but besides blushing at the compliant about how he think red suits me I got crazy happy about it, like smile beaming happy. “So.. I seen your tattoo on your arm when your held the door open, I didn’t get a great look at it. What is it of?” I asked. “Oh yeah, it’s a dragon. Jaxon liked to draw. He drew up this picture of a dragon with claws after he died I decided to get it tattooed on me. I like showing off the talent he had.” Justin explained. “Wow, from what I seen it’s beautiful. He was very talent little guy.” I said trying not to get all choked up again. I was been bold asking for a hug but needed to hug him, he has suffered so much hurt and loss. Not that a hug would make up for it but I would like the gesture if it was me. “Yeah, he was and thanks” Justin said and a awkward silence fell on us. “I’m so sorry, I keep drawing the conversation back to your family.” I gushed out making him chuckle. “You’re not doing it on purpose, besides I don’t mind talking about them much.” He said and I silently sighed in relief that I wasn’t pissing him off. “So you clearly weren’t having a good day today.” He randomly said and I laughed. “You could say that. I sort of dropped out of college today… my mom wants me to be a lawyer like her but good Lord it bores the living day lights out of me.” I paused while Justin chuckled lightly. “Anyway after I dropped my classes my mom rang me legit screaming down the phone but she relaxed when I explained how I wasn't happy with my studies. I don’t have a ideal job I want but I know law isn’t for me.” I explained. I couldn’t see but I could feel Justin nodding as he listened to me. “So to keep the peace with my mom I dressed nicely and I brought her lunch from Pastry Queen, she’s a sucker for that place.” I laughed slightly. “However her office was in uproar when I got there. Three staff member’s are off sick and she needed help filing and because I knew the drill I offered to help. Three hours later I was so flustered and decided I was really glad I dropped law it really isn’t for me. Anyway I finished filing then my mom wanted me to secure her laptop and I did but then she wanted me to bring it home so I said okay then left the office wanting nothing more than to go home to bed but then this situation happened.” I panted after saying that all in one breathe.







“Wow.” He mumbled. “All I did was wake up today and come down here and sign some forms. Listening to your day has made me tired and I don’t even think it’s past five yet.” He chuckled. I laughed. “I think it might be past five, I left and 4.45 p.m. and I think we’re in here well more than an hour or even two.” He sighed. “I think you might be right.” He paused. “Wait, there should be an emergency phone in here right?” He asked. I shook my head then remembered he couldn’t see me. “No, this is an old building the receiver was cut for the phone cord by kids a long time ago. I actually think they are getting upgrades on the place.” I said remember back to when my mom was talking about how the building was issued money to get it up to 21st century standards. “God that’s just great. We’re stuck in a very old elevator that could drop any sec-… ugh I don’t even want to think about it.” Justin said and I heard the shudder in voice. “It will be okay, you will see in a few hours we will be laughing about this whole thing.” I assured him. “I suppose but it’s still scary.” He admitted. Bless Him. “I know but don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” I said in a heroic voice making him laugh. “I think it’s me who should be protecting you. The knight in shining armour or in my case black skinnies always saves the damsel in distress.” He said smugly. I’m not in distress but if he wants to play prince charming, then he sure as hell can. I blushed. “Save away, Romeo.” I chuckled and he laughed. “So your mom’s a lawyer?” He asked. I smiled. “Yep, family law. She’s pretty awesome at her job, she rarely loses a case.” I said proudly. “That’s awesome, she sounds very strong and independent.” Justin said. I nodded. “She is.” I smiled. “And you dad? What does he do for a living?” He asked. I frowned a little. “He was a fireman.” I said softly. I heard him take in a breath when he notice the use of ‘was’ instead of ‘is’.







