He's Irresistible (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lacey didn't know that she would meet him. How could she? He was famous and she was normal. That didn't stop her from meeting him that fateful day. Harry had invaded her heart and dreams along with the rest of One Direction. Will their love blossom or will it be torn apart?


30. Dancing With Harry Styles

Lacey’s POV

            I thought it had felt good to have Liam dancing with me. I had no idea. Harry puts his hands on my waist as we dance to a faster song. With him holding me this way, I have to dance really close to him so I dance carefully.

            “It feels like you are holding back,” he says softly.

            I shiver and bite my lip as his fingers dance across my back gently.

            “I’m just trying to be careful,” I say in a whisper.

            “Don’t be,” he says with a smile. I laugh and pull away from him, dancing over to where Hylah’s at.

            “I need your help,” I say to her as she drinks her water.

            “With what?”

            “With Harry and with dancing,” I say shyly.

            “We’ve gone over dancing thousands of times. This is no different than our living rooms except that there are more people, she says, rolling her eyes.

            “But I’ve only ever danced like that with you. I’m nervous to dance that way with Harry.”

            “Do you remember dancing to ‘Boom’ on JD3?”

“Well, yeah.”

            “Well, it’s the same motions, just more subtly done. It’s like in ‘The Wobble’ to move your hips. Same thing,” she tells me with a shrug.

            “Would you mind dancing with me for a bit? Just so that I can get used to it again,” I ask her, almost pleadingly.

            “Of course.”

            “Let’s go then,” I say, spinning onto the dance floor with Hylah following behind me.

            Hylah goes up to the DJ and requests a song. I’m suddenly nervous as to what song she has requested, then out of the speakers comes the beginning of ‘Beautiful Liar’. I smile as Hylah comes back.

            “Do you remember the moves?” she asks me.

            “I remember them like he had just played this morning,” I say back with a smile.

            We start going through the dance and people begin to form a circle around us as they are watching. I look over and see Harry with Zayn. They are both watching us, biting their lips, and have fires burning in their eyes. I nudge Hylah gently and she looks up and sees them.

            “How about we add a new ending to this dance?” I ask her.

            “Sounds like fun to me,” she says.

            We nod for the guys to come over to us and they quickly obey. I start dancing with Harry the same way that I dance with Hylah. I forget why I was nervous and shy earlier, and I just let go of my control, dancing with him like I had been doing it for years.

            The song gets closer to an end and Harry shares a look with Zayn. I become nervous again until his arm goes around my waist with me facing him. Right at the end, when Hylah and I are usually back-to-back with our hands up, Harry and Zayn dip us backwards. Harry has one arm around my back and one hand on my thigh, holding my leg up against his hip.

            I look over and see Hylah being held the same way by Zayn. The crowd around us erupts in whistles and clapping. The guys pull us back up and I look straight into Harry’s eyes.

            “That was fun,” I say, a bit out of breath.

            “It definitely was. I particularly like the ending,” he says with a wink and a sparkle in his eyes.

            I suddenly have a very strong compulsion to kiss him. I let that compulsion take hold of me and I kiss him with all of the emotion in my body. My skin tingles and my heart soars when he kisses back the same way. When the kiss breaks, I’m left breathless and wanting more.

            “Can we leave now?” I ask him.

            “Any time you’re ready,” he says with a smirk. Damn, he’s hot!

            “I’m ready now. Bye guys,” I say to Hylah and Zayn.

            “Bye,” they say at the same time.

            Harry scoops me up and carries me out to the car. I slide into the passenger side as he gets behind the wheel. He starts the car and we take off to the flat that he shares with Louis.

            “Isn’t Louis there?” I ask Harry.

            “No. He left to go to Niall’s right before I came out to meet you,” he says with a smile.

            “Good,” I say.

            The rest of the car ride is silent and we get to the flat quickly. Harry opens my door, picks me up, and runs into the apartment with me. He sets me down in the living room and kisses me again. As he’s kissing me, his fingers are gently tracing small patterns on my back, and it’s driving me crazy. I want him in every way possible, and I want him now.

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