She's not afraid

Logan was born in the States (New York) and later on when she was 18 moved to the UK running form her ex. While she was running from love who was also looking for a new start, this boy's name was Marcel. Marcel wanted to change...everything.....


8. Are you coming

--------------------------------------Julie P.O.V--------------------------------------------------------------

"Julie?" he was so happy to see me which made me a little off guard 

"Harry?" he hugged me and i wasn't mad or sad anymore. He kissed me like how we kissed two years ago. i have to be honest, it was amazing and he was perfect.

"Come to the states with me i have a concert in 6 hours" i shrugged, I couldnt go i had no work  for a while and i am about to lose my flat the only friend i have is my old co-worker Michelle.

"i can't Harry" i started to cry and so did he.

"Y-You have to Julie i spent two years reading this crappy not you wrote me after the best night of my life with you" he started really crying which made me cry more. "You are my mystery girl and i love you please come with me"

"I cant now look at me Harry i would love to but I have a real friend now i cant leave her alone i know how it feels and-" he cut me off with another amazing kiss i felt his tears drop on to my face.

"You also have a boyfriend" I shoke my head i didnt have a boyfriend i couldnt. "At least say you love me, i will keep trying to find you untill you do come but i wont leave until you say i love you."

"Harry Styles i love you" I closed the door and he was standing there for another good 30 minutes crying and i did the same. When he left i wanted to pull his arm and say forgeting something but i cant love anymore

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