“My God, I’m so sorry. I’ve been talking about my family and you’ve lost your father.” He gushed. Is he serious? He lost three close family members! I shook my head. “Don’t be silly I practically dragged your family history from you.” I replied with and frown. “No, you didn’t you just asked a simple question.” He stated. I chuckled. “You only asked a question as well Justin.” I paused. “At least we don’t need to act strangely towards one another. I mean we both know what loss feels like, you more than me.” I said softly. “No, don’t do that.” He said firmly and I flinched at the tone of his voice. “You lost your father, just because I lost my mom, brother and grandfather doesn’t cut that loss.” he explained. “I’m sorry for snapping but I don’t want you to feel less because you only lost one family member. Losing someone you love hurts no matter what.” He said softly. I frowned feeling my eyes well up. Don’t you dare cry, he will think you’re crazy. “I would hug you again but that might be creepy for you.” I chuckled. “No.” He said very quickly. “Um, I mean I won’t find it creepy.” He added. I smiled. He wanted to hug me. “Okay.” I said softly and crawled my way over to him. My foot got caught on my bag strap and I slumped forward landing on top of him. “I’m so sorry, my foot got caught.” I said quickly. I felt him placed his hands carefully on my hips balancing. “It’s fine, are you okay?” He asked. I felt his breath on my face and shudder shot through me. He smelled of mint and coffee. I liked it. “I’m fine.” I said slowly. I have no idea how but I’m am somehow straddling him. Both my legs are on either side of him and my chest is touching his.







“God you must think I’m a freak, practically crushing you I am right now.” I blushed. I went to move away a little but he held me in place. “I don’t mind.” He said softly. He breath was on my neck when he said that. His lips never touched me up I felt how close they where to touching me. “Justin.” I said softly biting my lip. “Tristan.” He said back, I shuddered. Just bloody well say it, the worst he can do is say no. “Kiss me.” I whispered half hoping he heard me and half hoping he didn’t. He heard me though because a low growl came from the back of his throat as I felt his forehead touch off mine. His lips found the tip of my nose and I smiled. He lightly pecked my nose then he moved down until his mouth covered mine. I softly moaned into the kiss and Justin made another growling sound from the back of his throat. I shuddered again, it did things to my body when he made that sound. I awkwardly tired to close my legs because in-between my thighs was where I was being affected my him. My trying to close my legs only caused me to grind off him a little and make growl again as his grip on my hips tightened. I smiled slightly into the kiss, he was turned on. I could feel his erection pressed against me as we kissed. My god, I’m actually kissed a guy, straddling him and sort of grinding against him and I don’t even know him. I don’t even know what he looks like. Looks don’t really matter to me, I mean of course I would have to be attracted to a person in order for me to like them but its there personality that wins me over. And I really, really like Justin’s personality. I actually even feel like I understand him and he understands me, it’s crazy what hours stuck in an elevator can do in order for you to get to know someone.








I was dragged from my thoughts when Justin pulled away from the kiss. “You don’t have a boyfriend or anybody you’re seeing do you?” He asked panting. I shook my head. “No I don’t, do you have a girlfriend or anyone you're seeing?” I asked hoping he didn’t because I would feel so guilty for kissing him then mad at him for cheating on his girlfriend. “No, I don’t.” He said then covered his mouth with mine again. I gasped a little but when I did Justin took the opportunity and stuck his tongue in my mouth. “Mmmm.” I moaned into his mouth. I could have sworn I felt his dick twitch underneath me. “Don’t make sounds like that, you’re killing me.” He said against my mouth. I smiled. I was actually affecting his body. A devilishly thought popped into my head and I thought sod it, just do it. I rotated my hips slightly then made the little “Mmmm” sound into his mouth and he growled a lot louder than before. “God, that sounds so sexy.” I said and I felt him smile into the kiss. “I don’t usually do this with strangers.” I added still kissing him. “Me neither.” He said against my mouth. I felt his hand slowly move upwards and I was beginning to feel very hot. I shook my blazer of and let it fall on the floor. “What are you doing?” He asked sounding a little shocked. “I’m too hot.” I replied. “I’ve never seen your face but I’ve no doubt that you’re hot.” He replied, teasingly. I lightly slapped his arm making him laugh. “I mean temperature wise.” I giggled. “Well, I still think you will be beautiful when I see your face.” He said and I froze. Would he? God what if he was disappointed in my looks, I would die of humiliation. “What’s wrong?” he asked me resting he head against mine. I took in a breathe and his scent filled me. God he smelled good. “I just was thinking that when you see me you might be disappointed, I’m not exactly a looker.” I said. He shook his head. “Not possible, you will be beautiful. I know it.” He stated. I didn’t reply I just pressed my mouth to his and kissed him fiercely. I opened my eyes we pulled away. A blinding flash attacked my eyes as the lights came back on. I yelped and buried my face in Justin’s neck. Being in the darkness for so long then suddenly being exposed to light actually hurt my eyes. I didn’t have time to adjust though because within seconds we where back in darkness. I heard Justin panting. “Are you okay?” I asked him. He shook his head and held me very tightly to him.








