She's not just a maid..

Lily's a 19 year old college student living alone in an apartment in London. She works as a part-time maid for some rich peoples mansion. She has never met the home owners though. What happens when she does?


11. Chapter 11.


Lily's POV

Louis? Kissed me? Oh my god, HOLY CARROTS! I thought to myself. Maybe he didnt mean it. It could of been like the spot of the moment (i forget the saying lol) or something. He is with Eleanor, he doesnt like me. Thats crazy. But we are supposed to hang today, i hope it's not awkward. I dont want to ruin our friendship, he's the one who i could tell anything to but i don't know anymore.....


Louis's POV

What the ? I kissed her? It could of been like the heat of the moment or something. IM with Eleanor, i love her. I hope we can still hang out together today, i really hope i didnt screw up our friendship. She really trusted me..... 

 * * * *  Text messaging b/w Louis and El * * * * 

'heyy babe' -el 

'hey whats up baby?' -lou

' we are still hanging out today right?' -el

'oh yeah im so sorry i forgot, the boys and i have to be in the studio today. can we tomor?' -lou

 Louis's POV

ugh i feel so bad for lieing to Eleanor, but i did forget and i did promise Lily. i hope el wont find out i feel like the worst boyfriend right ow but i need to work things out with Lily. i can't lose her ! i lov- no louis you dont, you're just tired thats all. i just need a nap.

* * * Texts b/w Louis and El * * *

'aww okay babe i understand, you boys need you. i think im free tomor :) or maybe ill see you later tonight :)' -el

'idk maybe, im sleepy ill text you later bye baby i love you'-lou

'i love you too babe seet dreams'- el

and with that i had started to fall into a deep sleep.

.Lily's Pov

i went back to sleep and i woke up feeling refreshed and still confused. i need to talk to louis a.s.a.p! i get up and put on some black yoga shorts and a hot pink tank top, yep im lazy haha, i put my hair up in a bun then down the stairs i go. i walk into the kitchen and i see louis and all the guys sitting and eating. i sit nexted to hary and i get some cereal. Louis looks over at me and i give him a -we NEED to talk asap- look. he nods but not so obvious that the other guys know anything.

- - - - - - Later on - - - - - - 

Louis's POV

After we all ate, Lily went into her room and i went up and knocked on her door. She opened it and went to sit on her bed. She looks beautiful even in her lazy day outfit and hair up- what am i doing louis ugh whats going on, i have el! she started to talk..

'Louis, i know we yanno kissed earlier but i dont think we both really ment it. It was just the heat of the moment or whatever, right? You're with Eleanor and you love her and im like you bestfriend. So i dont want it to be awkward because i can talk to you about anything and i love that i can have someone like that. Because i dont  really have anyone else.' she said.

'Lily, i know what you mean but i dont know if i just want to be bestfrieds. Like i might want to be more than that.' i said.

'Like MEGA BESTFRIENDS?!?!?' she yelled but not super loud hah.

'No, i know you know what i mean.' i said.

'You're with El, you love her not me. Okay and she will be so heartbroken if you guys breakup. You guys are perfect together, dont screw it up- She was saying.

I kissed her again, one: to shut her up, two: i needed to. It was amazing. Fireworks, sparks, the lots, i feel her smile and kiss back. her arms are around my neck and  mine are at her waist aand its like we are the only two people in the world. we pull apart smiling and im lost in her eyes. Then we hear a quiet gasp and we look and there is Eleanor in the doorway and her eyes are full of tears. She turns around an storms off.

'ELEANOR WAIT! ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!' i scream and run after her out of the house.

Lily's POV

What the hell just happened? i run off after Louis and Eleanor ad i stop in the entrence way and walk back into the living room and let out a huge sigh and sit on the couch. i open my eyes and there are all the guys, with shocked and confused wtf looks on their faces.

Oh my carrots i have some explaining to do......


A/n Hey there my lil carrots :) (thats one suggestion i got or its my little Kevin's since my name is Becka_WHERESKEVIN?!? hah). I hope you guys like it and sorry it took so long to update i didnt have my my laptop. Hope you guys arn't mad i ended it with a cliff hanger. Remember to Like/Share/Favorite/Comment! Tell me what you think in the comments below or on my twitter! @reinecke_becka or kik me@becka.r or email me:)

Tell me what you think! Bye my little carrot Kevins (<<<<lame ik haha ) 

-Becka :)


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