Mr McCann



1. Chapter 1

Madison’s Pov 


    Finally today was the day I got to see my best friend Charlie. I hadn’t seen her since the 6th grade. She had moved to Australia at the beginning of middle school because her dad had gotten a promotion and I haven’t seen her since. We promised each other we would keep in touch. So we have been talking over Skype and Twitter. But its just not the same. I missed her so much and i couldn’t wait to see her and catch up on things. 


    I got into my car and drove anxiously to the Toronto air port. Once i got to the air port i parked the car and quickly ran towards the arrivals. I went up to the screen showing all the flights and i looked for Charlie’s flight. Looking down the list i saw her flight was already here. I turned around and scanned the crowd finding a girl in the crowd doing the same. I walked closer until i had realized that was Charlie. I quickly ran over to her with excitement once she saw me she did the same. 


“MADDIE MADDIE!!!” she yelled 


“CHARLIE!!!!!!” i yelled back 


I gave her the biggest hug i couldn’t believe i was finally with my best friend!




“MEE TOO” she replied with an australian accent 


I guess she picked it up from living over there so long. I mean she has lived there since she was 12 and she was now 19 almost 20. 


I stepped back and looked at her. She had long blonde hair and had a perfect tan. She wasn’t very tall or very short she was in the middle and she was very skinny. 


I grabbed a bag out of her hands and we carried all her bags to my car. 


“I bet your really hungry after your long flight do you want to go eat?” i asked getting into the car


“yes i’m starving!” she said grabbing her stomach 


I drove about 20 minutes until we finally got to my favorite restaurant. 


We walked in and found a table to sit at.


“Soo Charlie how is Australia... How are the boys?” i asked giggling


“Well Australia is amazing i loved it over there but im happy to be back in toronto! and the boys the are so hot!” Charlie said with a smile “So how have you been?” 


“Well ive been okay. You know busy with dance and collage.” i said playing with the fork on the table 


“Have a boyfriend yet?” she said raising her eye brows


“No i do not.... i haven’t found anyone yet.” i said giggling 


“well wee need to find you someone” she said back


“Hello Ladies my name is Sam what can i get you to drink?” the waiter asked


“I just want water please” Charlie said


“Okay and for you?” the waiter looked at me 


“Can i have lemonade please” i smiled 


“Sure thing” and with that the waiter walked away 


“So do you have planned in the future?” Charlie asked


“Well ive been saving up to move to California i have more of a chance of being able to do something with dance then i do here but i quit the job i had because my boss was an ass so now im looking for a new job.” i explained “what are you going to do?” i asked 


“Well first i have to get a job but i plan on moving to cali also i want to start singing” she said smiling


The waiter came back with our drinks and took our orders. We sat and talked about everything Charlie told me more about Australia and everything and i told her more about dance and school. 


We then finished eating paid and got on our way home. 


“So tomorrow do you want to go look for jobs?” charlie asked 


“Sure maybe we can find something we can both work at!” i said with excitement


“well im going to go un pack take a shower and then go to sleep. Ill see you in the morning” she said giving me a hug then making her way to her new room


I still wasn’t tired so i decided I would go to the studio to dance a bit. When ever i had free time i would always go dance. I loved dancing ever since i was a little girl i had always wanted to be a famous dancer in music videos and movies. I loved living in Toronto but i knew that i wasn’t going to be able to make my dreams come true here. I was going to have to move to California. But to move to California i was going to need a job so i could get money. I really hoped Charlie and I can find a job both of us can work at tomorrow. 



*Next Day*


I woke up to Charlie jumping on my bed trying to wake me up.


“Maddie wake up!” she said jumping up and down on my bed


“Give me 5 more minutes” i groaned 


“NO! get your ass out of bed now or i will dump a bucket of water on you!” she yelled 


“UGH fine im up im up!!!’ i said pulling the covers back


i slowly got up off the bed and made my way to the bathroom


“okay let me take a shower okay ill be ready in 30 minutes” yawned 


“Okay hurry up we seriously need to get going because while you were sleeping i found an office that needs an assistant so i made an appointment for you at 1pm so Hurry your ass up!” she said snapping her fingers  


“Okay i will but what about you? do you have a job interview?” i asked


“I have and interview at 4pm for manager of a clothing store so we’ll go to your interview first then mine okay?” 


“okay” i said 


“Now hurry up and get ready” she yelled


i giggled because ever since we were little Charlie was always the one to be a bit bossy and i guess that part of her still hadn’t changed. 


I took a quick shower then blow dried my hair. I walked over to my closet and looked for something to wear. I decided to wear a strapless coral high low dress with a jean jacket. It wasn't anything to fancy but still something presentable. i put on some make up and made my way down stairs. 


“Im ready!” 


“okay lets get going you have to be there in 20 minutes.” Charlie said 


And with that we were out the door. 



 well this is the first chapter i hope you guys like it! 

the first chapter is kind of boring but i promise it will get ALOT better!!!!! i know you guys will love it


well share and review my story tell me what you think!!! 


i love you all 

xoxo Natalie

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