She's not afraid

Logan was born in the States (New York) and later on when she was 18 moved to the UK running form her ex. While she was running from love who was also looking for a new start, this boy's name was Marcel. Marcel wanted to change...everything.....


23. England

In the morning I expained to Harry i would only be gone for a day.

"Bye bye Babe" harry hugged me.

"I dont want to go what if i miss you?"

"Julie if you miss me call me" I nodded. "Jules tell your mom I would love to meet her too!" 

"I bet you do but she only like Brady" he rolled his eyes then kissed the top of my head "Stay out of trouble!" he laughed

"I'll try!" I shut the door and Paul took me to the airport.

"Paul tell Harry I love him!"

"Will do! have fun!" I went on the plane and called my mom who was already there. When I got home she was there drinking coffee.

"Hey hun i missed you"

"Missed you too mom!" I got a brownie out of the fridge

"Why were you in Ireland"

"Mom sit, I have a boyfriend and no not Brady his names Har-"

"Harry Styles?!"

"The boy not from one direction"

"Oh so he isnt in that stupid band?"

"Mom its not stupid!"

"Sweetheart they are all management boys not even worth my spit" She was a button pusher but this has gone to far.

"MOM I SPENT OVER A YEAR WITH THEM! They are human not trained..TRAINED MONKEYS!!! I PASSED UP HARVARD FOR THEM AND I AM GLAD I DID BECAUSE YOU MAY STAY BUT I HAVE A BOYFRIEND WHO IS PREFORMING AND I AM STUCK WITH YOU AND GUESS WHAT?   YOUR LOSS YOU DONT GET TO MEET HIM HE IS NOT WORTH YOUR SPIT!" I left and after my 30 minutes in London I had enough went  i got back to Ireland HArry was waiting for me at the airport. "I hate her!" i said crying 

"What did she do?" he put me in his chest

"She said you were in a stupid boy band and you were managment boys!" I hugged him and went into his car.

"She just needs to adjust call her on your birthday" I nodded and we went to the hotel and fell asleep with Harry.

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