Mr McCann



3. Chapter 3

  My parents pushed me into the closet and told me not to get out. I crouched down holding my stuffed bear close to me trying to look through the key hole. All i could see was two men walking into the house. I didn’t know what to do i just sat there watching my mommy and daddy being beat by two men. Why were they hurting my mommy and daddy. One of the men pushed mommy to the floor and hit her again. Why were they doing this. I sat there holding my teddy bear close to me. One of the men had something in their hand. They held it up to mommy and i heard a loud bang. I didn't know what was going on. The other man walked up to daddy and I heard another loud bang. Both men ran out the house and slammed the door shut. I slowly crawled out of the closet and walked over to where mommy and daddy were laying. Why weren't they moving? Why were they laying on the floor and not saying anything to me? What was the red stuff on the floor? Why did the bad men have to hit mommy? What was happening to mommy and daddy? 


Madison’s Pov 

    I felt someone shake me lightly. 

“Maddie wake up” Charlie said whispering 

“Ugh Charlie what do you want” i said trying to pull the covers over my head

“umm i need you to take me to work early please” she begged 

“No find someone else to bring you” i said grumpily 

“Madison please!!” she begged again 

I though a bit maybe i could go down to the office and get started on some work so i didnt have so much to do today. 

“Ugh fine only because your my best friend an i love you” i said sitting up 

“yay thank you so much!” she said hugging me

“The things i do for you” i mummled 

    I slowly pushed the covers off of me and stood up. I walked over to my bathroom and started taking my clothes so i could take a shower.

    In the shower I thought about my past week at work being Jason McCann’s assistant. It actually wasn’t such a bad job. He is such a handsome man but he is so mysterious. Usually our conversations were short and got straight to the point. I actually really knew nothing about him other that he was this really handsome man that was very rich because of his company. I really i didn’t even know if he was married or hand kids but i doubted it because he was so young. I didnt understand how someone so young could run a company like that and be so successful. 

    I finished up my shower and brushed my teeth. Then walked into my room finding Charlie looking in my closet. 

“And what might you been looking for in my closet?” i asked raising my eye brow

“I need shoes to wear” she said holding up a pair of sandals 

“uhh fine what ever” i said rolling my eyes 

“Thanks” she smiled “Now hurry up and get ready i need to be at work in 30 minutes”

“Okay but first you need to get out so i can get changed” i said signaling to the door

“ohh right ill see you down stairs” she said before disappearing down stairs 

I walked to my closet and picked out a a mint green high low skirt and a white lace shirt. I then put on a pair of white heals. I quickly applied so make up and straightened my long brown hair. I gave myself one more look and made my way down stairs.

“Kay Charlie im ready to go come on” i said grabbing my keys and my wallet 

I parked my car noticing that i was the first one there. I made my way into the building and into the elevator. Just as the doors were about to close someone walked in. Mr McCann.

“Hello Mr McCann i didn’t see your car” i said bitting my lip because of how nervous i was to be in an elevator alone with him

“ohh i arrived only seconds after you.” he said giving me a grin “What are you doing here so early anyways Ms Reed?”

“I-I wanted to get a head start on work.” i said bitting my lip looking at him

He stared at me for a while then opened his mouth to say something. Something that I completely didn't expect to come out of his mouth. 

“You have been driving me crazy all week by bitting that lip of yours” he said looking at my lips 

“W-what are you talking about” i asked nervously 

“When you bit your lip like that” he walked closer to me 

“You make me want to fuck you so hard” he whispered in my ear

i instantly felt my breath hitch and i had no idea what to do. before i could process what was going on Jason spoke

“Fuck it” he said before crashing his lips into mine

Before I knew it I was kissing him back. Something inside of me told me not to stop. 

Jason then started kissing down my neck and my eyes fell shut I had no idea what was happening but I couldn't stop it. 

Jason started to slowly run his fingers up and down my inner thigh. 

He looked down into my eyes and I could see his eyes filled with lust. 

Jason slowly picked me up so i could wrap her legs around his hips. He kissed me hard then licked my lips asking for an entrance which i didn't deny. He then brought one hand down and felt my panties 

"You are so wet for me" he groaned against my lips 

He then waited for the elevator to come to a stop and made his was to his office not breaking contact with my lips. 

He then set me down on his desk and ordered me to take my shirt and skirt off. I did what I was told no questions asked. He then reconnected out lips. I slowly started to unbutton his shirt but he stopped me from unbuttoning it all the way. 

He then hooked his fingers into my underwear and slowly slid them down my legs. He un buckled his pants and slid them down his legs. 

I could see the bulge in his underwear and the only thing I could think at that moment was that I wanted him in me. 

His boxers soon followed his pants and he positioned him self in my entrance teasing me. I couldn't take it any more I needed him. 

"Just fuck me please Jason" I pleaded

"Why so impatient" he smirked 

"Just Please fuck me" I arched my back desperate for his touch

He then slowly entered me. He began moving in and out of me slowly. He was torturing me I need him to go faster. 

"Faster please Jason faster" I begged 

"What's the rush" Jason said whispering in my ear 

"Jason I need you to go faster" I moaned 

"What is it you want?" Jason said with a smirk on his face 

"JASON GO FASTER" I moaned out loudly 

He then started to quickly move in and out of me hitting my g-spot every time. 

I felt my walls clench. I was about to climax when Jason stopped 

"Jason!" I whined 

"You aren't to cum until I tell you you can. Got it?" Jason said sternly 

"Yes just fuck me Jason" I moaned

He then entered me with his hard length one more time, moving slowly once again. This time, he used his thumb to work my clit, circling it quickly. Almost making me faint. I wanted to let go but I couldn't until Jason told me to. 

"Fuck" I cried out I couldn't hold it any longer 

I could tell Jason was almost there also and I just needed to let go

"Cum for me baby" he moaned against my lips

I let the mind blowing orgasm take over my body. Making me feel like I was in the clouds. My body was shaking and Jason continued what he was doing until I rode out my orgasm. Shortly after I orgasmed Jason let go also. A whole bunch of cuss words coming out of his mouth.

He kissed me deeply once more then pulled out of me and pulled his boxers and pants up. 

And there I laid on my bosses desk naked after having the best sex ever with him and a mind blowing orgasm. 

Well I hope you liked this chapter it was extremely hard to write but I really hope you guys liked it. 

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I love you all 

Natalie xoxox 

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