Emma Smith was always a movie star. From the time she was young and starred in movies with Barney, to when she was 17 and is now going on a world tour for her new move: Kidnapped. Emma hardly thinks there's any danger, because she has her bodyguard and her new famous friend, Ashley Remez to help her, but inside her heart, she knows that the utterly famous Emma Smith is wrong. When she's kidnapped, with the help of her boyfriend, and her assistant, Emma learns to do drastic things. Then her new cell mate comes along, and changes her situation.


2. My Dress is Nice!

After I wake up, again, I have to get dressed. I call Styn to bring me the new dress specially shipped to my house so that I could wear it for the Emma Smith photo shoot for People Magazine. It is red with blue, pink and green flowers and vines covering it. I look at it and immediately fall in love with the design. Then I go to Kay, my in-home hair and makeup girl. She's always in season, so she knows what's up. Today, she does a natural look, with a bit of mascara to make my eyes pop. I smile at my reflection in the full length mirror. I look great. Not just great! Fabulous! Styn says she's driving me to the photo shoot and when we get there she drops me off, then speeds off. I walk inside the building, and then it's photo time!

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