He's Irresistible (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lacey didn't know that she would meet him. How could she? He was famous and she was normal. That didn't stop her from meeting him that fateful day. Harry had invaded her heart and dreams along with the rest of One Direction. Will their love blossom or will it be torn apart?


53. Celebrating

Lacey's POV

On the ride back to the hotel, my mind is racing. I hope this isn't just a dream. If it is, I never want to wake up. Harry's arm is around me and my head is laying on his shoulder. I look up at him and his smile is still stuck on his face. He's just so perfect and he's all mine. I play with my ring and smile.

"You like the ring right?" Harry asks quietly.

"No. I love it. It's perfect. Just like you," I say as I smile up at him. He smiles back and pulls me even closer to him.

"I love you so much, Baby. I'm so happy that you said yes," he says and kisses me. I sigh and kiss back.

"I love you too, Haz. I wouldn't have been able to tell you no," I say and cuddle against him.

"I'm the luckiest man in the world," he says in a whisper.

I smile, "Not as lucky as me though."

The car stops and we get out. Louis, Niall, Hylah, Harry and I all go to the bar down the block. Liam and Zayn were tired so they just went to their rooms. Harry hooks one arm around my waist as we enter the bar. We all find a table to sit at. I sit next to Harry with Hylah on my other side. Niall sits by her and Louis sits between Niall and Harry. We all order our drinks and talk. After our first round of drinks, I'm ready to dance.

"Anybody up for some dancing?" I ask with a smile. Harry and Hylah smile and raise their hands. I figured they would want to.

"Who wants to dance with me? Harry and Lacey are going to be dancing together. I need a partner," she says, pouting and sticking her bottom lip out. Niall smiles and stands up.

"Come on guys. Let's go dance," he says as he lift Hylah out of her chair and takes her to the dance floor. I laugh and look at Louis.

"You don't want to dance?" I ask him.

"No. Not yet at least," he says with a small smile.

"Let me know when you do and either Hylah or I will gladly dance with you," I say with a smile. He smiles back and just nods. I pull Harry out to the dance floor and he holds me close as the next song starts. Of course...... it's a slow song. I wrap my arms around him and rest my head against his chest. He lets his hands rest on my hips as we slowly sway to the music. I look over and see Hylah and Niall dancing almost the same way although her head is rested  on his shoulder. I smile and close my eyes, letting the rest of the world drift away. This moment is perfect. I'm dancing with the man I love and am going to marry, and he's holding me close to him like I'll run away if he doesn't. This moment right now is perfect and I don't want it to end. Except that it does when the music changes.

"This is going to be even more fun," I say as a faster song comes on. Quickly I realize what dance is possible with this song. "Hylah!!!! Swing dance, pleeeaaasssee?!"

She grabs my hand and pulls me away from Harry, leaving him and Niall to watch us. She instantly pulls me in and it's like we're back in high school, dancing in her living room. It's easy and comfortable and fun. We do the dance a couple times before she hands me back to Harry.

"Now you try. Hope you were paying attention," she says to him with a smile. She goes back to Niall and he was obviously paying attention since he does the exact same thing to her. Harry smiles at me and just holds me still for a moment.

"Weren't paying attention were you?" I ask him with a smile.

"Actually, I was paying attention to the whole thing," he says as he starts the dance with me. He does it perfectly and even dips me lower than she does at the end. It's probably easier for him since he's taller and stronger. Either way, I don't mind. I laugh and smile and enjoy myself. Dancing, laughing, talking, and drinking all night with the people I love. A great way to relax.

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