Love at first sight

Hi guys! This fanfic is based off of one of my dreams! I hope you like it:)


1. First Day

It was the first day of music camp, everyone is excited because there is going to be a special guest, as we were told by the directors. My best friend Abby and I came to this camp together because we are both very interested in music. We both play piano and guitar. We also both sing.


*Mariah's POV*


"What should I wear" I asked Abby as she sat playing candy crush on the dorm bed.

"Mariah you have so much clothes, how can you possibly not know what to wear?"


True I did have a lot of clothes and I way over packed for camp. I decided on a heather grey sweater with a big black cross on the front and my fav light blue hollister skinnies.


"You look great! Lets go" Says Abby as I slip on my favorite blue vans.


We walk out of the dorm to see hundred of teens swarming about the hallways, all moving toward the door to the theater. We are seated in the red velvet chairs. The buzzing of voices is crazy and is silenced when the camp director comes out of the velvet curtains.

"Hello everyone and Welcome to our camp how are you all doing to today?"

Crowd: Screams

"Great to know, well we have a very special guest for you today! Please welcome the one and only JUSTIN BIEBER!!" The director screamed






***Notes**** Sorry its short but the next chapter will but up super fast:)


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