She's not just a maid..

Lily's a 19 year old college student living alone in an apartment in London. She works as a part-time maid for some rich peoples mansion. She has never met the home owners though. What happens when she does?


10. Chapter 10.

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Lily's POV

I woke up to the smell of BACON I love bacon. Today is a good day I thought to myself. I walked into the kitchen grogy. Niall was about to take the last three pieces of bacon. I slapped his hand. 'That bacon is mine mister.'I tell him quickly eating the bacon before he can protest.

'So Lily what time do you want to go to your apartment?' he asked.

'Um how about now let me get ready real quick.' i responded. After a half hour of preparing myself we are on the road we arrive at my small crappy apartment. It was cheap and i had no where else to go really. I take all of my cloths and start throwing them in bags. Niall and Louis are helping me because everyone else was asleep and I didnt want to wake anyone up. Niall is taking things to the car and Louis is packing everything of my photos and other things that I had. Soon enough every thing is packed and loaded and I say goodbye to my old home. When we get back to the house we all start unloading after about five trips everything is unloaded. Niall is tired so he goes to sleep. Louis is helping me unpack when we are done unpacking Im really tired so I go back to sleep. Louis tells me that Zayn , Harry, Niall, and Liam have plans later on so maybe me and him can hang out later. I tell him yes and I fall asleep.
 * * * *  DREAM/FLASHBACK * * * * 
My dad walks towards me 'hi honey' he tells me touching my inner thigh.

'h-hh-hi dad' I stutter not again not today please I think to myself. Please dont rape me today I think. Please, for once don't sexual abuse me. For one day please! Well... Soon enough Im on the be crying as he rapes me again. By now I dont even remember how many times this has happened. My mom gets home and sees me naked.

'You little slut' she screams she knows I'm not a virgin she know that i have had sex in this bed what she doesnt know is that it was my dad who took that from me and that this happens every time she leaves the house. I just want to run away, i tried but they soon found me and life was worse. They wouldn't let me see my best friend. I wonder how Liv is. My mom (even though she doent deserve to be called that) thinks Im sleeping around I wish that was what is really going on. She starts to beat me this happens every day my dad rapes me and when my mom comes home she think im whoring myself around and beats me. I wish it would all end. I start screaming. My dad is hurting me and slapping and hitting me and leaves the room. i hear him get in the shower so i get dressed. My mom walks in and starts yelling at me. She is hitting me with a bely and i feel pains in my arms and legs where the scars are. my life was getting so bad i was depressed and suicidal. Then i heard of One direction and they saved me. My body is hurting so bad. I start crying and screaming.

 * * * * END OF DREAM/FLASHBACK * * * * 

I feel someone shaking me.

'Lily whats wrong Lily ?!?!' they scream at me.

'NO DONT TOUCH ME!' I scream bolting upright in bed.

'Lily whats wrong?' Louis asks.

Louis POV

Im watching tv when i hear screaming coming from lily's room. She keeps screaming 'no dad please no mom stop.; What!? I think to myself. I start shaking her wake up lily whats wrong lily. She screams 'DONT TOUCH ME!' and bolts upright. There is sweat trailing down her face and tears are already streaming out of her eyes like a waterfall. 'Whats wrong love?'i ask her. Sitting down on the bed. She climbs on my lap and starts sobbing. I rub her back trying my best to comfort her. I really wonder whats the matter.

Lilys POV

I cry in Louis's lap for a really long time he asks me whats wrong as i start to calm down. For some reason whenever I'm with Louis i feel safe and i don't usually feel safe. I think i might be falli-no lily he has Elanor besides he doesn't like me that way. I start to tell him about my past he listens and nods he tears up a little when i talk about my dad.

So did your dad ever get caught?' he asks .

'Yeah one day i reported him for rape and they did a rape kit and hes in jail dor the next fifteen years now.'

'What about your mom?' he asks.

'They saw the bruises and scars. i told them some were from the multiple rapes other from when she beat me. They put her in prison to she is in for the next ten years.' i said.

'So what happened to you?' he asked and sounded concerned.

'Well since i was 14 and a minor i went into foster care. I went from foster home to foster home. No one could deal with me. Then i was really depressed and when i turned eighteen i was let out and now im here.'

' Im so sorry.' he tells me.

'Thanks." i tell him as we hug. I pull away, 'Don't tell the others i want to tell them on my own.' i say.

'Okay i wont' he tells me.

'Louis?' i ask.

'Yeah?' he tells me.

'Thanks, you make me feel safe i having felt safe since i was a little girl.' i say.

'Your welcome' he says.

'You know i blamed myself for what happened with me and my dad. He made me feel icky and worthless. I guess that's why i have a problem with the guys liking me i don't get how they could like me.' i explained.

' You are not worthless. You are beautiful in so many ways.'he tells me.Then he leans in and I did to. Then we kissed. I pull away and stare at him wide eyed and in shock. He leaves the room and says 'I'm sorry Lily.' my head is spinning, so i guess Louis likes me too now. 


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