She's not just a maid..

Lily's a 19 year old college student living alone in an apartment in London. She works as a part-time maid for some rich peoples mansion. She has never met the home owners though. What happens when she does?


13. A/N

Okay guys this is JoJo aka zayn'sgurl. Sorry if you thought this was a chapter. I have two things to tell you all. One is about updating the other is all about you guys. That's right its all about YOU.

1) Okay so there have been some comments about my chapters. Don't worry I'm not mad in fact i completely agree with them. In case you all haven't seen my replies. My internet has been down for the last couple of weeks and will continue to be down till the end of August or early September. Because my internet was down I have been on Movellas through my phone and i believe my phone is the cause for the reason my chapters are jumbled up and confusing for some readers. I am extremely sorry for that. So until my internet is up i will be updating through my wonderful co-authors. My co-authors and i have worked up a solution until my computer problem is fixed. So if you see a chapter that is posted by one of them but is actually written by me there will be a small authors note pointing that out.

2) Okay so this is what you have been waiting for how could something be all about YOU guys well..... we have decided to have a vote. Because of the fact that we all cannot pick who gets Lily you guys get to chose. Oh so you think you already know who gets her think again we have a small set of rules for this epic vote. 1) if u have already chosen a guy for lily forget him because we have a surprise to let you have a small taste of what lily and her special guys relationship could be like we have decided to write a special chapters with lily and each sexy 1D boy think of it as a glimpse into the future. Until these chapters are ALL published we ask what you all refrain from voting. ALL votes made before the chapters are published will not be counted. Once we have published each boys chapter we will wait about one week until voting ends then we will count up the votes and whichever boy has the most votes gets lily. NOTE each person may only vote you cannot change your vote once your vote is casted if you have any questions feel free to comment or u can kik me at JoJo483

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