“It’s okay, I’m here. Shhh.” I cooed on him. I reached up to rub his head and I felt a hat, I removed it and let my fingers play in his hair. My mom did this to me the nights I cried for dad and it actually used to relax me. I moved my hand to the back of his head and felt a lumpish scar. I didn’t pull away though instead I rubbed it lightly. “I was in the car when it happened.” Justin suddenly said. I continued to rub his head as I listened to him speak. “Dad was with us to. It was a drunk driver that hit us on the left side. Jaxon and my mom we on the left side of the car that day. We flipped countless times but the car finally stopped landing upside down on the roof. We’re where driving home from a weekend of camping, all the gear was at my mine and Jaxon’s feet.” He paused taking a breath. “When we went upside down the bags covered me, I couldn’t see a thing. I tried to push them off me but I couldn’t I was trapped in the same spot for three hours unless a passing car spotted the car wrecked.” he said softly. A tear rolled down my cheek and fell on to his. He moved his head and lightly kissed it away then put his forehead back again mine.













Justin’s POV






“Help us, somebody please help us. We’re trapped… Mom, dad, Jaxon can you hear me.” I cried. “Please answer me, HELP US.” I shook my head at the memory. I know that flashing lights of the elevator coming on then back off triggered these memories. “Jaxon and mom where already dead as I cried out for them. Doctors said it was instant for them because they took the full force of the impact being on the left side of the car.” I sighed. I could hear little whimpers come from Tristan’s body and I held her tighter. “That’s why you’re claustrophobic and scared of the dark? Because your where buried in the car” She asked. I nodded against her and she gripped me tighter. “You must have felt so alone.“ She sniffled. “I’m, here with you now and I’m not leaving you. I promise.” She whimpered. I lifted my head and quickly found her mouth and covered it with mine. God, this girl was definitely an angel sent to me. Thanks mom she is perfect. If she is beautiful as I know she will be, I guess that’s on you Jaxon. I smiled at the thought as I kissed Tristan, she tasted so good. I couldn’t get enough of her. “Is it weird that I care about you and we only know each other a few hours?” She asked when we pulled away from the kiss. “No, it’s not because I feel the same way. I’ve told you things that I don’t talk about with anyone except for my dad. I don’t know why I told you all that stuff but it felt right.” I explained hoping she understood. “I know what you mean.” She said then turned and rest her back against my chest and the back of her head against my shoulder. “I talk to my dad every night before I go asleep.” She randomly said. I didn’t speak, I knew she was sharing something personal with me like I did with her.







