She's not afraid

Logan was born in the States (New York) and later on when she was 18 moved to the UK running form her ex. While she was running from love who was also looking for a new start, this boy's name was Marcel. Marcel wanted to change...everything.....


24. My Birthday

Anyone who knows me knows i sleep for a long time

"Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday to Julie Happy birthday Harry loves you!" all of one direction was around my bed singing and harry next to me

"Thank you!" 

"Do you have any plans?" Louis asked

"Yeah we are going to Ceasers Palace!"

"Oh okay enjoy!"Niall laughed  HArry had a day concert so i went to cearsers in the after noon after i did my hair and make up. Harry kissed me we left together and i went to the sound check. "Sounds good!" I said as i left. "See you there!" i waved goodbye to everyone "Happy Birthday JUlie" Harry said into the mic i blew him a kiss and he pretended to catch it. When i got to caesars it was 11 pm and the concert would have just ended and the meet and greet would have been half way over. Harry kept texting me

Harry: Cant wait for tonight ;)

Julie: Focus on your meet and greet Haz!

Harry:Cant! Keep thinking about it!

Julie: lol! Waiting for you!

Harry:Just ended thank god!

Julie: hahaa! What if something bad happens??:-l

Harry: One time? You won't!!

Julie: What if i do?

Harry:I will stand by you xx i am here!





You can only imagine our night together 

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