She's not afraid

Logan was born in the States (New York) and later on when she was 18 moved to the UK running form her ex. While she was running from love who was also looking for a new start, this boy's name was Marcel. Marcel wanted to change...everything.....


13. on the road

"Morning sleepy head" harry laughed. I was still so tired and comfortable i didnt even want breakfast. "you getting food Niall will be waking up soon so we should eat before he wakes up" we both laughed

"do you have a concert tonight?" I dont like sitting here alone but if it means seeing Harry after then it was worth it

"Nope we should be in NYC in an hour but its freezing" I nodded and Harry hugged me as we got up for food to eat with Liam.

"Hey Liam! haz want to eat in central park tonight?"

"Sure sweets! Liam what are you going to do in NYC"

"nah not much relax with Danielle" I poked him and laughed!

"Wheres the boys?"

"Louis got off in PA to see Eleanor, Louis is sleeping, Zayn flew to Perrie after the concert, and Nialls sleeping" Liam added. Liam was nice like a teddy bear! That thought made me laugh in my head! I loved the boys already!

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