Emma Smith was always a movie star. From the time she was young and starred in movies with Barney, to when she was 17 and is now going on a world tour for her new move: Kidnapped. Emma hardly thinks there's any danger, because she has her bodyguard and her new famous friend, Ashley Remez to help her, but inside her heart, she knows that the utterly famous Emma Smith is wrong. When she's kidnapped, with the help of her boyfriend, and her assistant, Emma learns to do drastic things. Then her new cell mate comes along, and changes her situation.


4. The Weirdest Conversation!

When I wake up in the morning, I pull on a press outfit; white skinny jeans with a big red belt, a short sleeved tight shirt with the words PRESS on top and my Toms. I also grab my Aviator sunglasses as an afterthought. Styn walks in on me while I’m changing.

“Hey! I just wanted to say that I’m going to be meeting with a producer today, so good luck with your press.” She says, then runs out the door. That’s weird, I think, then I go to Kay for my hair and makeup. She curls my hair, pinches my cheeks for a healthy glow, puts a dab or mascara and red lipstick on then I’m ready to go. Dad picks me up out front, and I hop into the back of my limo. Immediately, I get a reminder text from my director Jimmy Keith;

press for kidnapped! I send him back a general reply; don’t wrry!

Then Dad speeds off down to an old studio where all the main actors in Kidnapped will be joining together to talk about the movie. Jason won’t be there though because he wasn’t in this movie, he was in Little Things, a romantic comedy. Dad lets me out at the red carpet spread out before the studio, and I walk the red carpet, posing for pictures, and smiling at younger fans.

When I walk inside, I see Ashley and Tim Gorthan sitting in their spots already. I run to my spot, and then Jimmy starts his speech;

“We had so many talented young actors including Ashley Remez, Tim Gorthan, Emma Smith, Lolita Franks, Racheal Hodle, Derek Miller and Phil Candor. We are glad to answer any questions pertaining the movie, but no plot giveaways! And now, the actors will take questions!”

A chorus of “OOH!” and “MEMEME!” ring out and I point to a large camera guy with a black Megadeath tee on.

“Is it true that not all the characters live through the movie?” he asks. Ashley takes this one, “That’s true, but we cant say who.” Then she winks at everyone.

It goes on like this for four hours. Endless questions and answers, until finally we all leave. While riding in the limo, my phone buzzes.

Jason: hey babe! Back from press?

Emma: just got out

Jason: was it too bad?

Emma: Just bad enough

Jason: anyway, I wanted to say goodbye, you know since your leaving

Emma: I still have a phone you know

Jason: I know, just in case you lose it.

Emma: oh

Jason: I love you, no matter what

Emma: ok?

Jason: just saying it…

Emma: Its just a little awkward, you know, all this affection when I’m still going to have full contact to you.

Jason: yeah ok. Gotta go luv u

Emma: I love you too?

That was officially the weirdest conversation with Jason I’ve ever had, and the worst part it, I feel nervous, like something’s going to happen. No, I have Ashley and Dad! Nothing can happen. Can it?

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