She's not just a maid..

Lily's a 19 year old college student living alone in an apartment in London. She works as a part-time maid for some rich peoples mansion. She has never met the home owners though. What happens when she does?


18. Chapter 16. Coma Dreams Part 1

A/N :Hey my little kevins (haha), sorry we haven't updated in a while. You see, we all just started school and we have been super busy. I got a new pc finally so I can help again. This chapter was actually written by Jo-Jo. She couldn't update update it so im going to do it for her. Im not taking any credit for this chapter this was all Jo-Jo with only like two questions she asked us but still all her. So here it is.......... Chapter 16! ...................Part One.......

- Becka :)


Lily's POV

I wake up at least i think so. I look around i realize i dont know where i am. I walk around im confused. But right now i cant stop thinking about the boys. I promise that as soon as i get out of this place ill pick. But how i dont know what to do. I wish i knew what it would be like in the future. I wish i was psyhic. I start to walk around. I see a building thank god i need to get out of this sun. I walk inside and all thats inside is an old woman sitting in a rocking chair a large tv and another empty chair. "Sit down young one she tells me" she tells me i do.

 "Who are you?" I ask.

 "You need not know" she tells me. "You seek knowledge of what might come no?" She says.

"I um yes but how did you know?" I say shocked.

 "I know all" she tells me with a laugh. "What you seek is here" she says pointing at the tv. She dissapears leaving me confused. I sit there for a while i couldnt honestly tell you time doesnt seem to pass here where i am everything is as i wish but yet nothing i wish it to be. I decide to turn the tv on. A woman five or so years older than me she was with a man that looked like Harry? Suddenly i was pulled into this woman. I realized this is what the girl meant i wanted to know what it would be in the future so this is me with Harry in the future.

Harrys POV
I still cant believe to this day she picked me i finally have my girl well my girls. Yep thats right me and Lily have three kids now. Three girls and another baby on the way i hope its a boy i cant believe five years ago i was fighting for her and now i have a beautiful family. I sigh as i walk over to her i lean over and give her a passionate kiss.

Lilys POV
Harry kisses me pasionately. Wow this is so weird but strangly it feels right. Then three girls run in the room they two have curly hair the other one has straight hair. The curly haired ones look about three or four years old they all have Harrys eyes. The straight haired one looks like she almost two.

"Momma!" They scream.

Suddenly their names pop into my mind Sara, Mackenzie, and Penelope. I also know im pregnant but i dont know if its male or female yet. I sort through my memories im getting used to being a future me. Me and Harry fight occssionally he cheated before we married but i forgave him. Hes a great father and a great husband but hes started to drink more lately we fight about that he seems like a perfect husband but not quite.  I sort more and then i see the real fights. I look young even though im 30 ive been hit on by younger guys and he gets really angry he doesnt trust me and ive lost friends because hes over protective. Also he calls me a slut alot and thinks im cheating. Ive been thinking about what i should do i know i wont stand for being treated like that im not a young girl anymore im going to stand up for myself. I wont be pushed around.


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