Falling Angel

Ben wasn't always the most known kid in school. He liked being by himself, and sometimes with friends, even though he didn't have many. He was that awkward kid who everyone left alone. Until 9th grade.

It seemed as soon as Ben stepped through the door of Lakewood High, bullies swarmed him and tortured him to the point of attempting suicide.

Meet Angelica, like her name, she's the "newest" angel in heaven with her first mission. To save a boy who is about to kill himself.

Will this mission go on to success or will Heaven receive a new angel? And what happens when love could be behind the rope who took someone's life?


1. Chapter one

"Ben! Wake up! You're going to be late for school!" I woke up with a slippy feeling between my arm and my cheek. I wiped the drool of my face, feeling my eyebrows move with disgust. "Gotcha!" I yelled back at my mom so she wouldn't have to come up.

Great. Another year of school, where I'll be the kid who has no friends, only acquaintances who rarely remember my last name. Three more years, I tell myself. And you'll be out of that dump.

It doesn't do anything to lift my hopes up.

I took a long, hot shower, thinking about my new school. Yes, I know what it looks like and I've been to the classes I'm going to take and met my teachers, but will I finally find an interest other than my laptop and food? Will I do good in my classes? Will I make new friends and *gasp* get a girlfriend?

I think I'm raising my hopes to high.

After I grab two pancakes onto my plate, my mom immediately gets to work asking questions. My mom and my sister were the only people I really talked to. My mom was a single mom, divorcing my dad when I was 10 years old. I rarely got to see my dad. My sister, Leila, younger than me by a year, was in eighth grade and had more friends than me. It was like i was the awkward one of the family while the ladies were the social butterflies. My mom said I got it from my dad. I wish I would have gotten more time to see how.

"Ben I can't wait! Lindsey and I are going to Starbucks afterwards, can you drive us?" Leila came in the kitchen, eyes glued to her phone. She furiously typed before looking at her environment. "Sure, why not?" I finished my pancakes and put my dishes in the sink.

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