She's not afraid

Logan was born in the States (New York) and later on when she was 18 moved to the UK running form her ex. While she was running from love who was also looking for a new start, this boy's name was Marcel. Marcel wanted to change...everything.....


14. my night back home

After a breakfast with Liam Niall woke up around 12:30 in the afternoon. Harry and i got dressed and packed food for our lunch.

"Julie you know i make a mean sandwich" i laughed.

"You do?! well mine our better"he laughed evilly.

"Nope!" i put flour on his nose and suddenly it turned into a big flour fight but it was so much fun i had flour in my hair so i toke a shower and got my clothes back on. Harry was waiting for me after they stopped the bus and we checked into the hotel where fans were. I had to go a long way so the fans wouldnt know i was harry's girlfriend. Once i got to the room Harry was dress with our basket of food and we left the hotel to the park.

"Its gorgeous here!" harry said grabbing my hand

"yeah its nice being back here!" i said looking out to all the people. Once we go to the park we sat down on a bench and drank Harrys favorite tea, which was a bit bitter but he enjoyed it. I looked in his eyes and saw my reflection in it. i looked up and after i felt a drop of rain. 

"We better find shelter!" Harry toke my hand and we ran into CVS. We laughed so hard knowing our date just got ruined. We bought a few things and was about to leave.

"sweetheart where do you think your going" I heard a familiar voice. oh no. "You left me come on" it was my ex boyfriend, Brady

"Go away!" I pulled my hand away from him. "I left you 3 years ago Brady" Harry was checking out when Brady came, i hope we will hurry up. "God your drunk!"

"No i am not" even though he was very drunk "Now get in my car we are going home!" he grabbed my hand but with more force making me scream. Harry rushed over and tapped Brady on the shoulder when brady turned his head Harry punched him.

"Who was that? Are you okay? We need to go home!" he called a cab and while i started to cry looking at Brady still drunk on the floor I ran up to Harry and hugged him. He kissed the top of my head and i didn't let go. Even during when Brady was pulling me I wasn't afraid, i knew Harry would come. I looked up at Harry who was waving for a cab. He was more scared then i was. He was a perfect boyfriend. "You know Marcel would have done that too" he added when we got in the cab.

"You weren't really bullied were you?" i put my head on his shoulder and looked out the window. I could tell, the way he punched Grady, his low strong voice, this height.

"No, me and my cousin walked by the tattoo shop and we saw you.It was love at fist sight" I laughed "I dressed up as a nerd  and walked in, but my name was Marcel and i got bullied for that." I nodded, when we got to the hotel it was around 11:30. I was so tired and Harry was to. when we got to our room i didnt want to sleep alone so i crawled in bed with him. He didn't care he loved to cuddle! We turned on Finding Nemo the movie but we weren't watching it, we were too busy cuddling or kissing or trying to find each other in the covers. 

"I love you Marcel and Harry"I laughed

"I love you Logan and Julie" he kissed me softly and we both fell asleep.







Hay its Madi! I hope you are liking it so far! So now the drama starts!!!!! I need a girl to steal Harry from Julie (or Logan) if you want to be this person comment after you read this or tell me on kik (its matcovitz) or you can Instagram me at @madi_luvs_sports! Comment the name you want and your kik!! thanks love you all! oh and btw michelle comes back in the story!


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