He's Irresistible (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lacey didn't know that she would meet him. How could she? He was famous and she was normal. That didn't stop her from meeting him that fateful day. Harry had invaded her heart and dreams along with the rest of One Direction. Will their love blossom or will it be torn apart?


46. Hot Tubs and Chocolate

Harry’s POV

            Finally the show is over and we can head back to the hotel. I run off-stage and quickly change my clothes. I run outside where Lacey said she would wait for me. I see her standing with Hylah by another set of doors. I smile to myself and quietly walk up behind her, holding a finger up to my lips so that Hylah stays quiet. I throw my arms around Lacey and lift her up. She screams, and Hylah and I start to laugh. I set her back down and she turns, hitting me in the chest.

            “That wasn’t funny, Harry! You scared me!” she yells.

            “That was kinda the point, Angel,” I say with a smile. At the new nickname, I get a smile from her.

            “Did you really just call me Angel?” she asks, trying to stay mad at me.

            “Yeah, I did. I told you on the plane. You are the Nora to my Patch,” I say as I lean in and kiss her. Her arms go around my shoulders and I lift her up again. Hylah smiles at us and walks away as Zayn comes outside. I set Lacey down again and pull away. She takes my hand and we walk over to the other guys.

            “Let’s get back to the hotel. I’m tired,” Louis says.

            “I just want to go back to get something to eat,” Niall says with a smile.

            “Okay, let’s all go back then,” Lacey says next to me.

            We all get into the cars and the rides back to the hotel are silent. Everyone is a little tired from the show, some more than others since Louis fell asleep against my shoulder on the way back. When we get there, I don’t bother waking Louis up. I pull him out of the car and carry him like a baby to his hotel room. I get him in bed and then head back to my room where I find Lacey waiting for me. She smiles at me from under the blanket she’s covered in.

            “What?” I say, returning her smile.

            “You and Louis are so adorable”, she says, then looks down.

            “Guess that’s why the fans seem to think that we were dating”, I say as I move towards her. She smiles up at me again and drops the blanket. I stop dead in my tracks. She’s wearing her bathing suit and damn she looks good.

            “I thought we could go down to the hot tub for a while to relax since it’s so late”, she says quietly and wraps her arms around herself when she notices me staring at her. I move closer and move her arms, pulling her into mine instead.

            “That sounds great, Love”, I say, kissing her nose, letting her go, and heading into the bedroom to change.

Lacey’s POV

            I smile as Harry walks into the bedroom. I go into the kitchen and get the surprise ready. I hear a deep chuckle and turn to see Harry in nothing but his trunks. I blush and smile at him.

            “You ready to go?” I ask him

            “As soon as I’m done looking at you, yeah”, he says with a grin. I turn, grab the two mugs, and walk towards him. I hand him one mug and carefully sip from my own. He takes a deep breath, smiles, and takes a drink. As soon as the mug leaves his lips a huge smile forms.

            “You made hot chocolate”, he says happily.

            “Yupp. I figured that if we were getting in a hot tub, a little hot chocolate couldn’t hurt, plus it’s delicious and soothing. Perfect for a tired boyfriend who just had an exhausting show”, I say kissing his cheek and taking another drink from my cup. He nods and finishes his drink quickly. I drink mine a little faster, put the mugs on the counter, and take his hand. We walk down to the hot tub together, completely undisturbed. He gets in first, puts his hands on my waist, and gently pulls me in to him. He holds me close as we relax and soak in the hot water. It feels great on my skin and Harry is smiling contentedly when I look up at him.

            “Good idea?” I ask him.

            “Perfect idea”, he says as he kisses me. I kiss back and rest my head on his shoulder. We stay that way for a long time, until we get so tired that it’s obvious we need sleep. We head back up to the room and start to change into clothes for bed. I strip my swimsuit off and move towards my bags. I grab my favorite pajama shorts and a t-shirt. I put them on and climb into bed next to Harry. He pulls me close, the heat from the hot tub mixing with his usually body heat. I’m warm and happy as he kisses my forehead and strokes my hair.

            “Thank you. I needed that”, he says quietly in his sleepy voice.

            “Damn that’s sexy. I love your voice when you’re tired”, I say with a smile.

            “You love my voice all the time,” he says with a deep laugh.

            “That’s true. Goodnight Haz,” I say, kissing his cheek and snuggling close.

            “Goodnight my love,” he says as I drift off to sleep.

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