He's Irresistible (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lacey didn't know that she would meet him. How could she? He was famous and she was normal. That didn't stop her from meeting him that fateful day. Harry had invaded her heart and dreams along with the rest of One Direction. Will their love blossom or will it be torn apart?


37. Yes! Party Time!

Liam's POV

I pull into my driveway and swing out of my car. I unlock my front door, open it, and go back to my car. I load my arms with as many bottles as I can. I walk inside, set it all on my kitchen counter, and repeat this process again. I smile to myself as I set two bottles apart from the rest. One is blue and one is pink. I pull out my phone, snap a picture and send it to the person that the bottles belong to.

To Lace: First impressions last the longest, so I try to remember them ;)

Lacey's POV

I'm just about to put my phone in my pocket as it goes off. I sigh, check it, and laugh loudly. The bottles of Kinky on my phone make me smile as I look at them again.

To Leeyum: You are so funny :P

From Leeyum: I try :) See you soon

I put my phone in my pocket and walk out of the bathroom. Louis is sitting on the couch, but I don't see Harry anywhere. I walk towards Louis and he looks up.

"You're looking good!" Louis says with a whistle. I laugh and smile at him. Not five seconds later, I feel two strong arms wrap around my waist as I'm lifted into Harry's arms. I lay my hands on his shoulders and kiss the hallow between his neck and shoulder. He shivers in response.

"She may look good now, Lou... but she'd look even better in dresses and killer shoes," Harry says with a wink. My heart is racing as he sets me down and kisses me hard on the lips.

"Nice choice of outfit. It reminds me of something," Louis says, obviously thinking hard by the look on his face.

"Five foot something with the skinny jeans," Harry sings with a smile on his face. Louis and I both start to laugh. Louis tells me about how Harry let him know what had happened at the club. We laugh harder and pause to check the time. We have half an hour to get to Liam's place. We all get into Louis car. Louis drives while Harry and I sit in his back seat, cuddled up, listening to the music from the radio. We pull up to Liam's house and can hear the music and people from the street. Louis parks the car and we all jump out. As I reach for the door, it opens and I am greeted with a huge hug from Hylah. She hugs Harry next, and then she carefully hugs Louis. She's obviously holding back so she doesn't hurt him anymore.

"Welcome to the house of Payne!" Liam yells as he sees us.

"Do you have any idea how bad that sounds?" Harry asks him.

"It sounded better in my head," Liam says with a shrug, "How about a drink?"

Harry and I follow Liam to the kitchen. Harry gets a beer and I get a cup of Sprite and blue Kinky. We take our drinks and go into the living room where the music is the loudest. I look toward the sound system and find none other than DJ Malik. Zayn is smiling and laughing as he keeps the music going. Hylah and Louis join is as we start to dance to the fast, loud music. This is the best party I have ever been to.

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