She's not afraid

Logan was born in the States (New York) and later on when she was 18 moved to the UK running form her ex. While she was running from love who was also looking for a new start, this boy's name was Marcel. Marcel wanted to change...everything.....


21. Busy Bees

"Jules this is my home town!" Niall said with a big smile. Even though Louis is Harry's best friend Niall is mine.

"Its so pretty" Zayn and Liam Said at the same time. harry had his arm arond my sholder and we were holsing hands, not saying much to each other. I looked on twitter just for a Michelle update

@NiallHoran: Back home! Thank you for taking me home Dublin!

@LiamPayne: So clad to see Niall happy!

@Louislikescarrots: MIss you @ELEANORCALDER

@DjMalk: Good luck tonight Little MIx

@HarryStyles: Off to Dublin! xx

@Lexichains: @harrystyles you never called me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got to the hotel and it was a suite not 5 tiny rooms but this place was bigger then my house!I unpack for Harry and I, then made him some tea with honey for his throat, then him and I walked around the hotel

"Are you going to be on tour for my 21st birthday?" he thought about it for awhile then nodded"How are we going to do what you talked about then?" 

"Thats are day off, me and you can check into Cesers Palace and have our night there, instead of being at the Hilton." we both smiled and went to the gift shop. "See anything you like Julie?"

"Yep! but its not for sale" we both laughed

"Oh really?" be said starting to flirt

"Yes but dont get corny with it Styles!" We both laughed when i patted his head and walked back to the room to get hair and makeup done.

"Hi Lou!" I said and smiled, she was such a nice person"Is Lux here?"

"No, afraid not she is sick.." she said while blow drying Harrys hair. I was in the next chair over getting my hair curled.

"awwww i hope she feels better" she nodded and if you know what a long akward slince is you have no idea how akward it was, I couldnt look down to check my phone, i looked at Harry and his eyes were shut, i couldnt talk to Lou cuz she couldnt hear me and i was just sitting there. My makeup when by very fast and i got changed into a red sparkly dress with sliver heels.

"We have our interveiw first babe, Paul will take us in 20" i nodded my head. All of the interveiws were live and i was shaking at the thought of it. "Dont be nervous if you dont want to awnser a question inch your nose and i will awnser it for you"

"How are you not nervous?" i hugged him from behind

"because i dont care what the fans think of me i love you and since you are right next to me i have no worries" 

"Dont be cheesy styles!" I pushed him then kissed him.When we got to the place where we were getting interveiws i felt like i wasnt there much, i got asked 2-7 questions then back to Harry. When the question got to me i studdered then looked at Harry and awnsered easy as that. NOw off backstage to the concert where i feel asleep for a good 50 minutes. 10 minutes after i woke up Harry was there. "What are you doing here"

"Can you sing?"

"Yeah but I dont want-" he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me on stage

"DUBLIN THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND JULIE BARK" Harry hugged me and i couldnt stop looking at the faces of all the screaming people. "She's gonna sing for you! She is singing I won't give up by Jason Marz because she didnt give up on me. I sang the song with Harry then waved goodbye. I was gonna kill him! There was no time for me to kill him though, after this concert they had a meet and greet, then we could go back to the hotel at like 4 in the morning.

"Babe the meet and greets are done you were amazing today!"

"haha thanks you too" I pinched him cheeks then he kissed be and we got on the bus. I started looking at Harrys calendar, April 1st-COncert no meet and greet April 2nd-COncert and meet and greet April 3rd-Concert April 4th-NOTHING April-7 Get hotel room at Ceasers in L.A April 8-Nothing April 9th-Concert, meet and greet, Julies birthday.

"You okay?"

"Bit tired Harry thats all" we both laughed and i put my head on his chest

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