I know he is gone but I always feel him around me. He used to read me a story every night before my bedtime… called me his little angel.” She said. I smiled, that’s what I called her. “He died in a fire when I was ten. It was an apartment fire, a mother and her son where trapped in the top floor apartment.“ She paused taking in a breath. "Other fire-fighters backed off saying they where lost but my dad refused to leave them and went back into the building. Ten minutes later the mother and son stumbled from the building, they said a beam collapsed and dad fell through it. He told them to get out and tell his bloomer he love her and his little angel he adored her.” She sniffled. I held her tighter. “He called my mom his bloomer because when she smiled it was as beautiful as a flower in bloom.” She giggled at the thought. “I remember hating him after I found out he died because he left me. He made me promise days before he died that if anything every happened to him I would be strong and be happy for him. I promised him because I didn’t think anything of it but for a long time after it happened I didn’t keep that promise. It literally felt like a part of me died that day, I miss him so much sometimes it hurts.” She choked back a sob. “That’s why I feel so hurt for you, you lost so many people. I lost my dad is it hurts so much some days I don’t want to live. I’d admire you for being so strong.” She said then this time she did cry. “I’m sorry, I’m such a cry baby.” She sniffled. I rubbed my hands up and down her arms and rested my chin on her head. “You’re not a cry baby. Like you there are days I miss my mom, Jaxon and pa but also like you I can feel them around me and it makes me feel better knowing they’re watching over me.” I replied. “I know my dad watches over me and mom too, I swear some days I can hear him in my head.” She said and I could feel her smiling. I grinned, I knew the feeling. “You know since you started talking to me I having felt trapped or closed of in the slightest. I think you’re sent to me, my own angel.” I smiled. “Shut up.” She squirmed and I laughed knowing she was blushing.







“I can’t wait to she the blush on your cheeks. “I said. “Oh my god, Justin, stop it.” She groaned. I laughed and cuddled into her. “Sorry.” I said even though I wasn’t, I liked making her blush. “When we where kissing, was that a piercing I felt on your lip?” She asked while she absentmindedly rubbed circles on the back of my hand with her thumb. I nodded. “Yeah.” I said hoping she didn’t mind it. Hell, if she did I would take it out for her. Only her. “It’s kind of… hot.” She said and I grinned. “Good, I’m glad you like it.” I said. "I know you have Jaxon’s dragon tattooed on you. Do you have any other tattoo’s?” She asked. “Yeah I have Jaxon and mom’s name on me. I’m going to get the pa’s name on me too soon.” I replied. She shifted a little. “I like that idea… I wouldn’t mind getting my dad’s name on me. That way I’ll carry him everywhere I go.” She said and I kissed her shoulder making her shudder a little. “Well, maybe we could get them done together?” I asked. I bit on my lip hoping that wasn’t to forward. “I’d like that, I’ll have to hold your hand though I’ve never gotten a tattoo before.” She said hastily and I chuckled. “I’ll hold your hand don’t worry, angel.” I said and she pressed back hard against me like giving me a backwards hug. “I haven’t been called that is so long.” She whispered. I frowned. “Is it okay I called you it?” I asked. I felt her nod. “Yes, this will sound weird but its sounds natural when you say it.” She said. “I understand what you mean, it feels natural for me to say it.” I replied. “Wow, they where some deep conversations for strangers.” She said and I chuckled. “Well, considering you know now me better than anyone probably even my dad, I don’t consider you a stranger any more.” I said and kissed her shoulder again. “Dido, you learned everything about me in the last few hours.” She chuckled. “Not everything.” I paused. “What’s your favourite song?” I asked. That’s how we spent the next couple of hours, learning the basics of each other since we know each other deepest secrets and each others past.







