Emma Smith was always a movie star. From the time she was young and starred in movies with Barney, to when she was 17 and is now going on a world tour for her new move: Kidnapped. Emma hardly thinks there's any danger, because she has her bodyguard and her new famous friend, Ashley Remez to help her, but inside her heart, she knows that the utterly famous Emma Smith is wrong. When she's kidnapped, with the help of her boyfriend, and her assistant, Emma learns to do drastic things. Then her new cell mate comes along, and changes her situation.


3. Ashley, HEY!

After the photo shoot, I received a text from Ashley Remez, my co-actress in Kidnapped! She and I were best friends, in the movie and real life. The text said: HELLO! We should totes hang out tonite be4 the press!!!

I read the text and flung my hands up in the air, I haven’t talked to Ashley in a while. I ran up to Liam Smith, my security guard/dad. I hugged him then said,

“Dad, so Ashley wants me to hang out tonight! Can I please?” I said, flashing him my best puppy-dog face. He sighed and then nodded his head, motioning to the limo. I hugged him again, “You’re the best dad EVER!”

We get into the car and I ask, “Where is Styn? She dropped me off.” Dad waves to some other driver then says, “She said she had preparation to do for the tour. Some press papers too.” I shake my head.

“No, I did the press papers. Maybe she forgot.” I say, then flip my hair.

We pull up in front of Ashley’s house and I run up to the door. I ring the doorbell, and Ashley answers. Her raven black hair looks even darker compared to my own blonde hair. Her brown eyes are way cuter than my blue ones though.

“Girlfriend! Let’s get this started!” Ashley says, hugging me. She pulls me inside, and we run up the wooden stairs to her room. It’s a big room with a dresser along one wall, and a handful of trophies and awards on the opposite wall. We flop down on her floral bedspread.

“OMG! We should totally Blitter about this!” she says, pulling out her phone.

Blitter is a social network kind of like Twitter, except you can post to everyone at once, so the whole U.S can hear your Blit! We both write Blits and then post them.

Ashley Remez: hanging out tonight with my home girl emma!! Luv u!

Emma Smith: luv u too!

Ashley Remez: lol

Emma Smith: come see our press tomarrow!!!!

We put away our phones, and then Ashley sees who I was texting earlier.

Jason Sanchez. The hottest hottie in Hollywood. And my boyfriend.

“Text him!” she says, bouncing with excitement.

“Fine! Ok! Fine!” I say, then text him.

Emma: hi Jason

Jason: hey baby!

Emma: im hanging with Ashley

Jason: she made you text me right?

Emma: maybe, or maybe I just love you

Jason: (kiss) hey I need to do some press. Talk to you later?

Emma: Sure thing babe!

Then Ashley and I spend the rest of the night doing super-girly things like doing our nails, hair and texting boys, fake phone calls and even making cupcakes. Then Dad comes and picks me up, and I go home, run upstairs and sleep.

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