Only for you ~Niall Horan~

"There something you to know" Kimberly said to Niall. I cover my eyes so Niall won't see. "What?" He asked "Maya eyes change due to her moods. When her eyes are pale blue she is sad. If her eyes are blue she normal. If her eyes are green that means she likes someone. If there dark green she is-" "Kimberly don't!" I cried "She what?" Niall said curious "She-" I stop Kimberly and covered her mouth and then noticing I was also covering her nose making hard to breathe. Kimberly push me making me fall on my bum. "She is in love" Kimberly said breathless.


7. page 7

*Maya POV*


I packed my clothes and everything I needed because I was just to tried of this crap. I still don't know where to live, I guess I could stay at Kimberly's place for a bit and then get a job so I can rent my own apartment. I put my gym bag strap over my shoulders and walked out the door. I stood outside for a bit, I was shocked of what I was doing but also thinking about what I was missing and then I knew. I went back inside of the house to hug my mother, "I'll be fine." I whispered into her ear and she nodded and I left the door but I didn't say anything to my father. I later walked down the streets to go to Kimberly's house but before I went there I stopped by the lake. I crossed the street and sat down on the wet green grass, pulled my knees up and stared at the lake and watched it while hearing the water that was flowing down that river. My arms were around my knees and ready to cry, but I didn't. I stayed their for a while when I noticed that it was getting late, the sun was going down and I needed to walk fast. I started to walk and made my way to the drug store to buy myself some chips and then payed and left. Her house wasn't so far but I wanted to enjoy being outside at night on the streets, you know. I sat on a bench and stared at the night sky while people where walking by, talking to their friends and laughing.

  I checked my phone and it was late so I got up and though the chip bag away. I felt the need to run because I felt so free that my dad couldn't tell me what to go or what to do anymore! I was happy and I smiled.

  The cool night wind blew on my face that made my hair flew up, I loved it. I stopped and panted and knocked on Kimberly's door, her mother answered "Hello?" She said "Is Kimberly there?" I asked "Yes," She smiled at me and she turned back to call her "Kimberly!" She yelled "Coming!" Kimberly yelled back. As I waited for her to come down her mother let me in "Excuse me," I politely "Do you main if I stay here for a while in till I get a job." I said shyly "Like live here?" She questioned "For a while ma'am." I said quietly "Of course! By the way, you have really good manners." She said when a smile "Thank you." I said while staring at my hands and played with it.

 "Maya?" Kimberly said as she made her way down stairs "What are you doing here?" and ran down stairs to me "Oh my god! what happened? What did your dad say?"  She said as she keep asking me question. She has been worried every since I texted her about what happened, "Claim down," I said "I told your mom if it's okay if I stay over and she said yes." I said trying to claim her down "Good." Kimberly pulled my arm to her room and she closed the door and pushed me on her bed "Niall!" She said as she passed me her phone and looked at it and to see the called ID and it's Niall. I quickly passed it to Kimberly and shook my head really fast "Oh come on!" She laughed and passed me her phone again. We though it back a fourth for two seconds like if we where playing 'Hot Potato'. 

 "Answer!" Kimberly yells and passes me her phone again, I put the phone into my ear "Hello?" I said shyly "Maya?" Niall's accent was heard and made my heart beat faster, "Yea?" I said confusedly "What was that about?" He chuckled "Oh!" I lightly laughed "I um, was surprised that you were on the phone." I said while looked at Kimberly with evil eyes but she just shrugged and smile while she eats chips and say down. "I was just telling Kimberly that we should all hang out together some time." He said shyly "R-really?" I stuttered. The only reason I didn't want felling for Niall was for the hate. I didn't do anything for someone to hate me so much made me stop liking him, but then what happened at my house with me and Niall. It looked like he wanted to stay and say something bad to my father because you can tell when you truly look into someone's eyes but he knew he couldn't. Something made me feel different about him, like if I had real feelings for him. It's was like if I didn't care what people think about us, I wanted to be with him.

 "Are you up for it?" He said a little worried. I thought about for a second. Kimberly, me, and Niall hanging out and laughing maybe we can't go watch a movie or something or maybe we could walk around and go somewhere fun. "It sounds like a good idea!" I smile and then we ended the call. I gave Kimberly her phone back, "So your staying here for a while?" She asked as she sat on her rolling chair that was in front of the laptop. "Yea," I said with a big sigh "What's wrong? It's like you don't like being here?" She laughed "It's not that," I got up from her bed and walked around her room, "I just that can't believe that my dad kicked me out." I looked at her "Maya," Kimberly got up and looked at me like if I was crazy "This is what you wanted!" She yelled at me "Remembered when we were talking about this three weeks ago?" Kimberly claimed down and sighed "It's hard ,okay." I said and crossed my arms.




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