“Okay, lay it on me. When/where/how was your first time. Oh and who with?” She asked me and I laughed. “You really want to know?” I asked and she nodded against me. She was back to straddling me because her butt fell numb on the floor, I’m not complaining though. “Okay, I was sixteen and it was with my second girlfriend Lela. It was in her bedroom while her sister and her nanny where downstairs singing loudly along to ABBA on the radio.” I paused and she chuckled. “It’s wasn’t exactly romantic or planned in any way. I was so nervous I had to keep checking to make sure I put myself into her right.” I laughed at the memory. “When I actually got into it and got the hang of trusting I started to like the feeling,really like it. Lela liked it to because she moaned… a lot.” I chuckled again. “Lets just say it didn’t last very long but it was a good first experience.” I finished. “Okay angel, your turn to lay it on me.” I said the smirked at the image I had in my head. “Perv.” She muttered and I laughed. “I’m hungry.” She groaned. I snapped my head up, I was hungry to but no way she was getting out of this. “No no, answer the question. It’s only fair I told you about my first time, your turn to tell me yours.” I said as I rubbed her sides. “Well,” she paused, “I haven’t had my first time yet.” She said then put her face in my neck. “You haven’t?” I asked. I was actually so happy hearing this. “I know it’s so embarrassing but I never felt like doing it with anyone guy I dated or went on dates with.” She said against my neck. “Don’t be embarrassed Tristan, you’re pure. There is nothing wrong with that, I think it’s beautiful.” I said honestly. “You’re amazing you know that.” She said and kissed my cheek. “I feel so comfortable around you.“ She added. “I know what you mean.” I said softly breathing in her scent. “When we go to get our tattoo’s you have to tell me all about you grandfathers ranch. It’s sound amazing. I would love to learn how to ride a horse, they‘re amazing animals” She gushed. I smiled at the fact that I would see her outside of this elevator.






“Definitely, I will tell you everything over dinner sometime?” I added bravely. “Deal.” She said and I smiled. “You never know I might even whist you away to the ranch and teach you to ride a horse myself.” I teased. “I will hold you to that ,buddy.” She said seriously and I chuckled. God, if she came to the ranch with me that would be amazing. “Don’t worry angel, it’s a promise.” I said softy running my fingers through her soft hair. “Kiss me.” She whispered. I didn’t need to be told twice I leaned forward and found her lips with mine. We kissed hard and fierce but stopped when the elevator jolted a little and the lights came back on.










Tristan’s POV






I once again buried my face in Justin’s neck at the random turning on of the lights. It hurt like hell. I had to keep my eyes closed for a few second before I opened them. When I did my vision was blurred, at least ten more seconds and my visions became clearer. My head was tilted down so the first thing I seen was Justin’s black skinnies, belt buckle and his tee. I swallowed when I moved my gaze upwards. I couldn’t totally see the hardness of his chest through his tee. I licked my lips and still slowly lifted my head upwards. His neck caught my attention when I froze mid way with panic. What if he thinks I’m… a troll? Ugh, I would die, right here and now. I bit my lip and forced myself to fully look up. I gasped when I seen him. Plump pink lips with a piercing, cutest nose ever, strong jaw line, lovely skin, absolutely beautiful fucking eyes and the sandiest light brown hair I’ve ever seen. “You’re gorgeous.” I exclaimed whilst still staring at him. I seen his lip curve upwards. He didn’t reply however he just continued looking at me with and odd stare that made my stomach drop. He must think I’m that ugly he can’t believe he is letting me straddle him right now. Well, of course, he is drop dead gorgeous. He wouldn’t be interested in me. Just when he was about to speak - surely to say it was nice talking to me but could I get off him - there was banging from out the elevator door that made me stand up. “Atlanta fire department, is anyone in there.” A male’s voice called. “Yes, we’re trapped him here.” I yelled.








