There is an Island. An island far from land. An island no one believes to be real. There is only one person that knows about the island, and she has been stranded there for 11 years. That person is me. My name is Kay, and I have been stranded on an island unknown to others. I have spent 11, almost 12 years imprisoned on this island with no way to get off. I've spelt out the words "HELP" on the cove with kelp and twigs to no avail. Realizing that no one would come to my rescue, I decided to make the island my home. I may be crazy, but if you come onto my island, uninvited, I will hunt you down, and I will get you. You have been warned...

1. Kay

"Go find some more coconuts!"

"I'm going, I'm going,"

"Hurry! We're gonna starve!"

"Who's the 'we'?" I'm doing all the work!"

"Just hurry before the storm starts!"


I look up and see a bunch of dark grey clouds covering the evening sky.

"Oh... Storm,"

If you're wondering who I'm talking to, her name is Kay, and that's me! As of right now, I have two minds inside one head, and let me tell 'ya, I can be pretty annoying.

Annoying? Seriously? Not fair!

Anyway, I scowl at myself. People will tell 'ya, that the voice in my head is just a figment of my imagination, but without the other 'me' in my head, I'm afraid I'd be screaming at a tree right now. I'm crazy. It happens when you're trapped on an island for 4 years. You can't really remember what's real and what's in your head.

There's only one person who would even come close to knowing where I am. He's knows what island I'm on, even if I don't. I've known him since I was 7, a few years before I got stranded.

His name is Ace.

"Ace will come, Ace will come,"

A light tremor passed through me.


Another tremor.


And another.


"Ace," I mumbled. "Find me soon."

I walk to my hut after finding 6 coconuts, with my arms trembling.

"Home sweet home,"

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