She's not just a maid..

Lily's a 19 year old college student living alone in an apartment in London. She works as a part-time maid for some rich peoples mansion. She has never met the home owners though. What happens when she does?


8. Chapter 8.


Lily's POV

Liam said he wanted to take me on the swings, so of course I agreed to it. We walked to the ride, I don't even know how but, hand in hand. The other boys were playing some arcade game. Liam's hand was really soft, and it was nice and warm. Hahaha. There was no line for this ride, so we just went right in to our seats. Liam helped me into mine and buckled me up, what a gentlemen. lol. Then he hopped in his, right next to me. The ride started and it lifted us up into the air, and started going in circles, round and round, at a good pace. Liam looked at me, and we both smiled at each other. We were still holding hands.

"This is such a beautiful view!" I said looking down at the scenery.

"It really is" He said looking at me.

Did he just call me beautif-

His lips touched mine, gentle, yet sweet. My stomach started doing somersaults and I was so, just wow.

He pulled away then said "Sorry, I've just been dying to do that since the moment I laid my eyes on you"

I bit my lip and blushed and said "No need to apologize, it was nice!"

Then the ride went down and we met up with the boys.

That kiss, was wow. I mean it was sweet, gentle, and passionate. Then Harry's on the other hand was, wow, it was like he had control and it was rough, yet loving.


Later on Niall asked me if I wanted to go walk around with him. We walked around the carnival hand-in-hand. Talking about random stuff. Then he came to a stop in front of a "Ring Toss" game. He asked if I wanted to play, so I said sure. The big prize was a huge pink adorable fluffy unicorn. I guess he noticed me staring at it. "You want that one, love?" he asked pointing at it. I smiled and nodded. He bought 5 rings, and missed them all. Hahaha. It was so cute, how he would miss one and make this adorable "angry" face. I just stood there laughing at him. "Think you can do better?" He asked. "Maybe" He bought five more rings and handed them to me. I made them all and won myself the huge pink adorable fluffy unicorn. "W-wow! H-how?" He asked amazed. "I used to basketball" I shrugged. "I guess this is kind of similar..." The guy in charge of the game handed Niall the unicorn, which for some reason I thought was hilarious. Then Niall handed it to me, but caught up in the moment, with the unicorn in between our bodies, our hands touching, we both leaned into a soft, warm, kiss. There goes my stomach again... exploding.


We walked back to the boys and Zayn asked me to ride the roller-coaster with him.


We walked to the ride with his right hand on my waist holding me close, and my left hand on his waist holding him close. It was quite comforting actually, especially because I kind of scared. We were waiting in line, and I guess I was shaking.. "Are you okay, love?" Zayn asked. "Uh, yeah.."

"Just enjoy the roller coaster that is life" I started laughing so hard. "Haha, your Twitter bio" I laughed. "You are a dedicated fan!" He fangirled over my fangirl feels. The roller coaster stopped in front of us, and the people got off. And we were next... "Its okay, love, c'mon" Zayn comforted me. I stepped on the coaster and took my seat and Zayn sat down next to me. He held my hand. His hand was also soft. Dang, do these boys moisturize, or something. The ride was actually really fun. Me and Zayn screamed the entire time. And I hid my face in his chest. The ride ended and we got off and we walked to go find the boys. It was dark by now. Zayn stopped in front of a Cotton Candy stand and asked if I wanted any. He bought some and we found a bench and sat down. We were just making small talk, then it got quiet, but not awkward. "You've got a little something" Zayn chuckled pointing his lips. "Oh" I said and massively blushed, how embarrassing, there was cotton candy all over my lips. "I got it" Zayn said. He grabbed the side of my face, and kissed me. But it ended up turning into a make-out session. My hands somehow found themselves around his neck, and his around my waist. We were still sitting. His tongue licked my lip for approval and I opened my mouth for the answer. Well here I am making out with Zayn Malik. About 5 minutes later we got interrupted. 

"Ahem" a husky voice coughed.



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