Justin to stood up but I turned facing the door putting my back to him. “Don’t worry, we’ll have you out of there in…. no…. time.” The man huffed as the doors pried opened. I reached down and grabbed my blazer - which was wrinkled from being tossed on the floor - and picked up my bags while straight out my hair and close. “Tristan?” A man’s voice said making me look up. I groaned. “It is you.” The man cackled. “Always knew we would have to get your butt out of trouble one day kiddo." The guys chuckled. “Hey Jimmy… hey guys.” I waved to the fire fighters who where chuckling at me while waving. They all worked along side my dad when he was a fire fighter. “Are you okay?” He asked me as he reached out for my hand helped me out of the elevator. I grinned. “Just peachy, nothing like sitting on a elevator floor in darkness for,“ I paused as I glanced around look for a clock, I found one and it read 10:37p.m, “nearly seven hours.” I groaned out loud. “Well, other than that are you okay?” He asked. I smiled. “Yes Jim, I’m fine.” I said and he nodded as he walked over to the building manger to was standing there holding keys. The must be waiting to lock up or something. “Tristan.” Justin voice said from behind me. I turned and took him in. Jesus he really was beautiful and so out of my league. “I never got a chance to say-” I cut him off. “It’s okay Justin you don’t have too, I understand.” I said trying not to frown. He looked at me in confusion. “I’m just going to use the ladies rest room.” I said quickly. He slowly nodded so I turned and calmly walked over to the lobby rest rooms. When I got inside I slumped against the door a little. “Why couldn’t he have been less gorgeous?” I said out loud and groaned. Of course I would have a great connection with somebody out of my league. I use the toilet then washed my hands. When I glanced up into the mirror I gasped.








Jesus, I looked like a train wreck, I quickly dabbed my face with water and tied my hair up into a high ponytail because my hair was beginning to flatten from sweat. I straightened out my clothes and turned walking out of the rest rooms. The fire fighters where walking out of the building as I came out. “Nice seeing you, kiddo.” Jimmy and the guys waved at me. “You too.” I smiled waving back. I turned and glanced back towards the reception where Justin was waiting. My breath caught in my throat. Why was he waiting? He smiled when he seen me walk back over towards him. “Look what I ran up the stairs to get for you.” He asked me straight away. I look at him in confusion and smiled raising his hand showing me a little battery. “My phone battery, I forgot all about that. Thank you.” I said when he handed it to me. I put it into my phone and let it boot up. “How are you getting home?” Justin asked me. “Um, the bus.” I shrugged my shoulders. He frowned at me. “It’s pretty late, I don’t really like the idea of you taking the bus on your own.” He said. I smiled lightly. “I’ll be fine Justin.” I tried to assure him. He shook his head. “My car is in the parking lot, I’ll take you home.” He said. I was going to refuse him but I honestly wanted to spend a little more time with him before we went our separate ways. “Okay, thank you Justin.” I smiled. He smiled back then took my bags off me as we walked out of the building. Very gentlemen like. I smiled at the thought then shook it away because I wouldn’t get to have him I didn’t have to think about the nice things about him - which was everything. “This is your car?” I asked when we reached the lot and stood in front of a Range Rover. He chuckled. “Yeah.” He answered. I then remembered his grandfather owned a ranch - well Justin now owned it - and his father owned a record label, he definitely was loaded with cash. Good for him. “It’s beautiful.” I replied while literally gaping at the car. Justin laughed at me as he put my stuff in the back seat.







“Yeah, she’s a beauty alright.” He grinned at me and I don’t know why but I blush and looked down. He put his finger under my chin and made me look up to him. “Don’t look away, I’ve waited seven hours - which felt more like seven years - to see face when you blush. It was worth the wait though.” He grinned. I couldn’t even take in what he said before I quickly looked away from and jumped in the passenger seat blushing harder. Justin laughed at me as he shut my door and went around to the drivers side and got in. He started the car and I gave him directions to get to my apartment building. I glanced at my phone in my hand, it was now full boot and awaiting me to enter my pin number. When I did I instantly got a text. I checked it, it was from my mom.




 Hey sweetheart. I’m going for drinks with the office staff after work, won’t be home till later. Thank you again for your help today and for bringing me some lunch baby, you’re a life saver. 
Don’t wait up okay? Love you lots, mom xx 





I sighed in relief that she wasn’t still angry about my dropping out of college. Thank God. “Everything okay?” Justin asked me. I nodded. “Yup, just my mom letting me know she’s gone out for drink with her work staff.” I explained. He nodded then things fell silent again. Unlike in the elevator this silence was awkward.











Justin’s POV





Just fucking ask her out to catch a late night meal, do it. I shook my head clear of the debate going on in my head. I really wanted to ask Tristan out but I didn’t want to seem to forward. I mean I know we made out in the elevator… a lot. But she acted a little weird when we seen each other. God when I seen her, I’ve never imagined someone beautiful. Good looking out bro. I mentally said to Jaxon, no doubt he chose this beauty for me. I didn’t even get to tell her how beautiful she was I was kind in shock that she thought I was and I quote her "you’re gorgeous". I mean I knew I wasn’t ugly but hearing her say I was gorgeous was a major ego boost. I was literally lost in her gorgeous face that I forgot to speak when it came time for me to compliment her then the doors opened and she practically ran out of the elevator. When we pulled up outside her building I turned ready to tell her what I was suppose to say in the elevator but she lead forward and kissed my cheek. “I’m glad it was you I was stuck in the elevator with.” She smiled. “Thanks for the ride… bye.” She said stepping out of the car. I frowned. “Tristan wait- “It’s okay Justin, I understand. See you around.” She said and shut the door. I was so confused, I had no idea what had gotten into her. I only know her eight hours now but that had actually given me enough time to know something is up with her. I absentmindedly put my car in drive and began to pulling away from the side walk when I slammed on the breaks. “Fuck this.” I said and reversed back into the space I just left and opened my door. I caught sight of Tristan walking through the building doors with her head hung low. I frowned and took of jogging towards her. I ran through the swirly door and avoided hitting my head off the glass - it's happened before.








“Tristan.” I called out. She swung around her face plastered with surprise. I continued to jog towards her and when I reached her I put my hands on her face and pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her sweetly. “You’re beautiful, so damn beautiful you literally left me speechless. I like you a lot and want to bring you out on a date. I think we have something good here and I don’t want to let it go.” I said with my forehead rested against hers. She blinked still clearly surprised. “You don’t think I’m ugly?“ She asked me in obvious surprise. Ugly? What the fuck is the girl talking about? “What? No, I do not think you are ugly! I think you're the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Cheesy but true.” I stated. She smiled a little. “You just starred at me when we seen each other, I thought you where disappointed in my looks. I mean you’re out of my league-” “Stop right there.” I cut her off. “If anyone is out of someone’s league its you who are out of mine. Do you really not have any idea how gorgeous you are?” I asked. She shrugged. Good God, she really had no idea. “Well, you’re beautiful, absolutely beautiful”. I said firmly. She blushed and I smiled. That faint red on her cheeks made her look even more gorgeous. “I think there is something here too, I think we're good for eachother.” She said quietly. I wanted to burst, I felt so happy. I rubbed my thumb along her cheek and she closed her eyes taking in my touch. “So what do you think about a date?” I asked her and she grinned. “I think our first date was actually scheduled for a tattoo parlor, then our second was for dinner and oh our third was possibly your teaching me how to ride a horse.” She reminded me with a  smile and I practically beamed.








“Right you are.” I grinned. “We will definitely be doing all of those but what do you say to a pre date now? Does food sound good?” I asked her while putting my arms around her waist and pulling her into me. “I’m actually so tired but we have plenty of food in the apartment if you want to come up?” She suggested and bit her lip looking a little nervous. A shiver ran through my body. Hell fucking yes. “Yeah sure, that’s sounds good.” I smiled hoping I didn’t look as excited as I really was. “Great.” She smiled, sliding her hand into mine as she led me across the lobby. My mind was swirling with happiness, she was my girl, I know it was way too fast to even suggest that too her but I knew she would be mine soon enough and I was so damn excited because of it! When I came out of my happy trance I stopped her outside the elevators and she looked at me in confusion. “Um, maybe we should take the stairs?”


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